Could someone help me figure out how to Society with P2E?


Howy Howdy.

Soo.. I've not been having any luck finding any P2 games. PbP would work fine, but most I can find is only Society.

So.. could someone do a brief breakdown on how to properly set up for all of that? Is it the same as p1? (I should have a society number somewhere.. I thought I made one looong ago when I actually lived near a comic shop in Alaska).

Sorry of thats a dumb question, I tried going to the Organized Play tab via the pathfinder tab on the top of the page frame. However it just loads and shows nothing (tried a few times today. Originally I assumed it was down but now I think maybe its on my end?).

Is there a simple guide for PfS 2E? I know in PFS for 1E there was a lot of restrictions and such but 2E is new so I'm not sure there is a guide and I just can't find it.

Please and thank you for any help or advice!

Probably worth a look at the Pathfinder Society section of the forums
and the Guide can be found on the Organized Play Foundation's site

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Use the Organized play tab to access rather than the tab form the Pathfinder menu.

The Organized Play Foundation is the repository for that information now.

Thanks for the organized play foundation link.

That website is way more clear on the dilination between editions in play and how to set stuff up.

I was having such a hard time figuring out if society was for both editions or not from the forums. The lil quick start tab I had downloaded l ong ago didn't have any update so I wasn't sure what was up with that situation.

Pathfinder Society Guide (2nd Edition) PDF

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