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Hello! A couple of questions:

1. What type of damage is painful stair of mesmerist? I thought, that it is "pure psychic energy", or the same type as attack, that triggers it, but I found this feat that confuses me:

So... how does it work?

2. What is wrond with theese two feats? Is this just a mistake? Or both feats can be used separetly?..

3. Gaslighter archetype ( ter). How exactly does his "Horrid Mask" work? How many times can I trigger the damage when the target can see itself in mirror? Once per round? When does this damage occur? How can I use it with cojuction of Manifold Stare ( What type of damage is this Horrid Mask triggered pain?


Painful Stare is precision damage.

Horrid Mask allows you to trigger your Painful Stare without the damage.

Confusing Stare activates when you trigger your Painful Stare, and doesn't require you to damage them to apply the confusion.

It appears to work, although it is cheesy munchkin madness.

Precision damage does not say anything to me in terms of Damage Reduction. Why there is a feat, that makes painful stare to penetrate DR? How does it work exactly?

I can't find the reference for it right now but precision damage is always of the same type as the base attack that it's attached too.

Precision damage is always additional damage added to another attack, for example if you triggered a painful star or sneak attack with a rapier the bonus damage would be piercing (and magic, cold iron, etc. based on the specific weapon's qualities).

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My impression is this.

Painful stare increases the damage of the attack that triggered it, and would therefore be included in that damage roll before DR is applied. In the case of the gaslighter's horrid mask, there's nothing to inherit the damage type from, so the damage remains typeless and thus penetrates all DR except DR/-.

Horrid Mask isn't written very clearly, but I think you can only trigger it once on the targets turn as stated. Manifold stare gives you more activations, but you only get one horrid mask activation.

Thank you! This really helped!

And what about double confusing stares?

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