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(I know this is a thread necro but since it hasn't been brought up yet, I do love throwing my two cents in)

Alchemist with the infusion discovery and invests in Ring Gates is my personal vote for laziest character. Can even take the Oenopion Researcher archetype to hand out mutagen.

It's basically the stay at home wizard but rather than actively having to cast spells, the alchemist simply hands out infusions as needed and can even chuck bombs if they so choose.

Infusions have to be prepared like wizard spells do, but once prepared the drinker simply needs to drink it. Nothing on the alchemist's part is needed.

The mutagen (with the oenopion researcher achetype) can be prepared beforehand as well.

Any number of bombs can be made by the alchemist beforehand, so on any given adventuring day the alchemist doesn't have to actually make any; if they're at home they can just use some overstock.

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The Medium class is a really interesting one, having a few advantages over many of the martial characters. Through the champion spirit they have one of the best scaling damage bonuses in the game, an extra full-BAB attack that stacks with TWF and haste which puts you at a better position BAB-wise to almost every other martial, and pounce. It makes for a really good contender as a character who can utilize unarmed strike fairly well

Medium of the Master archetype makes unarmed strike even more of an option.

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Might I suggest an Ocean’s Echo oracle? It’s flavored for merfolk but doesn’t say it’s exclusive to them. They get inspire courage like a bard (albeit fewer rounds per day; extend those rounds with Lingering Performance)

You gain 9th level cleric spellcasting for condition removal, buffs, debuffs, and a couple decent blast spells. you buff like a bard, and you have the charisma to be a great face. Mystery is wide open for fun stuff too.

Also way less common than a straight bard or evangelist cleric, FWIW.

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Anguish wrote:
The calm emotions spell works different, explicitly only suppressing the condition.

But that isn't true for the case of Confusion. It literally differentiates suppressing other conditions and removing the confused condition.

Remove. Not suppress. There is a big difference, and Calm Emotions explicitly calls that difference out.

*edit: Ninja'd

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There are three main uses of bluff, all independent of each other.

The first is to lie convincingly. Any modifiers that give a bonus/penalty for "bluff to lie" only affects this first use. It's usually used in social interactions and allows for retrying. There usually isn't a DC to meet with this (though some written scenarios will have them) but instead use the person's Sense Motive roll to oppose your bluff check.

The second is to pass a secret message to specific people. There is a flat DC to succeed to pass the message (15 I believe) and other people in the room can attempt a sense motive check opposed to your bluff result to get a hunch a message was passed. bonuses/penalties to "bluff to pass a message" or "bluff to pass a secret message" only affect this second use.

The third is to feint. This is a standard action (without feat or ability investments) that uses your bluff bonus vs a DC of 10+BAB+Wis or 10+sense motive bonus. Bonuses/penalties to "Bluff to feint" only affects this third option, not the others.

All flat bonuses to bluff "+5 circumstance bonus to Bluff checks" for example apply to all uses of the skill, including feinting.

Bluff to feign harmlessness is an optional rule from the giant hunter player companion, and is a different use from the other bluff checks. The retry you quoted is for that specific purpose only.

The DC to feint is not increased on a failure.

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Effect wrote:

Range medium (100 ft. +10 ft./level)
Targets all creatures in a 15-ft radius burst
Duration 1 round/level
Saving Throw Will negates; Spell Resistance yes

Two things to point out here:

First, the area effect is a burst, as opposed to a spread like cloudkill. A burst implies that once the effect happens, there is nothing else lingering in that area. See Bless, Channel Energy, or a myriad of other abilities that do the thing when the action is done but has no effect for creatures who enter the area of effect after the action.
Second, the duration states that the effect is 1 round per level. It does not require active concentration by the caster, and as I already established there is no lingering area effect, the spell is effectively instantaneous; the only reason it's not is because it has an effect that does not end after the action to cast it is done.

Description wrote:

This spell causes confusion in the targets... (Description of the confused condition)

This states that the spell, when it is cast, inflicts the confused condition on targets that fail the save. We know from the effect portion that the confused condition lasts for 1 round/level.

And that's it. The spell has no more interaction or influence on the target other than what has already happened. The spell does not have the power to re-inflict the confused condition because the spell is no longer being cast. The spell is no longer being cast and no longer has any hold on the initial target.

