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With 2nd-Edition Pathfinder on the way, is there any changes to how any third-party content should be handled legally?

Will there by a graphic that says "Pathfinder 1st edition compatible" instead of the "Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Compatible" which exists now?

Bumping for legitimate question.

Interesting question. I'm not an official source and this is not an official answer, but my guess is that we'll get a new logo, perhaps reading something along the lines of "Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Second Edition Compatible", or maybe "2E Compatible" to save space, looking visibly distinct from the first so you can tell them apart at a glance. It's usually a bad idea to have several different logos for one edition of the game.

For questions of this type, I recommend sending a message to for more info. I've taken the liberty of doing that for you, since you're right, this is a legitimate question for publishers. Note that Paizo may not have finalized their plans yet, so they may not be able to provide an answer at this time.

Thanks! And I'll definitely be doing that.

yeah, this is a business question for Paizo. After the logo unveils then message board posts will make sense.

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Just so everyone knows, I'm researching this and will post answers here as soon as I have them. Great questions!

Thanks for checking in! ^^ I'm not a publisher myself, but I'm interested in the question now, so I'm looking forward to whatever the answer is. XD

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This would have been so much easier if Paizo changed the name of their new, pretty much completely different game, or at least slapped an appropriate suffix or subtitle on it. -_-

Thanks Glenn! I look forward to the official answer!

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Just a quick update to say that this is still in progress internally, so I don't have an answer for you yet but we're working on it.

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Please let us know as soon as you have an official answer!

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Extremely interested in seeing the official response.

As am I. A lot of my plans are kind of riding on this. ^_^

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Bringing this back since we never got a definitive answer

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A full and complete answer still isn't ready, though if you saw the PaizoCon banquet stream you've seen that we're making progress!

3PP access to Second Edition for the purposes of deriving content from it is nearly ready to go.
As announced at PaizoCon, our goal is to begin distributing the materials to qualifying 3PPs the week of June 14. (Which, since that's a Friday, realistically means starting Monday June 17.)

To qualify, you will need to be an existing 3PP who either sells physical or digital products on, or who sells physical products through Alliance. 3PPs who have not already created and sold Pathfinder content for First Edition will have to wait until the launch of Second Edition on August 1.

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The new Pathfinder Compatibility License is due to roll out either late this week or (more likely) early next week. An email will be sent to all existing 3rd Party Publishers with qualification requirements and instructions.

There is a new license that will replace the existing license on The new license will contain a link to the old one for those who wish to continue using the old license.

There is also a new logo, which will be how you distinguish between products for the two versions of the game. First Edition products will use the old logo while Second Edition products will use the new logo.

Ah, good. I'd expected that to be the case for the logos, but it's always nice to get official confirmation. XD Thanks for letting us know!

Good to hear! I'll be looking into that in the future!

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The Pathfinder Second Edition Compatibility License has been released. See this thread for more information.

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