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I'll be playing a Mythic Campaign starting from level 1 and going to level 20 tier 10. We'll be going on the slow track, and i've been told that several years are going to pass in game time before the campaign is completed.

Since the journey was going to be long, I thought it'd be a fun idea to create a character that invests into multiple methods of Passive Gold Generation. The DM has allowed the use of alternate profession rules and light third party.

The only methods i've come up with is grabbing Signature Skill (Profession) and (Craft), making daily checks to craft an item to sell and get some daily gold on the side from Profession. Along with bumping those two skills has high as possible, I am aware that followers from leadership can grab Craft Wondrous Item and create a steady stream of magic items too. The last thing i'm aware of is using Perform in a city (And being a bard, it shouldn't be too hard to earn some coin with Perform)

Besides the methods above, is there some other method to create a steady stream of income? Mythic and Third-Party suggestions are allowed, as well as a recommendation that is meant to noticeably increase any of the following listed methods' income.

Check if your GM is ok with the use of the downtime rules from Ultimate Campaign. This is extreme book keeping kind of stuff, not adventuring. It can generate a trickle of gold...or be used to double your existing funds in a relatively fast amount of time. Give your GM at least a week to think about this because the system is suppose to be chocked full of its own events because it generates significant amounts of profit if used by anyone with some understanding and the events generate the only risk in the system.

Without using buildings and teams the downtime system gives more detailed rules for generating income with skills. So its a good read and the GM may approve some of it without allowing the full system.

Ultimate Campaign also has a system for Investments.
I personally prefer the downtime rules, but the Investment rules do exist.

Another thing i've noticed revolves around Planar Binding an Lantern Archon. Just buy all the torches in a village, get the Archon to cast continual light on said torches, and sell the torches back at the ever burning torch cost.

The Kingdom in Kingmaker generates a ton of gold.

Yet another thing folks sometimes ignore for easy gold generation... Mending, Prestidigitation, or repairing items.

Your PCs enter a 5-room dungeon, a small cave complex where several kobolds are worshipping a tatzlwyrm with the Advanced template who has adapted to underground life. The adventure sees the PCs defeat a total of 800 xp worth of generic kobold warriors alongside of the pit trap they disarmed, not to mention the kobold adept 3/warrior 2 sub-boss, the "cleric" who in turn was worshipping the 'wyrm.

The horde has been cataloged, the obvious treasure taken, the players are left with... 8 Small sized spears, some of which are broken; several sets of Small sized leather armor, and a scattering of other Small sized daggers, maces, etc.

Now cast your vision out further. The kobolds have been occupying portions of this "shrine" for months. There are food stores, domestic items, Small sized furnishings. Yes, kobolds aren't the most fastidious creatures but they ARE lawful evil, with some measure of discipline, and they aren't described in their ecologies as mangy or anything, so it stands to reason there might be some real items of comfort down here.

Gathering all of these items up, little by little, by the wagon load, PCs can easily use mundane skills, Mending, or Prestidigitation to clean and repair the goods. Any spoiled food could also be recovered with Purify Food and Water. Took the time to collect 10 broken crossbow bolts after the fights? That's 10 minutes work by a 0-level cantrip for 5 SP.

As you get better and gain levels there's more that can be done. Spot an ancient set of hieroglyphs on the wall of a dungeon? Use some minor spells to transcribe them to a scroll. Back in your hometown, make that into a tapestry or even just sell the scroll as a piece of art!

Fight some dire wolves? Wolf hide. Defeat a half-dozen fire beetles? Fire beetle glands for alchemy. Take down a giant spider? Venom and maybe even silk!

There are rules for collecting such trophies in Ultimate Wilderness. There's also the Downtime section for Ultimate Campaign for running a business. The use of Mending, Prestidigitation or just plain Craft/Profession skills to repair stuff comes right from the Core book.

Incidentally 8 shortspears, 4 daggers, 2 light maces, 2 light crossbows, 40 crossbow bolts and 5 sets of leather armor alone gives you 75 GP, though it might be less for Small size (I forget). If you can get another 25 GP for their "domestic" items that's 100 extra GP right there. In other words two cartloads of gear outside what the players take for themselves, cleaned and repaired, gives the PCs another 4 level 1 scrolls; 8 if they craft them themselves!

Slight update to this little thread. Another thing i've found is going into the prestige class of Noble Scion. Not only do I get leadership for free but a nice chunk of gold every level, a pool of 'gp' to use weekly, and even a servitor to manage my businesses while i'm off doing mythic shenanigans.

Take the Leadership feat at lvl 7 and have a small army of crafters making things for the group and to sell for profit. +10 nerd points if you go take over a precious metals mine or start a farm that produces the wool/leather you need to craft your items.

Yeah, Noble Scion is a pretty nice prestige class.

Actually if you wanted to be totally cheesy about it, just take the Gunsmith feat. You can make 1k worth of ammo for 100gp per day. Sold at half price that is still 400gp profit per day.

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