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Or, you know, responded in one of the threads about the issue in the Website Feedback subforum.

Still major problems for me.

Trying to reach the Website Feedback subforum from this thread just kicked me back to the Paizo homepage. Trying to back-click to return to this thread just reloaded the Paizo homepage.

Trying to navigate anywhere else still brings me to the Paizo homepage. Not fixed by a long shot.

There's another thread devoted to this issue as well.

It's been going on for four (4) days at least, and so far no acknowledgement from Paizo that they're even aware of this problem, much less that they're working to fix it.

This is still happening, and it's incredibly frustrating.

It's been going on since Friday afternoon at least, and as Masked Ferret pointed out, it's pretty much pointless trying to post anywhere.

Right now I'm able to access individual threads only by selecting them from my browser history from several days ago. Whenever I try to go back up a level, say to the Pathfinder RPG General Discussion page, I'm kicked back to the Paizo homepage.

I'm extremely disappointed in Paizo's web team. Not so much for letting it happen, because these things do happen, but for letting it persist for nearly four days straight, and apparently without a word from anyone even acknowledging the problem.

Now that PF1 is almost finished, I'm not seeing a reason to spend more time on this site--not when they let issues like this drag on for days, without so much as a note to let us know they're aware of the problem and they're working on it.

Okay, thanks. I hadn't heard of the Druma book, and never even heard of that part of Golarion.

The first chapter of Tyrant's Grasp was pretty disappointing (at least for those of us not that into tooth fairies) so I'm not sure if I'll be following that one any further.

Nyerkh, what did you mean by "the last PF1 thing looks to be a big one....?"

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What is the "last PF1 thing"?

I thought there weren't any more PF1 publications, except for the rest of Tyrant's Grasp?

I appreciate the responses, especially Coidzor's suggestions, which included a mention of Ultimate Strongholds.

I hadn't heard of this book, and since it hasn't been out very long I don't think it's well-known yet. Unfortunately the downtime rules are extremely confusing to me, and the rooms approach to building structures is even more so.

Add to this the kingdom-building rules, which are apparently a different approach altogether--and Coidzor's comment that the construction rules were deliberately designed to not interact with spellcasting--and it all seems like a great pile of hassle.

Feels like it would be simpler just to try to adapt the 3.0 Stronghold Builder's Guide as Coidzor suggested. Does anyone have a sense of how much altering that would require?

I had the impression that you have to spend Labor, Influence, etc. in the process of building a structure, which is why I'm wondering if the listed price in gp is just part of the total cost.

I find the rules incredibly scattered and confusing, especially since I'm trying to read them on the PFSRD, which is a hot mess in terms of formatting. There are tables referenced which I can't find, links that are dead, and a lot of disorganized and downright confusing text. I just can't make sense of it.

Is there a guide for working with the Building rules? And if not, could someone please give me an overview?

I’m trying to find baseline prices for purchasing structures, but after reading through the sections on Buildings and Rooms, I’m not sure how it works. I am literally getting a headache trying to figure this out.

It looks like building anything requires working with the downtime rules, which involves generating capital, labor points, etc. But the more I read, the more confused I get. There doesn’t seem to be a single base price for anything, at least not separate from the labor-point aspect, which seems to demand full commitment to the entire downtime system.

I’d just like to put some money down and buy a little castle. Just a tower, a wonderful tower, tall and grand. Ideally I’d like it to fly, although I know that raises some other complications. For now I’d just like a baseline price. Help?

Where did you do the searching? D20PFSRD, or AONPRD?

I hadn't seen the bestiary indices before, thanks. Unfortunately I can't get it to work either, seems to be fried.

What a mess. I can check manually in the back of each Bestiary, but that doesn't get me creatures from all the other publications.

Is there a way to search the monster listings in the Archives of Nethys PRD? Specifically, is there a way to filter for monsters with the reptilian subtype?

I can reach a massive list of (presumably) all monsters, but I can’t see how to search that list by subtype. Meanwhile, in the Search function, I can search for “reptilian,” but that just gets me every entry with “reptilian” in the text, whether or not the specific monster has the reptilian subtype. Searching for “reptilian subtype” just gets me the definition of the subtype, not the creatures it’s attached to.

Is there another way to search that I’m missing? I’ve also tried the Advanced Monster Search on the PFSRD, but I’m getting nothing but a big white rectangle in both Firefox and Safari.

Are these the only search options, or is there something more elegant that I'm missing?

So, another question about the Phoenix bloodline. The Vermilion Wings bloodline power lets you grow wings, fly about, and dismiss the wings.

Is there any limit on how long you can keep the wings active? Or can you keep the wings permanently and have at-will flight?

