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Striking Rune can't seem to figure out exactly what it wants to do. On page 581 it says it deals two (or three or four) dice instead of one. On page 599 it says it increases the number of damage dice by one (or two or three).

I noticed this rule during PFS this weekend. Also made Harm seem a bit too weak of an attacking spell, but I can see why. Maybe a class feat to help increase the effectiveness of using Harm/Heal to attack, like adding an extra +1d8 per level (instead of 8 per level). Though that does feel under powered for such a feat, so would need to be part of something more...

Well, not being aware of an attack also makes you flat footed, and even mindless creatures should be penalized if they don't know something is about to hit them. It's a lot easier to swat a fly that doesn't see you coming than one trying to buzz away.

Only class change that really bothers me is the Champion/Paladin losing Smite Evil for the Champion's Reaction(s). I think some sort of alternate class feature could be possible in the future though (though that would end up being more like 1E archetypes, so maybe that's a can of worms they don't want to open.)

Claxon wrote:

Have we mentioned that you're not flat-footed in the first round of combat anymore?

Except for rogue which have an ability which specifically grants that (Surprise Attack).

That took one of our GMs by surprise, and turned a crit against me back into a regular hit once I pointed it out.

ErichAD wrote:
Riding on a standard horse and spending all your actions on command actions moves you 140 feet using one gallop and one stride. Monk elves could pull it off at 3rd level, and barbarian elves at 4th, but that shouldn't be so common as to put a mounted dwarf at constant disadvantage.

I missed the Gallop action for a horse, but that would still be 100 feet wouldn't it? Or is there a way to give a companion three actions instead of two I am unaware of? (Not to derail the thread, my apologies)

graystone wrote:
Nicolas Grilli wrote:

I love the new actions system, but I am afraid about something. Let's say we have a level 1 Elf, with a Bow and speed 40 ft. And on the other hand we have a Dwarf with speed 20 ft. If the elf decide to move+move+shoot, the dwarf will never catch him even if he use his 3 actions to move, cause the elf move 80 ft with 2 actions (and then he fires) and the dwarf only move 60 ft.

Please tell me I am wrong.

The thing to think about is kiting with an animal companion with a speed of 35 but only 2 actions. It's faster than 30 move creatures but can never outrun them...

This just made me realize that you could be slower on a horse than on foot (if you had even a 5ft bonus to speed, or your steed was in barding of any sort).

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Temperans wrote:
Also yes PF2 does have WBL but it's based on party gold not individual. So everyone has a lot less money then they previously had.

There's individual wealth by level on table 10-10.

In our games we've found better piloting checks to be better than high speed. Winning initiative allows for better positioning than high speed IMO.

Wow... Impressive thread necromancy.

Aiding an ally is DC 20 and only adds +1 on a success. Critically failing makes their check worse.

Huh... Totally missed this, interesting. Will need to keep this in mind for conversions.

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This being a 1-4 scenario is really, really weird to me. Brand new Starfinders get a vote, but veteran characters don't?

I mean, yes, realistically you can vote for any of them depending on any of your characters, but from a story and RP perspective it's only the rookies choosing... This seems completely the opposite of what I would expect.

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Cloudy with a chance of Mephistopheles.

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Hanspur as well. Was ritually drowned as a sacrifice to Corosbel, Gozreh intervened and preserved part of Hanspur's soul in his dire rat companion. After a week, Hanspur rose from the Sellen River as a demigod with a fractured soul. It is unknown if Gozreh intended to raise him as a divine being or as a mere guardian of the waterways.

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Lao Shu Po too. Mortal rat who feasted on the flesh of a dead god and gained divinity.

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Sun Wukong as well.

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Hoping that Pike is supported, otherwise it's time to homebrew.

Or 'Until you take an action to tighten your grip'.

It really makes me think of the 3rd edition spiked chain. That also granted reach while eliminated a downside. That is the spiked chain allowed you attack adjacent targets, while the flick mace is one handed.

In PF1 the designers realized having one clearly superior weapon (with reach) was a problem and removed it's reach. This lesson seems to have been forgotten in PF2.

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Well, if you look at the earned income table a level 0 task gives 5 cp, and I think it's reasonable to assume your rank and file laborer is a level 0 character. So 5 gp is 100 times what a commoner might make in one day.

I dunno, with the batch crafting could you place snares in up to four adjacent spaces with the same actions? That would use up a lot of resources, but could allow you to cover and area a lot quicker.

Maybe this leaves design room for the Inquisitor (or some new class) to be the offense oriented holy warrior? Not at convenient as having it from the get go but could be something.

