How to get to base STR stat up to 40



I'm new to Pathfinder and playing a Dragonic Druid. Our team needed a fighter when the monk is not pulling his weight.
My base stats are
Lvl 4
str 20
dex 14
con 14
int 7
wis 13
cha 7

My goal is very simple, by lvl 16 to have 40 str base. But I'm stuck at +16 from wild/Dragon Shape and Belt of Strength. I know there are other ways to get bonuses to base stats but Have no clue how and if they will stack.

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You can use wish to increase your stat by 1 up to 5 times or use the stat increasing books

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I assume that your +16 comes from the following:

+4 levels
+6 Form of the Dragon II
+6 Belt of Giant Strength +6

Your choice of class made some very useful options for further boosting your strength difficult or impossible. 4 levels of the Dragon Disciple prestige class would give you +4 to strength, but you are very much the wrong type of spellcaster to qualify for that class. And your charisma is way too low to qualify for the Eldritch Heritage line of feats, which would otherwise be the easiest way to gain access to bloodline powers that would boost your strength.

However, there is a way to get your strength up to 40 by 15th level and then to 42 by 17th level. If your GM permits it, select the Variant Multiclassing option for the Sorcerer from Pathfinder Unchained and then the Orc bloodline. At 15th level, you gain that bloodline's 9th level power, which gives you a +4 inherent bonus to strength immediately and an additional +2 two levels later. Note that an inherent bonus is the same sort of bonus that a Tome or multiple Wish spells would give you, so it won't stack with either of those items.

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Thank you

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1 level of dragon-blooded sorcerer (Eldritch Scrapper archetype because why not if you're only going for the one level dip) and 4 levels of Dragon Disciple puts you at that desired 40 str - base 20, +4 leveling up, +6 belt of giant's strength, +6 Form of the Dragon II, +4 bonus from Dragon Disciple, and you're good to go at level 16. 11 Druid / 1 Sorcerer / 4 D.D, grab the Shaping Focus feat to count as a 15th level druid for wild shape (Draconic Druid keeps the Wild Shape class feature, it just forces you to do something specific with it)

See if you can do crossblooded empyreal/draconic sorcerer if you can, for wis-based sorc casting. Empyreal is technically wildblooded but there is no actual conflict that arises being crossblooded with a wildblood heritage.

Now, I don't /recommend/ building for that, but if 40 strength is your sole goal here, that would do it for you.

You can't combine crossblooded with wildblooded bloodline.

Use magic jar or possession to control something with 40+ strength.

That's the easiest method.

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