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I understand what Resonance is supposed to represent, so at first glance I assumed Magic Weapons would be 'invested.' However, now I see that they do NOT count against daily resonance. I think this needs to be stated more clearly in the rules.

Knowing that Magic Weapons don't count towards Resonance, I figured - maybe Magic Armor is treated the same. After all, they both use Runes and they share the same description on pages 377-378.

I'm wondering did anyone is had trouble figuring out Magic Weapons don't require Resonance while Magic Armor does?

Magic Armor in the Treasure list has the Invested trait. But I admit I had to check the Treasure list to know this, and without your question I would not know there was a "Magic armor" entry. The Magic Armor Rune does miss this info and should probably state "the armor gets the "Invested" trait".

I already knew it from the previews, so I was okay. But this may be easily missable.

Githzilla wrote:
I'm wondering did anyone is had trouble figuring out Magic Weapons don't require Resonance while Magic Armor does?

The true answer is legacy knowledge. In Pathfinder 1st Edition, magic weapons did not take body slots for magic items. Therefore, in Pathfinder 2nd Edition, where resonance substitutes for body slots, magic weapons do not require resonance.

Others have invented in-game answers. The one I like is that worn items, such as magic boots or magic armor, are so close that their magic must interact with the character's inner magic. The overlap of magics forces investment with resonance. Magic weapons, however, are held further away, so they don't require resonance. Magic staves don't automatically gain resonance, because they are hand-held, too, but they need a connection with the character's mind, so the character undertakes a ritual to invest the staff with resonance.

The hand-held versus worn explanation works for most Pathfinder 2nd Edition magic items. But to be sure, check whether the item has the "Invested" trait.

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I appreciate the answers and info. Mainly I posted this in case anyone else was making the same incorrect assumptions as I was. I often find nuggets of information within the message boards that help me out.

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Just ignore Resonance.

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