At the moment this appears to not allow half-elf/half-orc tieflings, not to mention drow (cavern elf). I would suggestion a feat, allowed at level one only, that allows you to choose a second heritage from your mortal ancestry?

I think of lot of this is that's a still a new change, and the artists are still trying to figure out the exact look and feel yet. Sure, we have the basics but there's still some adjustment to exact proportions and typical equipment to be made.

Personally I tend to think of hobgoblins are disciplined soldiers, and really dislike seeing them in poor quality scavenged equipment. I'm not saying they all need full plate, but boots would be a good start.

The closest thing I know of is the ability to take two extra ability flaws when choosing your ancestry to gain one extra ability bonus.

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I think it applies. It's still just one attack roll, you just get two chances at it.

I've seen a few people mention that they prefer the old style of experience. That is to say that a given monster grants the same XP depending on it's level, no matter the party's level, and that this XP would be divided equally among the party members.

Taking this approach, and assumptions drawn from the current math, I've applied these rules to creating a D&D 3rd / PF 1st style XP system.

A) It takes 25 equal level creatures to level
B) That a Moderate Challenge equals two equal level creatures
C) That something 1 level higher should grant 1.5 times the XP
D) That something 2 levels higher should grant 2 times the XP
E) That a creatures XP total (based solely on it's level) is divided among all the PCs
F) That the party has four PCs
G) That it should take 1,000 XP to advance form level 1 to level 2.
H) That experience does NOT reset at each level, and instead continues to be additive

Giving the following results LINKED HERE.

It's a bit messy, granted, but if you prefer the old way of doing things I hope it can work for you.

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There are 29 Knuts in one Sickle, and 17 Sickles make up a Galleon.

I think something like, getting just X resolve per day. A 10 minute rest restores Stamina at the cost of 1 resolve point. You may also undertake another 10 minute activity simultaneously, such as repairing a shield or refocusing to get a focus point back.

Remove the ability for Hero Points to stabilize. Instead you can spend 1 resolve point to stabilize at 0, or re-roll a die.

Just not sure what a fair X would be, 3 maybe? Assume 1 stabilize, 1 reroll, and 1 rest? With the ability to earn more during play like hero points?

I've thought about that sort of write up / house rules. I'm not sure healing needs to nerfed too much because in battle it could only restore HP, not SP, so can only help you recover so much. Maybe some spells and effects could restore Stamina instead (like Soothe perhaps?), but I would think the power of those would need to be reduced, half effect is my gut feeling, but I haven't crunched the numbers on that at all.

As for the experience, couldn't the numbers be crunched to create a table, like the old style ones form all the previous editions, just with the new editions math worked in?

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Has anyone considered using the Starfinder health system in PF by chance?

I personally am a fan of it both as a player and a GM just because it means a 10 minute rest is pretty much guaranteed to get you back in fighting shape without a lot of time spent between encounters. Certainly helps get rid of the camping out for hours / sleeping in the middle of a dungeon.

Of course it would mean altering a lot of healing abilities and skills, not to mention the death and dying rules, so it wouldn't be as simple as a copy paste.

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From a home brew design perspective I've tried my hand at a Final Fantasy style dragoon archetype. I got all the way up to 13 feats and still feel like I could add a few more. So just from my own experience I can't see how one page is enough to include everything one would want in a fully fleshed out archetype (expect perhaps the multi class archetypes, as they have 10 levels worth of cross class feats to choose from by default).

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All I can say is it's definitely something I overlooked, and I've been playing since the closing years of D&D Second Edition.

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I think a lot of archetypes, not just the Red Mantis Assassin, are really limited just by virtue of only getting a single page. I understand that word and page counts are a thing, but keeping these down to one page per archetype already seems like a bad prescient to set to me.

So, someone on Reddit asked about a Final Fantasy style dragoon as an archetype, and I decided to have a wack at it. It's not edited or play tested at all, so try and assume RAI rather than RAW. Nonetheless I figured I'd share what I've managed thus far:

Dragoon Dedication [Archetype, Dedication] – FEAT 2:

Prerequisites: Str. 14, Trained in Athletics, Trained in any martial polearm or spear.

Dragoons are powerful and mobile melee attackers, specialists in the lance, polearm, and spear. Some dedicate themselves to the cause of serving, or slaying dragons, and gain draconic abilities they can draw on.

You become an expert in Athletics. If you were already an expert in Athletics you become trained in a skill of your choice. You gain Quick Jump as a bonus feat. If you already possess Quick Jump you gain a bonus skill feat of your choice that you meet the prerequisites for. Finally whenever you are wielding a polearm or spear my may add its potency rune bonus to any Athletics checks you make to Leap, High Jump, or Long Jump.

