How does shot on the run interact with Operatives Trick attack?

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You can move, fire a ranged weapon, and move again before your foes can react.

Prerequisites: Dex 15, Mobility, base attack bonus +4.

Benefit: As a full action, you can move up to your speed and make a single ranged attack at any point during your movement. If you have the trick attack class feature, you can take your movement from trick attack at any time during a trick attack with a ranged weapon (instead of only before).

Normal: You can move only before or after an attack with a ranged weapon, not both.

Does being able to take your movement from the trick attack at any time mean you can move trick attack shoot and move the same way as anyone else using the feat? Or are you restricted to moving before or after the trick attack.

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I have always read that as allowing trick attack movement to be available both before and after the ranged attack.

The rules language says that the movement can be taken at 'any time' during a trick attack. And the entire point of the feat is to be able to split up your total movement into two phases that surround your standard action.

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Yeah I also think that's the intended reading.

I'm reading that you can move/fire/move.

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That's how I've always interpreted it.

Yeah, I don't know how you reach another interpretation.

If Shot on the Run doesn't allow you to break up the movement from Trick Attack with the attack somewhere in "the middle" then I'm not sure what it would do.

Allow you to attack and then move? That definitely doesn't seem like the intention based on the wording. So I can only conclude the option is to "move, attack, move" when performing your trick attack, which would seem to also include moving 0 ft and firing, and then taking the rest of your movement.

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