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Spermy The Cat wrote:

So, the Mirror Witch.

You trade your familiar for a nice shiny mirror, that lets you eventually spy on people, act like an utter narcissist, and that's kind of it.

Nothing useful to contribute, but I think you may have mixed up the words "narcissist" (one who loves himself, and himself only) and "voyeur" (one who finds pleasure in observing others, preferably while the observed party is unaware that they are being observed).

Screaminjim wrote:

And the recent addition of This

allowing both of these:
Benefit(s) the building exists on a plane of its own.

Create 190 magic (19,000 gp); Time 1 day

This building is in its own demi-plane. The entrance to the building must clearly be a doorway or archway, and the entrance must not be accessible from any other direction (for example, the doorway to the demi-plane could be the front door to a large blue box but couldn’t be the archway at one end of an alley). Passing through the door transports any creature into the demiplane, which follows the rules of the lesser create demiplane spell. More powerful demiplanes, using create demiplane (217 magic (21,700 gp)) and greater create demiplane (241 magic (24,100 gp) may be constructed.

Sorry, both for the mild necromancy and the derailing, but what book is this from please? I must have missed it, and it is relevant to my interests, as they say.

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doomman47 wrote:
1)Never fudge numbers

Correction: Fudge numbers freely, but never let the players know that ou're doing so. RPGs, even Pathfinder, are not a competition, the are about the story. However, if they know you're fudging dice to keep their characters alive, their victory will feel hollow, while if they know ou're fudging dice against them, they will feel they have no chance and give up in frustration.

doomman47 wrote:

2)If a player rolls multiple natural 20s in a row consume the dice to gain its power.

Please don't do this. It'll play hell on your digestion.

I think my best advice is to pay a lot of attention to your players, and try to find out what works for them and what don't.
Groups are different, and therefore how to be a good DM for a given group will differ.

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doomman47 wrote:
The whole point of spell research is to let you pull spells from other lists.

No. It's to encourage, enable, and possibly even reward, player creativity and investedness.

It might be mostly used to pull spells from other lists, but that is in fact counter to the purpose.

OK. thanks.


Cevah wrote:
and even a sucubus for a mount that serves for hours.

that ... didn't come out right.

I was thinking of getting a driver (UC, p. 105).

Now, p. 92 mentions that team earnings assume that you have a place for them to work. Does this mean I have to buy a cart & mule as a separate expense, or are they covered by the 2 'goods' that are part of the driver's cost?

JiaYou wrote:
Exactly. As a Kingmaker DM, I am SO grateful none of my players (druid, cleric, wizard, and fighter) are really optimized. A battlefield control wizard or even a blaster would honestly be quite effective.


And since very often, you'll have pleny of time to prepare and re-prepare, prepared casters are even more powerful than in a dense, hurried campaign.

Douglas Muir 406 wrote:
But if you're in Golarion, it's canon that the book is associated with House Thrune. So, getting your hands on a copy should be a mini-quest in its own right.

Very true, but it's very much not a unique book (from my reading anyway) and no magical abilities are needed to copy it - just patience.

And if you're a Diabolist anyway, you might already have the right sort of contacts. Depending on your DM, obviously.

Pure thread-necromancy, but:

The Inward-Facing Circle, a book from Occult Mysteries (p. 60).
Worth/Price is given as 2255 gp. The last 36 pages gives a +5 Circumstancebonus to opposed charisma check to negotiate with a devil after casting Planar Binding or a similar spell (ie Lesser and Greater ditto). Worth it.

My direct experience is limited, but given how useful Domains can be, I think the Asmodean Advocate is rather well-balanced, or perhaps slightly below par. In a heavily social-focused campaign though, it's potentially very nice. Still well-balanced though.

2) Loyalty gets really important if you enter a war (mass combat, also in Ultimate Campaign). Especially if you loose.

LadyGrayRose wrote:
The wording of the sneak attack ability assumes that a weapon is used. While Ray spells (which require attack rolls to hit) are counted as weapons, Magic Missile is not a ray spell and therefore does not trigger a Sneak Attack.

But where does it actually say that sneak attacks require an attack roll, other than implicitly from the Surprise Spells text?

Thank you for clearing that up for me! :)

I have a player who really wants to play an Arcane Trickster*
Before I'm going to say anything at all about that, need to know: can you sneak attack with Magic Missiles? I can't find anywhere where it says that you have to make an attack rool to get sneak attack.

Also, am I blind, or can Arcane Tricksters make sneak attacks against multiple opponents, assuming they can achieve surprise or otherwise deny their targets Dex-to-AC?

Or should I expect 5 Sneak Attacks (against different targets), unerringly hotting, by CL9?

* Undoubtedly inspired by a character from a recent, reasonably popular, video game.

I can second the Preferred Spell suggestion above.
We had an Admixture blaster, who took Preferred Spell (Fireball) and never memorized a single fireball ever again. Essentially he filled up him memorization slots with buffs and utility spells, and then cast them as fireballs as needed.

LordKailas wrote:

They posted this 4 years ago, you're unlikely to get an answer to your question.

My bad. Apologies.

What did Precise Strike do to not get on the list?

Ellias Aubec wrote:
As above, celestial healing. Good as in a good aligned spell, but a badly designed spell you'd have no reason to take over infernal healing.

Well... it heals damage from silver weapons?

Gray Warden wrote:

Voices of Solid Things.

You're welcome.

thank you!

pad300 wrote:
Dimensional Occultist archetype for a Witch.