Special: You cannot selection another dedication feat until you have gained two other feats from the dragoon archetype.

Dragoon Strike <2A>[Archetype] – FEAT 4:

Prerequisites: Dragoon Dedication

You make mighty leaps through the battlefield, evading enemies to reach your target. Make a High Jump or Long Jump, compare your check result against the Reflex DC of each opponent whose space you wish to pass through.

Success: You move through your opponent’s space, and this movement does not provoke any reactions. You may make a melee strike at the end of your jump.

Failure: Your movement ends just before your opponent’s space. You may make a melee strike at the end of your jump.

Critical Failure: Your movement ends just before your opponent’s space and you fall prone.

Dragoon Step <R>[Archetype] – FEAT 4:

Prerequisites: Dragoon Dedication

Requirements: An attack against you just failed or critically failed

Take a Step action. If you were benefiting from Dragoon Deflection you may step 10 feet.

Dragoon Leap [Archetype] – FEAT 4:

Prerequisites: Dragoon Dedication

Your leaps carry you further, as if propelled by invisible wings. You never suffer an armor check penalty to Athletics checks made to Leap, High Jump, or Long Jump. When you Leap or succeed at a High Jump or a Long Jump, increase the distance you jump by 5 feet. Finally you gain Cat Fall as a bonus feat.

Dragoon Dive <Free>[Archetype] – FEAT 4:

Prerequisites: Dragoon Dedication, Dragoon Leap

Requirements: You are wielding a polearm or spear and take the Dragoon Strike action.

You put more power behind your strike at the end of a leap. If the strike hits you deal a bonus die of weapon damage. If you have master proficiency with the weapon increase this to two dice, and to three dice if you are legendary. If you possess the Draconic Breath feat you may choose to change Dragoon Dives bonus damage type to match that of your dragon patron.

Draconic Blessing [Archetype] – FEAT 4:

Prerequisites: Dragoon Dedication

You’ve dedicated yourself to either the cause of serving or slaying dragons. Choose a chromatic or metallic dragon patron type. You gain resistance to its associated energy equal to 1 + your total number of Dragoon Archetype feats.

Dragoon Deflection <1A>[Archetype] – FEAT 6:

Prerequisites: Dragoon Dedication, Dragoon Step

Requirements: You are wielding a polearm or spear

You gain a +2 circumstance bonus to AC until the start of your next turn as long as you continue to meet the requirements.

Dragoon Weapon Expertise [Archetype] – FEAT 6:

Prerequisites: Dragoon Dedication

You become an expert in all simple and martial polearms and spears, and trained in all advanced polearms and spears. If you would gain Master or Legendary proficiency with any weapon, your proficiency with polearms and spears increases to Master or Legendary as well. You gain access to the weapon critical specialization effect for polearms and spears.

Draconic Breath [Archetype] – FEAT 6:

Prerequisites: Dragoon Dedication, Draconic Blessing

You can borrow the destructive power of dragons. You gain the Dragon Breath focus spell. You gain a focus pool of 1 focus point if you don’t already have one.

Dragoon Talon [Archetype] – FEAT 8:

Prerequisites: Dragoon Dedication, Dragoon Strike

When you use Dragoon Strike you may make the strike at any point during your movement, instead of just when you land.

Draconic Wings [Archetype] – FEAT 10:

Prerequisites: Dragoon Dedication, Draconic Breath

Thanks to your draconic power you are no longer limited by mere leaping. You gain the Dragon Wings focus spell. Increase the size of your focus pool by 1. If you currently have a fly speed you do not need to Leap, High Jump, or Long Jump during Dragoon Strike, and may instead move up to twice your speed so long as you are flying. Still make an Athletics check to move through any opponents spaces are normal.

Draconic Ally [Archetype] – FEAT 10:

Prerequisites: Dragoon Dedication, Draconic Blessing
Frequency: Once per day

Calling out with the power of your dragon patron you bring a powerful ally to your side. You may cast Summon Dragon as if it were a focus spell, and increase the size of your focus pool by 1 point. When casting Summon Dragon you can not summon chromatic dragons if your patron is a metallic dragon, and vice versa.

Dragoon Quake <A>[Archetype] – FEAT 12:

Prerequisites: Dragoon Dedication

Requirements: Your last action was to use Dragoon Strike

The force of your landing shakes the ground beneath you. Creatures on the ground within a 20-foot emanation take bludgeoning damage equal to your Strength modifier (minimum 0), which they can resist with a basic Fortitude save. On a failure, they also fall prone. After you use this action, you can’t use it again for 1d4 rounds. If you possess the Draconic Breath feat you may choose to change Dragoon Quakes damage type to match that of your dragon patron.

