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The kickstarter for Ultimate Spheres of Power has gone live!

This is the culimation of over 3 years of working on the Spheres system, and compiles info from the original volume and over 20 handbooks into a single, 400+ page volume. Come check us out!

Is this going to incorporate whatever the Warp Sphere handbook is going to be called?

Yes; Warp is going to be coming out very soon, and it will be included as well.

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I pretty much have all of this but....I really do want a book for the shelf. Gonna pitch in as soon as I sort some stuff out

Is there going to be any tweaking of the base Fire package in the Nature sphere? Currently it's situational as fire isn't as common as some of the other elements. I mean why does it cost a spell point to affect lava when PCs aren't likely to deal with it that often (on average)? The base package could use something like Fire Wielder to give it more applications.

The FAQ says that you'll be taking this opportunity to incorporate years of hindsight into the final product. I love the Spheres system and use the core book as is, but have found that while there's a lot of great content and ideas in the handbooks, they can be a little more hit and miss in terms of quality and balance. Is there going to be any kind of community feedback opportunity going into this, like the core book and handbooks had? Please know that I have nothing against the handbook authors, and that I understand those books couldn't have the resources the core book did.

Are there any currently published or planned to be plubished books that won't be in the kickstarter? I noted that both the Fey and blood handbooks went beyond the original system--will they be in the handbook or remain separate.

The blood handbook was just added as a stretch goal and the fey book is the next stretch goal. At the way the kickstarter is tracking, it should meet all of the stretch goals to get all of the support books added to the final ultimate book.

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Getting the extra spheres and wraith class in there would be awesome. Especially since this book is acting kind of as an errata process.

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I'm very excited about this. I didn't get the print version of Spheres the first time around, I'm not making that mistake again.

Can someone tell Greysion in the Comments section that Spheres of Power wiki exists? I can't back this project (not in the budget), so I can't post there.

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