Now, the Calm Emotion spell "...removes the Confused condition from all targets. The Heal spell "...immediately ends any and all of the following adverse conditions affecting the target: ... confused..."

I don't know why anyone would think that there is any difference between ends and removes other than word preference in this context. They mean the same thing, and the argument Cevah presents suggests that heal would not end confusion if the source is from the spell. Which is asinine to me.

And something else I just thought of. Say a person fails their save vs paralysis by Hold Person, which has a duration of rounds/level. They have a lesser Freedom talisman (or someone casts freedom of movement on that target in the same round) and are no longer paralyzed. When this happens, an enemy casts dispel magic and succeeds at the caster level check to dispel freedom of movement. Is that person all of a sudden paralyzed again? The answer is pretty clearly 'no' to me. What you're suggesting changes how many duration spells interact with counters and goes beyond just the confusion spell and calm emotions.

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It counts as one weapon for all purposes except for enchantments and TWFing. So yes, improved critical (much like weapon focus and weapon specialization, or any other feat that requires choosing one weapon) does apply to both ends of a double weapon.

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FWIW alchemists can handle traps pretty well too, even magical ones if you can learn the Aram Zey’s Focus extract (it’s possible that you might not be able to since it’s associated with the pathfinder society, ask your GM)

That being said... you can go pure wizard on one side and multiclass empiricist investigator 3/Mindchemist alchemist 17 for some silly bonuses to skills. Int for perception, SM, some diplomacy, disable device, etc, free inspiration dice on all knowledge skills and double your int bonus to recall knowledge on top of that. Plus trapfinding and most of the fun stuff alchemists get too

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Yes, it appears so.

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It’s one per target hit by your spell. So at level 3 with two missiles, you can send two missiles to one target and get one trip attempt or you can send one missile to two targets and get two checks (1/target)

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Oh! Okay, I see the argument Cevah is presenting now. That argument might hold some water if the confusion spell has a duration of concentration, but as it is once the spell is cast the confusion status is simply in effect for a number of rounds equal to the caster level.

I’m not familiar with another spell that has the same wording as calm emotions but just as an example, let’s say a character was hit by a ray of sickening which has a duration of minutes/lvl and had some way of removing that condition. The round following being hit by the ray, said character uses ability/spell/whatever to remove the sickened condition. By your logic, the following round (or however long the duration of that ability lasts, assuming it’s less than 1 min/lvl) the sickened condition comes back?

What is your definition of “remove” as compared to “suppress” in this game, Cevah? Because what you are suggesting is that nothing can end a condition caused by a spell, short of using dispel magic or entering an anti magic field, until that spell’s duration is over. The best you can do is suppress the effect.

Never mind effects like calm emotions that states clearly it removes confusion.

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That is false. You’re describing suppressing the effect when instead Calm emotions removes it entirely. The confusion doesn’t come back unless someone casts the spell again and they fail their saving throw again. But once the condition is removed the spell no longer has any effect.

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It continues to have full effect if it shares the same square as another creature. No further actions would be needed on your part, unless you wanted to move it elsewhere.

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Claxon wrote:
However, it seems clear that you should be able to charge with your lance and attack, even if your mount doesn't.

When your mounted character takes the charge action, both the companion and the PC are charging. You cannot take other types of actions while the other makes a charge action.

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1) The pet still needs to meet prerequisites for feats

2) There's no rule for order, so you decide who resolves the attacks first. You can have your wolf attack and trip, then you can follow up with your own attack.
3) ...But you must stop at the first square you threaten with the weapon you are attacking them with, when you charge. So a wolf has 5 ft reach and a lance gives you 10 ft reach. If you charge with a lance you stop 10 ft away from the target, meaning your wolf won't be able to reach the target for an attack. The workaround for this is to pick up Ride-By Attack, which changes how you charge on a mount. Or have your wolf pick up the Lunge feat when able to. Lunge is better for what you want, since with the reach weapon you would have to resolve your own attack first, then the wolf as the follow-up.

4) The natural armor bonus listed is an untyped bonus, and improved natural armor increases that bonus.

Something to note, since you mentioned it and I just want to cover all bases: There is no way (that I know of) to combine a charge action with spring-attack. You essentially get that with the Ride-By Attack and Wheeling Charge feats, but that still counts as a charge for the purposes of abilities that activate on particular attacks, not spring attack. Any ability that requires you to spring attack (if you have any) cannot be done on a charge. E.g. you cannot do the charge action yourself (benefiting from the increased lance damage) while your wolf spring attacks.