Okay, thanks to King Trey and Cori for clarifying things. I still find it pretty weird, but at least I have a better sense of how it works.

So, has anyone actually run this book yet? I was intrigued by the concept of the Dead Roads themselves, but I'm afraid I'm underwhelmed by the journey itself. I feel like this has a lot of spooky potential, but the tooth fairies...I mean, the *tooth fairies*. It's just not working for me.

Okay, thanks, that's really helpful. Especially the "spooky haunted house" comparison. : D

So, if I understand the intro to Dead Roads, there are somehow physical copies spawned of <every> tomb and graveyard? Or are the physical copies only created in special cases?

Also, does the Boneyard have a native ecosystem of its own, or is it populated primarily by entities that have arrived from elsewhere?

Hi, everyone. I just got my copy of Dead Roads, and I’m a little confused about the setup and how the Boneyard works. I haven’t read much about the Great Beyond, so I don't have a sense of the Pathfinder cosmology.

I understand that the adventure starts when the PCs wake up dead, or quasi-dead, but I’m not clear on the ground rules for the Boneyard. On the Pathfinder Wiki it’s described as “a vast necropolis…teeming with the souls of the dead awaiting judgement,” but I’m not sure if this is strictly physical or more, you know, shadowy and soul-ish.

This is confusing once the PCs start interacting with physical objects (e.g. crowbars, lanterns, etc.) and gathering magic items, etc. Is the Boneyard a corporeal place? Is it physical, spiritual, ethereal, dreamstate?

I wouldn’t think souls would need crowbars, but there they are on p. 5, so clearly I'm missing something about the Boneyard....

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Superb, thanks very much. I'm instantly seeing ways to adapt several of those to my current campaign, so this title is next on my purchase list.

Can anyone give me an overview of the new creatures in this one? Are they worthwhile, or just kinda meh?

I really enjoy new monsters, so that's a major factor for me in deciding whether to buy the AP.

There's a reference in Dragon Empires Gazetteer to the racing drakes of Goka, and another reference to these drakes in Hill Giant's Pledge.

Those are just brief mentions, and it's not clear which kind of drake is being raced. I'm wondering if there's more about this somewhere else, possibly including stats if the racing drake is a separate breed.

So, I've heard a mention of a racing drake, and I'm wondering if this is native to Pathfinder, and if so where I could find it.

This is only a rumor, mind, but a lovely rumor. Are there racing drakes in Pathfinder?

Are there any puzzles in published modules or Pathfinder APs that I could draw on for inspiration?

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Extremely interested in seeing the official response.

In my next session or two, an elaborate puzzle box will fall into the party’s hands, containing a key item for advancing the plot. I’d like to make the opening of the box a challenge in itself, but I’m not sure how.

I’ve already given them one puzzle box, back in the very first session of the campaign; it was extremely basic and relied too much on a couple of skill checks. This time I’d like something to challenge the players as well as the characters, but I’m having a hard time coming up with anything. Can anyone suggest a good challenge?

Thanks for the suggestions so far. Does Blood of the Sea include the Deep Merfolk, from Bestiary 5?

Has anyone curated a list of all the aquatic races in Pathfinder? I’ve found a fairly extensive list for 3.5, but my google-fu has stumbled when it comes to Pathfinder.

Ideally I’d like a list which covers all first-party Paizo material. Does anyone know if such a list has been compiled?

I've dreamed of a Spell Compendium for Pathfinder, and I know other folks have as well. I'd pay good money for a hardcover edition, but sadly it doesn't seem like something Paizo wants to do.

Although not originally Pathfinder, I've had a lot of fun with nightgaunts and mi-go. The mi-go in particular are alien enough to allow development of an analytical intellect with its own inscrutable goals, furthered of course by a clinical approach to vivisection for the sake of pure research.

And although not a "monster" in the same sense, one of my very favorite Pathfinder creatures is the liminal sprite from Bestiary 5. I included one as an encounter in an abandoned camp, and the resulting RP was so good that the sprite is now a permanent member of the party and their unofficial mascot. It's a whimsical little creature with a fairy-tale backstory, and makes for a surprisingly good airborne scout. (As long as there aren't any owls or crows around....)

Excellent, thanks. Very much appreciated.

Has anyone played or run this chapter? There aren't any reviews on Amazon or the Paizo product page, and I'd like to know how it compares to The Lost Outpost.

I'd also be very interested in the new monsters, if anyone could be so kind as to name them.

So, any feedback yet? Anyone had the time to look through this?

I thought I was pretty much done with Player Companions, but I find myself interested in this one, mainly because of the oddball subraces. Is this title worth making an exception for?

