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And what about SLA of Fractured Mind? Can I use them, and if yes - how?

Does this combination provide an ability to change SLA with new phantoms? And what is about emotional focus of phantoms? Are they replaced with herogods abilities, or my phantom will get both emotional focus (new every day) AND abilities of mythic heroes? classes/spiritualist/archetypes/paizo-llc-spiritualist-archetypes/priest-of -the-fallen-spiritualist-archetype/

+ classes/spiritualist/archetypes/paizo-llc-spiritualist-archetypes/fractured -mind-spiritualist-archetype/

Can they be combined, and what exactly means "every herogod has its own emotional focus"? Can I select a new one every day?


Yep, I heared about +10 cap, but when does it hit the combo? In process of adding enhancement bonuses by furyborn? Or not? And with activating bodywraps, can I only activate what I want to activate (because of hard cap, and theese bonuses are 5+7=12)?

All right, now I have some problems to calculate, maybe, some of theese bonuses can not be used together. Please, help me to find, are there some situations, when bonuses do not stack or can not be together?

I have;

1. Natural attacks from dragod disciple + bloodrager
2. Amulet of mighty Fists (Furious, Furyborn, Shock, Vicious)
3. Bodywraps of Mighty Strikes (+1 Dragonbane, Rilliant Energy, Limning)

Are there restrictionz to use it all in once in, for example, one attack?

I know, that +1 from bodywraps does not stack with +5 (in total) bonus from furyborn, but this is the only problem I can find with it.

There is an artifact, that our master designed, that SOMETIME occupies a headband slot. Artifact is great, but if I not wear it in it's wanted slot it will cease functioning for 1 week. So I try to find an alternative to my +6 headband, because it's my primary stat and +3 HP per HD ;)

What else can give it to my character besides headband? Maybe there is a way to get +6 to Charisma without headband permanently?


When the opponent takes damage: when it attacks you, or when it hits you and deals damage?

And if you say about powerful blows, what about dragons? Do they keep 1,5 STR bonus on damage of natural attacks(bite/tail slap)? I just think I was doing all wrong :)

What about BHOLE (, that has no special quality about 1,5 STR bonus on natural attacks, but has such ability?

So, grab and trip are not kept by undead?

Thank you! Can you, please, give an example of special quality?

For example, wolf skeleton retains trip special ability and gains +4 on trip, or zombie octopus retains grab and +4 on grapple.

Special Attacks
A skeleton retains none of the base creature's special attacks.

Yes, but...

Special Qualities
A skeleton loses most special qualities of the base creature. It retains any extraordinary special qualities that improve its melee or ranged attacks.

If I will animate this creature dead into the bloody skeleton - will it retains it's diseased attacks? And if it will, what will be the DC of theese diseases?


Have an idea to make Medium (Relict Chaneller) 10/Darechaser 10, to add lots of extra dice to d20. But here is a problem: I see very good ability on 11th level of medium...

I did not found ANY magic items for medium and only found two feats that can raise up spirit bonus, but not the level of medium. Maybe, I missed something?

Thanks you!

Thank you! This really helped!

And what about double confusing stares?

Precision damage does not say anything to me in terms of Damage Reduction. Why there is a feat, that makes painful stare to penetrate DR? How does it work exactly?

Hello! A couple of questions:

1. What type of damage is painful stair of mesmerist? I thought, that it is "pure psychic energy", or the same type as attack, that triggers it, but I found this feat that confuses me:

So... how does it work?

2. What is wrond with theese two feats? Is this just a mistake? Or both feats can be used separetly?..

3. Gaslighter archetype ( ter). How exactly does his "Horrid Mask" work? How many times can I trigger the damage when the target can see itself in mirror? Once per round? When does this damage occur? How can I use it with cojuction of Manifold Stare ( What type of damage is this Horrid Mask triggered pain?


On this site enchantement is placed in "ranged weapons" part, but can it be a mistake?

Can I really make my crossbow gory (wounding)?

Still this spell is pretty confusing for me. Why will save? Is it an attacking spell or something?

So.. is this method perfectly legal? To make any blade a "light blade" weapon group for hiding it?

And actually... it does not change the size, does it? If the question is only fighter weapon group - sun blade is in both light and heavy blades

Thanks for advice, but if I want exotic weapon proficiency, what it will be? Exotic WP (Short Sword)? (Modified Short Sword)?

Can I hide a Sun Blade in this cloak? It seems to be working like a short sword, but the size of a bastard sword... What do you say?

Does history of scars stack with racial natural armor bonus?

What about dragond disciple with history of scars?

Em... So -3 or -2? If you say it is JUST A MW FULLPLATE, it must be -3...

So, I searched a lot about this, but there is no such thread that answers well: does Mithral HellKnight Plate has 2 or 3 ACP and how much it costs?

Please, link some FAQ ot dev's post about it, if you can! Thanks!