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What? How would it come back when the condition is completely removed?

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Calm Emotions wrote:
... It also suppresses any fear effects and removes the confused condition from all targets.

Calm emotions completely removes the confused condition; you do not need to maintain concentrating on it after a creature is affected by it.

You're right about Unbreakable Heart, it doesn't remove the condition but it does suppress it for essentially the entire time.

Confusion doesn't do anything until the confused character has to roll. If an enemy casts Confusion in round 1 and the cleric casts calm emotions immediately after, all allies can accept the spell without needing to make a save against it. Allies who have already rolled and are doing anything that isn't "act normally" would have to roll to save, however.

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It uses the same action as drawing material components for other spells- as in, its part of the action of casting a spell.

It’s reasonable to require that material be easily accessible like normal for a spell component pouch- it could be in a pocket on the inside of a cloak but it can’t be inside a backpack or handy haversack, or otherwise stowed with the purpose of hiding it from others.

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There’s an FAQ somewhere (I believe core rule book FAQ) about how multiclassed characters still use their overall BAB. So a multiclassed core monk’s flurry uses the monk level as its effective BAB, plus the BAB from classes other than monk.

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You should be fine. It’s a very good build and makes good use of making a (mostly) SAD character. The deinotherium is an interesting choice. Not bad by any means, but chances are you won’t end up using it as a mount very often. Sweep and trample is really interesting! It doesn’t look like Sweep deals gore damage but it automatically knocks the target prone and allows for the trample damage to be dealt.

Throw on power attack and improved natural attack (slam) and have a bunch of fun with that ability.

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Lingering performance is a good option, especially once you can start a performance as a swift action.

Spell focus(evocation) is honestly not a bad choice either since you have some fun blasting spells like Shout to help mix up your combat tactics a bit.

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You can. Not sure who claimed you can’t but you can certainly choose a wakizashi as your weapon for slashing grace.

You can’t use slashing grace while using Two weapon fighting, flurry, or while using the magus spell combat, maybe that is what was being referenced.

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TheGreatWot wrote:

High level wizards can cast cleric spells indirectly through solar gating. They cast as 20th level clerics.

Wizard always wins.

As for infinite wishes, that "wish #2" doesn't really fall under the wish guidelines. That means it's subject to DM fiat, and in this situation, DM fiat means a big red "NOPE".

wish #2 isn’t actually even necessary since the simulacrum you create is already under your complete control, now that I think about it. Just tell it to relinquish complete control over its own simulacrum to you and it has to do so.

Obviously this is an exploit and getting away with it is possible only if the GM doesn’t intervene.

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So, sure, wish is expensive but have you considered the snowman wish machine?

if you haven’t heard of it...:
cast Simulacrum (7th level wiz/sorc/arcanist/psychic spell, or chained summoner 5th)

Create an efreet. They’re under your command and can cast wish 3 times.

Make wish #1 for them to cast simulacrum, to make an efreet.

Make wish #2 to relinquish complete control of that efreet to you.

Make wish #3 whatever you want.

Repeat these steps as often as you’d like with the subsequent efreeti. The ability gives you infinite wishes starting at level 13 for the cost of 5000gp, has been around since bestiary 1 and it’s never been errata’d away.

I’ve been thinking about the problems a wizard (a high leveled one) wouldn’t be able to solve (there aren’t many) and honestly the one thing I am thinking of that doesn’t require wish exploitation is the ability to cast cleric spells. Seriously, a well built high level non-gestalt wizard will be able to do pretty much anything any other gestalt character can, one way or another, with the exception of casting high level cleric spells that aren’t on the wizard list.

Sure the ability scores are totally MAD (18 minimum int and wis at level 1) but hey, a wizard/cleric would quickly rise to godhood in my opinion.

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Investigator is a good mix. Adding inspiration to your rolls is always nice and with studied target you can honestly hold your own in combat pretty well

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Out of curiosity how do you have scent? You don’t benefit from pheromone arrows unless you have scent.

Also, pheromone arrows are fairly pricy, at least compared to other pieces of ammunition. Assuming you only spend one per target that’s not a huge deal, but 15 gp per arrow adds up quick and you have to actually hit on your first attack against any given target to receive the benefit.