Just stopping by to see if anyone from Paizo will comment on whether there's an ice-feather's chance in Surtur's hearth of this ever happening.

I'm pretty much at the limit of Paizo products I'm planning to buy, but I would buy a Pathfinder Spell Compendium in a heartbeat. I'm sure there are many others who would as well.

Hear us, Paizo! Hear the lamentations of your people, yea verily their groans and their cries, as they wander mournful in the lost grey lands, heartsick and bereft of this thing!

Will you not give them peace, and grant unto them this thing which they desire? (And take their money too?)

First, let me echo many others in expressing my appreciation for your generosity. This is real community here.

Also, since I'm coming to this fairly late, I'd like to ask if the first wave is officially full, and if I should go ahead and PM my interest in lots from the later waves.

For living creatures, how long they can run is tied to their Constitution score. But undead, by definition, have no Constitution score.

So, how would you rule this? Can a skeleton run indefinitely? Or can it not run at all?

How are Chinese Faeries different from the Western variety?

I personally wouldn't be too thrilled with that. I much prefer to work my way through the levels, rather than skip ahead.

And running a kid-scaled adventure can be a little tricky, for a lot of reasons.

Since Planar Adventures is apparently the last hardcover for 1E, it seems that Bestiary 7 is not to be.

But, we can still dream. If Bestiary 7 had been published, what would you have wanted to see included?

Hm. Interesting notion, thanks.

Do you know what the thinking was in terms of game design? And is there any particular reason why the GM can't just roll for it?

I’ve finally reached the point in my campaign where I can introduce a thought eater, one of my favorite creatures from Bestiary 5. But after re-reading the entry, I’m confused about the effects of its bite attack.

In particular, I’m puzzled that the victim of the bite attack is able to choose which spell they lose—or if not a spellcaster, they can choose which mental stat is drained.

But why? Is there some mechanical reason why this should be the case? What’s the in-world logic for someone being bitten by a strange floating skeleton and *deciding* whether to become a little less intelligent or a little less intuitive?

And is there any reason not to simply randomize this instead?

We have a direction?

: )

I clicked on this thread because of the topic, but it turns out the OP is a former GM of mine.

I don't think he's on the Paizo forums anymore, but overall he was a great GM. He definitely knows how to get players cheesed at NPC opponents. :)

Sign me up for a Pathfinder Spell Compendium. At this point I've pretty much bought all the Pathfinder products I'm going to buy, but I would make an Olympus-sized exception for a PF Spell Compendium.

That said, as hugely as I want it, I was just reading that Paizo is about to leave off publishing 1E hardbacks for good, so this is one of those "as long as I'm dreaming, I'd like a pony" requests.

And the fact that none of the devs has commented here doesn't inspire me with much hope.

Okay, thanks.

Is there any new lore on the various races, or is it all reprinted from other sources?

Inner Sea Races is one of those books that seems more of a kinda-nice-to-have rather than an absolute-must-have. Apparently it republishes most if not all of its content, which is what I’m concerned about.

Is there any new information on races at all, or is it 100% recycled material? Are there any new character options? And is it entirely rooted in Golarion, or can it be adapted to other campaign settings?

Is there any lore on the samsarans beyond what little is mentioned in the Advanced Race Guide? This is a fascinating race, but they seem to be much less-supported than they could be. Apart from a little extra in the Dragon Empires Gazetteer, I can’t find much else about them.

Is there anything else, or is the entry in the ARG pretty much it?

Thanks very much to all, and especially Dasrak for working up the detailed stat block. Really appreciate it!

The slithering tracker is almost perfect for my creature needs in my next game session--with the exception that its CR is 4, which is a little high for the situation.

How would you go about cutting it down to a CR 2 creature? I’m aware that reducing stats and removing abilities is the general approach, but I’m not sure how far to reduce its stats or which abilities to remove. Can anyone give me some suggestions on how to do this?

Thanks for the comprehensive explanation, much appreciated. Now I can stare with confidence. : )

Can a mesmerist cast spells while maintaining a hypnotic stare?

I’m trying to fit my head around this ability, and I can’t tell from the text if the mesmerist can do all manner of other things while maintaining the stare, or if it’s supposed to be understood that he’s concentrating on that alone. I’m assuming he can trigger an implanted trick as a free action during a stare, but it would be good to know for certain.

Also, mesmerist tricks are a little confusing as well. If I understand correctly, a second-level mesmerist knows two tricks, which he can implant a total of 1+Cha mod times per day. But he has to touch the recipient, and can only keep one trick active at a time?

And what did you mean by "existing aberration stuff"? I'm not clear if you're referring to actual game mechanics or...something else.

(Sorry for the double-post, I can't see how to edit the previous one.)

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