The wearer always benefits from a 10% miss chance while in an area of dim light or darkness, even if she is perceived by a creature using darkvision. Other sensory abilities, such as blindsense or true seeing, bypass this effect entirely. Druchite-veined weapons grant their wielder a +2 circumstance bonus on attack rolls against creatures perceiving them with darkvision.

Shadow Blending (Su): Attacks against a fetchling in dim light have a 50% miss chance instead of the normal 20% miss chance. This ability does not grant total concealment; it just increases the miss chance.

Will fetchling with shadow blending have a 50% permanent miss chanse in dim light even against creatures with darkvision?

Hm. It's totally useless for "true evil" character's, I think: stigmata will not bleed, if I'm immune to bleed (undead), so most abilities will not work. However I thought, that "cure spells" will reverse to inflict when you are undead or dhamphir, for example.

Oh, well... :(

Anybody? What about empowered healing with inflict spells?


Ok, thanks, but if you pull some links here - I'll be very happy.

And what about healing and stigmata's?

This chance rolling occurs only once? Or I need to check it every round? And how I can take control?


huggin wrote:
Lord Lupus the Grey wrote:
I'm just telling you, that a character with survival 15 AND scent does not benefit from scent while tracking AT ALL :)
With scent don't you ignore surface conditions and poor visibility? That isn't a benefit?

You DO NOT ingroe, you use DIFFERENT RULES, where you ger +2 to DC for every hour, not +1 DC for every 24 hours :)

So, what does it mean?

If archetype ability says I loose channel increase on 5th, 11th and 19th level, I still lose it in prestige class? And if so, do I get these ability increase (I think. no, but maybe?)?

And more questions: holy (UNHOLY?) vindicator-undead...

How stigmata works? Does it work? (I know in other thread they said it does not, but may be other ideas)
What about healing? It emopwers healing spells on itself, but can it be inflict?

I'm just telling you, that a character with survival 15 AND scent does not benefit from scent while tracking AT ALL :)

What problems can you see in this idea?

The first problem that I encountered: stacking with channel energy class. The original cultist looses 3d6 of channel because of maddening gaze, but what if we take prestige class on 9th level? Still losing, or gaining every 2 level?

"The undead creature’s destructive instincts take hold for the duration of this spell, and any attempts to control or command the undead creature have a 50% chance of failing; if uncontrolled, the undead creature attacks any living creatures it sees."

If I am controlling the undead creature (created it via animate dead couple days ago), and command this undead "defend me and fight my enemies", and then IN BATTLE I cast this spell - what does it mean about controlling?

Can you explain me, please, how it works actually? I'm a little bit confused by this wording

Intresting, but still a 5th ranger with scent better track somebody with ordinary tracking, than with scent, which is odd :(

So, as you say, you need TWO hands free> one for fouc and one for somatic component?

Yes, I understand, but it is ridiculous, that you can not hunt somebody with dogs after 12 hours. Dogs have scent, and even with specially skilled dog you'll get +6 on survival. 12 hours = +24 on DC, and even if starting DC is 0 (I suppose, you can not set it on -40, right?), the dog only tracks it on 18+.

I'm talking only about shield + reliquary weapon now. A hand is NOT holding anything while you START casting a spell, and than with a quick draw you dra your weapon to porvide divine focus AND decide to KEEP it in hand. Than, for example, next round you drop your weapon on cord, START casting a spell with FREE hand, and AS PART OF CASTING (with a move action, for example) provide a divine focus in such way.

The second round situation is much more debetable, because of "providing as part" as a move action, but first seems to be absolutely legal.

Ok, its fine. And what about casting a spell with it in hand as a somatic component? If it acts as holy symbol and if, for example, I have a quick draw?

(And what about quick draw and weapon cord now?)

OK, tracking creatures via scent must be more easy, than just tracking them, right? I saw that explanation in other threads about scent: "Oh, it's so amazing, it's much easier to do!"

But I can see one little problem here...

The DC of the trail is greater by +2 every HOUR past.

So, the DC for a dog to follow the trail of a smelly guy after 24 hours will be just... 58! It's fine!
And for ordinary tracking it will be... +1 for every 24 hours! So, 11 (In normal situation)

Am I missing something?

More problems with cords? Really?

Ok, does not matter. THis is a thread about components and free hands, so why are you telling me about "YOu need a hand free", when I need a hand to use holy/unholy symbol? What about spells with symbol required and material component too? Three hands? It does not make sense.

And my question about reliquary weapon is pretty reasonable, I can not see any rule that you can rely upon to say "no, you can not because..."

What about reliquary weapon?

If manipulating with a divine focus is a free action and part of casting spell, can I get "quick draw" feat to get my sword in hand and then leave it in hand after spell is cast? And than drop it on weapon cord, try to cast new spell, also get it to hand as a free (not swift) action?

Sounds silly, but RAW

Thanks a lot!

No requirments? Wat? So I can have stunning critical on 8th level? for example? Or even eralier?

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