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GM Rednal's Instructions for Players:

I GM in quite a few games - and keeping things consistent is important for me. The following are things I'd like all players in my games to do:


Alias Formatting

I use Hero Lab's output as my preferred formatting, and all players are expected to use the same. A fill-in-your-info version is available right here.


Quick Reference Bars

Organize your quick reference bar - the Gender/Race/Classes part of your alias (they display in that order if you need more room) - with the following format:

Level(s)/Tier | HP: XX/XX | AC: XX / T: XX / FF: XX / DR: X, SR: X, Resist: X, Immune: X | Fort: +X, Ref: +X, Will: +X | M. Atk: +X, R. Atk: +X, M. Touch: +X, R. Touch: +X | CMB: +X, CMD: X | Init: +X, Perception: +X

If there are things you don't use or don't have, such as any elemental resistances, ranged attacks, or non-touch attacks, remove those. CMB and CMD stay. Do not hide this information behind a spoiler tab - that defeats the purpose of a quick-reference bar.


Post Formatting

"Spoken text should have quotes and be bolded."
Inner thoughts should be italicized.
<"Speaking in different languages should have these arrow brackets."> [Exception: If you don't actually want another player to understand the text, you can use a spoiler tab.]

The primary content of your post should be in third-person, past-tense writing. Think of posts as more like telling a story than explaining your actions.


Resource Tracking

Add all of your daily-use abilities to a spoiler near the top of your profile, after the Init/Senses bit and before the Defense section. This should be updated in your alias - and should be added - as a spoiler - to the bottom of your posts when you use abilities. This makes it MUCH easier to track how many uses of your abilities are left.



Combat begins when I roll initiative. During combat, the enemy's action is always the end of a given round. For example, let's say that there are three players, but only one of them beats the enemy's initiative. That player would act, then the enemy - and that's the end of Round 1. The party would act again, and everyone would treat it as Round 2, posting in any order before the enemy acts again. Except in very rare cases, enemies will always act together on their initiative. This is a gameplay change intended to speed up the pace of the game.

I will also commonly roll some other things, such as saving throws, in the interest of keeping the game moving. You are permitted to use rerolls and stuff even after the result has been revealed (whether or not this is normally allowed).