Edit: never mind, forgot about the bloodhound spell

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At level 11, pretty easily.

Let’s see. Assuming 26 Dex (18 to start, +2 from advancement, +6 enhancement bonus) and 8 Bab we're starting at +16. +4 luck bonus (divine favor+fates favored), +3 studied target, a +1 Weapon with greater magic weapon and greater bane (putting the total enhancement bonus at +4) brings us to +27 for our full-BAB attacks.

This does not account for PBS, Haste, teamwork feats (there’s a surprisingly good number of teamwork feats a ranged inquisitor benefits from), or any other bonuses an inquisitor can get (greater invis is another +2 just for being invisible- not to mention the target is also flat-footed for the sneak attack sanctified slayer gets)

It also doesn’t take into account the -5 from deadly aim and rapid shot, however.

Edit: whoops, taking about damage.
+4 Str bonus (probably thanks to bulls strength), +4 Weapon enhancement bonus, +6 from deadly aim, +3 from studied target, +4 luck bonus from divine favor puts us at +21 damage.

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You’re either riding a character as a mount, in which case you must follow ALL of the mounted combat rules (including the stuff Derklord pointed out) or you’re not sharing a square and one of the two must perform a drag combat maneuver to the other character each round to have them move at the same time.

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If you're going to dip various classes for primarily access to wands, you're better off just investing skill points in UMD. It's not terribly hard to get a high enough UMD to regularly hit the DC 20, even with 7 Cha.

Let's see... Full ranks and a Wand Key Ring of the spell you want to cast puts you at well above 50% chance, and by level 7 or 8 should have enough ranks for around an 80% chance to hit DC 20. Earlier if you take Dangerously Curious or any other trait to boost UMD, like Pragmatic Activator.
Even without the key ring there are other options. 800 GP cracked ioun stone for +2 competence bonus. Heroism (an inquisitor spell) for a +2 morale. Circlet of Persuasion for +3 to ALL cha-based checks, including UMD (competence bonus so wouldn't stack with the ioun stone). Masterwork tool for a +2 circumstance bonus (you'd probably have to get one mwrk tool for every wand you want to activate.)

So yeah, I'm kind of in the camp of just invest in UMD rather than dipping if you're doing it for the wands.

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*shrug* I suppose so. As a personal rule I'd probably say instantaneous effects are still effective, especially since phantasmal killer is a fairly weak 4th level spell as it is. For it to be negated by a 2nd level spell just seems to make the Phantasmal Killer that much worse. But that's just me.

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Wayang is also a good pick for Magus. They get dex/int bonuses with an easy-to-fix wis penalty. Can easily do a 18 Dex / 18 Int if you have a 20+ point buy. Dissolutions Child alt racial trait also lets you cast vanish (basically) as an SLA 1/day which is also nice.

The weapon damage dice reduction is negligible (it amounts to an average of 1 point less damage) but you get a +1 to att and AC for being small.

Not that H-elf isn't a good pick too, but if you're open to the uncommon races, Wayang is a strong pick.

Having Dervish Dance is good to have even so, because it allows you to deal at least a bit more damage for the times you don't spellstrike. Like using spell combat for Bladed Dash, which lets you pseudo-pounce starting at level 4.

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Because no matter how you cut it, spending a round of buffing (say, swift action draw a wand of gravity bow from a wrist sheathe, move action use freebooter's ability, standard cast the wand) for a couple points of damage is not going to make up for the lost full-attack with the bow. Outside of maybe a surprise round i see absolutely no reason to pick the tools a freebooter gets over simply unloading a bunch of arrows on an enemy.

Pathfinder is a game of action economy management. If you're going to buff, that buff has to be worth as much as a round's worth of attacks you could otherwise do. It's why Warpriest is the self-buff god, because you get the best of both worlds. Inquisitor is pretty good too because a lot of buffs have a decent enough duration that you can cast before a fight on a relatively consistent basis, then spending a swift action in combat for judgement (though not in this case for the OP)

But the level dip in freebooter pretty much HAS to be done in combat, as 1 minute from the wand is barely enough time to prebuff consistently, and the freebooter's bane prevents a full-attack action in combat for a very small bonus.

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willuwontu wrote:
Syries wrote:

Ah yes, the ole “my PC is a mount” builds.

I once had two brothers play regularly at my old venue for PFS as a Halfling and his adopted half orc brother, and the Halfling would be riding his little brother’s shoulders the whole time. Both using bodyguard shenanigans.