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Paladinosaur wrote:
Not my cup of tea.

Drop them in boiling water and they will be.

I think not, because the previous action at that point isn't the wolfs action, it's whatever action was taken by the person in initiative order before the wolf.

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PossibleCabbage wrote:
Uchuujin wrote:
Is that how it was supposed to end then? *Sips wine from a hobgoblin skull cup.* Interesting...

Uniformly they selected the canonical ending of each AP to be "whatever success state involves the most potential interesting story threads going forward."

So "Azersi sues for peace and establishes a Hobgoblin kingdom in the mountains" is a lot more interesting going forward than "They dead."

Granted. And if I want to continue the story as I played it that works too. It's a big multiverse.

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Is that how it was supposed to end then? *Sips wine from a hobgoblin skull cup.* Interesting...

Just realized I linked the wrong version of my sheet... *Facepalm*

Here's the real link.

So, I'm just curious. How many people are using each type of character sheet? What's the kind of demographic and demand for each?

I'm personally a fan of pencil and paper. Might be a bit old school, but I personally find it easier to find whatever stat I need on those quickly, without scrolling and zooming in on a tiny handheld screen.

Of course I can see the versatility in having the ability have your character on the cloud for yourself or sharing with others in your group, and makes it a lot harder to lose a character sheet.

Has anyone with an early copy off LOWG seen if it has anything about this when discussing the various regions?

Thanks! Got to figure out where to use my Balanced Nepotism now... Got a couple of the boons to grow a religions influence from GenCon, so some sort of priest seems in order... Maybe wait a bit for COM first though.

You could also use a Bestial Mutagen.

So my soldier finally hit 45 Acquisitives reputation last session. Is there any reason to keep going with acquisitives at this point, or is it much wiser to start working on another faction?

shalandar wrote:
Blake's Tiger wrote:
E.g. I haven't found a way to gain access to a katana.

I have found one sure way to access the katana, the Human 1st level feat: Unconventional Weaponry. The key part is: "or that is common in another culture" Obviously, katanas are common in Tian.

Someone also told me there is something in society play that says "if you are from a region, you gain access to uncommon weapons if they are common in that area" but I can't find that anywhere....

I'm running into this. Going to spare you character details, but looking to get a clan dagger on a non-dwarf. Technically Adopted Ancestry feat says nothing about item access, nor do I see anything about the home region (Five Kings Mountains) rules and access. I could take the Dwarven Weapon Familiarity feat to make it common for me, but using an ancestry feat to gain access to a simple weapon purely for story reasons, at level 5 when I should have it from level 1 doesn't seem like an effective use of feats.

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PossibleCabbage wrote:

I mean, the Dwarf entry in the rulebook says:

Few Dwarves are found without their clan dagger strapped to their belt. This dagger is forged just before a dwarf's birth and bears the gemstone of their clan. A parent uses this to cut the infant's umbilical cord, making it the first weapon to taste their blood.

I feel like unless this dagger was made for a specific dwarf, and cut that dwarf's umbilical cord it's not a clan dagger, not really. There's a ritual to this so they're not going to give the task to unqualified smiths, and there's no reason a Dwarf would part with their personal clan dagger unless they are cutting ties with their clan or their society, something Dwarves are particularly unlikely to do.

So what's going on here is more complicated than the rarity system really encapsulates. All Dwarves, barring special circumstances, should have their clan dagger. No one should be able to buy one through legitimate channels. It's the sort of thing where if it's stolen, you go get it back, if it's broken you carry it anyway and you get it reforged, if it's lost you move heaven and earth to get it back. If a Dwarf dies, the respectful thing is probably to return it to their family or clan.

I absolutely love this bit of lore!

I am still wondering how uncommon 'Access' works in Society play though. Do all dwarfs have access to uncommon dwarf items? If you are not a dwarf, but from the Five Kings Mountains as you home can you have access?

Just have an idea that I'm already playing (but still level 1 so can rebuild) for a half-elf who has essentially been adopted by a dwarf clan, and after 10 years with them she was granted her own clan dagger. Just to make things official (as she clearly doesn't have an umbilical to cut) she has a slight scar next to her belly button where it tasted her blood as part of her adoption.

I've created my own landscape version as well here. My first sheet so not perfect, but I used it for PFS play yesterday and worked well for me.

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