They got upset at me when I ruled that no, you don’t get to have a full attack action after the Half orc moved into position on the same round and yes, you do both take squeezing penalties for being in the same square.

For the record, this was for PFS, too.

Even having a more legitimate form as a mount, like a wild shaped quadruped, can really be frustrating for a GM and even more frustrating for players when they don’t get ruled in their favor. There are plenty of other duo builds in the game, please don’t pick the one that makes me want to rip out my hair.

Good to know that Cavaliers get an automatic -4 to attack and AC whenever they ride their mounts. Great ruling. /s

There is a big difference between a humanoid PC that uses the "sharing a square" rules than having a same-PC controlled creature that is designed to be an actual mount

I wouldn't rule them as squeezing if they were in a form that was actually suitable for a mount, for example.

Also, I don't care if people don't like my ruling on using other PCs as a mount (particularly when they're in humanoid form). It's a headache, and players seem to always think they get extra actions out of it because of it.

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I'm really confused by why you're fighting so hard to multiclass this character even more, primarily just for the use of a gravity bow wand (which, might I remind you, you can just UMD)

You're giving up advancement of the main class you want to progress that way and that can be painful for what amount to a very small benefit at the end of the day.

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Ah yes, the ole “my PC is a mount” builds.

I once had two brothers play regularly at my old venue for PFS as a Halfling and his adopted half orc brother, and the Halfling would be riding his little brother’s shoulders the whole time. Both using bodyguard shenanigans.

They got upset at me when I ruled that no, you don’t get to have a full attack action after the Half orc moved into position on the same round and yes, you do both take squeezing penalties for being in the same square.

For the record, this was for PFS, too.

Even having a more legitimate form as a mount, like a wild shaped quadruped, can really be frustrating for a GM and even more frustrating for players when they don’t get ruled in their favor. There are plenty of other duo builds in the game, please don’t pick the one that makes me want to rip out my hair.

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It does not count as a purchased pet, therefore said dire wolf goes away when the spell duration wears off or the scenario ends, whichever comes first. So you’re not restricted to the CR of animal by the purchasing equipment rules.

But yeah, if you count as CL3 for the spell you can call a CR3 dire wolf to help out for the duration, even if you’re level 2. You won’t get much consistency in PFS using that strategy and at the mid to high levels of PFS play you’ll find that it’s unlikely you’ll find an animal that could come to your call that is any higher than maybe CR 6.

I’m honestly not sure if it counts as a pet/companion or not though. I’m leaning towards ‘No’ since it’s not a permanent companion. Otherwise you’re opening the door to not being allow to have multiple summoned creatures under your control, though that is resoundingly allowed in PFS play.

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Possessed is a curse that is really easy to deal with. High cha means you’ll be using light or no armor, so Powerless Prophecy can give you a decent defense with improved uncanny dodge but you’re staggered in the first round (or miss out on a surprise round if there is one)

Double check that you can take Master Performer with your GM, it’s normally a faction-specific feat.

If you’re going Lunar oracle you might as well get a Tiger animal companion to add on to your damage per round, and you can pick it up through extra revelation. Might be better than Master Performer at that point, too. What’s +1 to hit and damage when you could have a pouncing kitty dealing 50+damage instead?

If you want to stay on theme go crocodile instead, or a shark if you’re doing mostly underwater adventuring.

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Seems a bit overly snarky, given that you can take feats like racial heritage, Eldritch Heritage and additional traits. Like you just “suddenly remember” you were bullied on the streets of Absalom making you have better initiative suddenly.

I mean sure if the GM doesn’t let you retrain it because you’re not level 1 anymore, fine. But it’s pretty much the one feat that can really help make in combat healing a fairly viable tactic. If other feats came as close to it in its effectiveness in healing, people would probably relax on the Fey foundling feat.

Even without Fey foundling is definitely recommend retraining to either of those archetypes.

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I’d suggest retraining for the Pei Zin practitioner or the Spirit Guide archetypes, and retrain your first level feat to Fey Foundling. Pei Zin gives you Lay on Hands like a paladin and with a Fey Foundling you’re increasing your own healing by something like 40%. Pairs really well with Life Link revelation. If you go Spirit Guide at level 6 you can pick the Life spirit and gain another pool of channel energy (effectively doubling your channels)

Personally I’m a fan of Eldritch Heritage (arcane) for a familiar. Having one that can deliver touch spells like Cure Serious Wounds or even Bestow Curse while staying safely out of melee range is great, and since you aren’t crazy dependent on your familiar like a witch or shaman, you can afford to risk them a bit more.

I also like Fateful Channel, which is the Pharasma channel feat. It allows allies to roll twice and take the better on a few key options.

Quick channel is a must have unless you are going Pei Zin Practitioner. Even then it’s still a good option.

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Ah, I see.

Maybe I just have a different interpretation of suppress means in regards to instantaneous effects. I guess I don’t have any RAW quotes (but then again I also haven’t done any forum research on this subject) so I could be wrong.

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You have the con for it so unless you want to go Unchained barbarian i would suggest raging vitality in place of furious focus.

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Well as you already quoted, spells with a casting time of one round or one full round is a full-round action and comes into effect at the start of your next turn.

Fighting defensively doesn’t necessarily take a full-round action, it is used in conjunction with the attack or full-attack action and explicitly states that the benefits last for 1 round, aka until the start of your next turn.

Any full-round action- for example, coup de grace, withdraw, or even a full-attack action- all end when the action is done, with the exception of any lasting effects that will explicitly say so.

Essentially things end when the action to do those things end, unless the specific action states that the effect persists.

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You’re quoting rules that have absolutely no bearing, whatsoever. The rules you quote is for casting a spell with a casting time of one round.

The question is in regards to being under the effects of hold person and making your saving throw to end the effect. It’s a full round action that goes in to effect immediately after using that action. Technically if a target does a full round action to make the new save and passes, they still have a swift action to use before their turn ends.

Grand Lodge

No, once they save, they’re not paralyzed anymore. They are no longer helpless and can take whatever defensive actions they can while it isn’t their turn, including AoOs and immediate actions.

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The Halfling FcB only affects you, not allies. And I’d strongly advise against using the marshal regularly. It isn't nearly as good as the champion in combat and you gain influence sooo quickly with the marshalls abilities.

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Double check ranged attack bonus. BAB 4, Dex +1, spirit bonus +3 would only put the composite longbow at +8 to hit.

And the nodachi Attack/dmg bonus is correct for using Power Attack. I’d just recommend keeping a note of what the bonuses are without power attack, just in case. Which would be +12 att, 1d10+12 dmg

That does sound like a pretty scary fight. Consider, given the archetype, the type of champion the gnoll has. What happens if the gnoll ends up with 5 influence? My suggestion so you can pull your punches a bit if need be would be to have in his tactics that he makes liberal use of spirit surge on his attack rolls, to ensure he hit, to the point where he accumulates influence quickly. At 5 influence, the esoteric champion fully possesses the gnoll and begins challenging anyone and everyone- he does not consider anyone, including the other gnolls, his ally and randomly determines who to attack each round, moving and provoking AoOs if need be and possibly even attacking the other gnolls.

Just a thought, so you could have an out if the fight looks like it will end with a TPK. It doesn’t neutralize the threat, but definitely can relieve the pressure on a single player who might be getting slammed hard by this medium.

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Level 4 medium focused on melee really only needs two feats: Spirit Focus (Champion) and Power Attack. Everything else is just icing on the cake.

Unless you expect this medium to survive and become a recurring character I wouldn’t worry about feats like Legendary Influence.

If you’re giving the medium at least 7k worth of wealth consider also giving him a +1 Spirit-Bonded Breastplate. Now their spirit bonus can be as high as +4 as a 4th level medium, when you include Spirit Focus feat too.

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No, they’re not providing just any AC bonus, they’re providing cover or partial cover.

And cover bonuses do not stack. Per the cover rules, hitting a guy in the 2nd row with an arrow is just as hard as hitting the guy in the 100th row, assuming all other variables are unchanged.

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blahpers wrote:

I mostly agree, but I'm not sure about this line:

Syries wrote:
It seems that this spell gives you temporary "immunity" to fear effects.
What's the basis for this statement?

not my quote, that was Pinillo85 and I was responding to them :)

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You can take "traits, feats, and so on" as if you are a member of that race. Why wouldn't you be able to pick the FcB as if you were one?
And to clarify, I'm recommending you retrain your 1st level feat for Racial Heritage so you can start getting that FcB right away.

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