That was the general idea, yeah.

Preparing the target area isn't really an option in this case, but it's a trick that might be useful. Thank you for that.

No-one has any other ideas?

doomman47 wrote:
Alternatively if you are just looking for 3rd level force damage blasting spell battering blast is an option.

A horrifying option, at least against single targets!

When I cast Teleport, I have to roll a d% to see if I end up where I want to go. The obvious way to improve my odds of getting to the right place is to study my location carefully...

Wel, bugger that for a game of soldiers!
How do I rig the odds? Is there an easy way to get a re-roll for a d%? or just a straight bonus to the roll?

To be honest, the Diabolist (preferbly the original version) is about the most interesting concept i Pathfinder.

So yeah, still interested. :D

Douglas Muir 406 wrote:
Abjurant Salt (600 gp/dose) – This stuff is amazing: under the RAW, no called or summoned creature can cross a line or circle made of it. It’s an open question whether teleportation is allowed (I’d say no) but even so, this is really a must-have item. Buy it in bulk and use it liberally. Of course, once your DM knows it exists, he’ll probably use it against you at some point. But that’s only fair.

Just wanted to mention: Once your DM starts using this against you, remember to memorize Gust of Wind.

Saved my character's life last session!

Knight Magenta wrote:
Is a scroll that contains an intensified shocking grasp a level 1 scroll or a level 2 scroll?

Level 2 scroll.

666bender wrote:

so - how can i get fly good ?

any creature i missed?

This is called "future proofing". At some point in the future, there might indeed be a humanoid monster with really nice flying abilities.

And then you will be able to take advantage of those.
But that is in the future.

blahpers wrote:
...That feat makes very little sense. 2d6 points of falling damage regardless of the height from which you crash? What if you grab a creature who's already flying 300' in the air, then refuse to drop it?

Following the link, the last line states that:

If the creature flings a snatched opponent while flying, the opponent takes this amount or falling damage, whichever is greater.

(Emphasis mine)

JDawg75 wrote:
CR and HD aren't the same thing, but looking at the Bestiary it's tough for me to find HD. I checked out Archives of Nethys for the Immolation Devil, but it doesn't list HD either, only the CR of 19.

Sure it does: hp 315 (18d10+216); regeneration 5 (good weapons or good spells) - you just have to scroll down a bit.

And yes, it can be annoying to look at - I actually ended up creating simple sortable tables with Name/HD/CR for each of Devils, Daemons and Demons, for the same reason.

Ultimate Campaign also has a system for Investments.
I personally prefer the downtime rules, but the Investment rules do exist.

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Kalin Arvod wrote:

So i was thinking of adopting the kingdom rule from Ultimate Campaign to make a city in Taldor. My character Started out a noble son of House Merrisett and a Conjurer. I'm at level 11 now and i own a Fort on the

southern boarder of Taldor(using the downtime rules). and i was wondering what modifications would have to be made to the kingdom rules to cover just the settlement outside my fort. My character has been deeded the land by one of the Dukes of Taldor and is responsible for it upkeep and defense but it is a preexisting country with laws and a monarch so I'm not sure how much of it will translate

If you've been deeded the land, you're effectively the Viceroy for the area. Use the rest of the rules unmodified.

You might not be able to expand much, but you should be able to build
an awesome settlement, if your DM decides to play along. :)

One guy has Perception in the sky? Great - reward him for it, but remember that encounters in situations that are favourable to the party are considered to be of a lower CR.


Don't bother. If he's invested heavily in Perception, so what. If no-one's trying to hide, that's not much use.

PS: Yeah, I saw that feat too, and thought it broken as [insert 4-letter word of own choosing].

Deaths Adorable Apprentice wrote:
If I were playing it then yes but I tried that one and she shot it down since I am planning on running Call of Cuthulu in the future.

That's fair enough. :)

That's pretty much what I was expecting.
Thanks for confirming my thinking. :)

This is probably a stupid question that gets answered every year or so but I was suddenly confused:

If I have some way of gaining a bonus to a skill rolls, "for 1 round" (eg. Diviner's Fortune), I can't use that with skill checks that take more than 1 round, right?

Ie, I'm looking up something in a library, 1 skill check/day.
Then Diviner's Fortune won't help me. Is that correct?

Late to the party, sorry, I know.
But does the Elder Mythos Scholar help you in any way?

Wonderstell wrote:
So as I see it, you will sooner or later fail a save.

That was what I saw anyway.

And with no back-up, even relatively low-level spells can become "Save or End Story".

Your Milage May Differ as the say.

baggageboy wrote:
It is definitely a challenge being solo, I mean, one blown save and it's over.

Having DM'ed for a single player, this was actually the biggest problem.

no back-up.
No-one to save you when you roll that '1' at the worst possible time.
That was pretty rough.

Ask your DM if you can use the Downtime system from Ultimate Campaign.
It takes a bit more time, but buying 'Magic capital' through work and then using that saves a lot of gold.
It's an entirely optional system though.

If Feats are avialable, you could use either Harvest Parts or Haunt Scavenger. But I personally doubt either feat is worth the ... Feat.

Madokar Valortouched wrote:
Decimus Drake wrote:
Just use Thaumaturgic Circle.
Huh. I thought Thaumaturgic Circle was only good for calling elementals. Didn't know it could target outsider races specifically.

Oh yes, it's very useful! :)

VRMH wrote:
If suicide-bomber zombies are your thing, the Alchemist has you covered.

Looks like the better solution to me.

Now, if only I had a way to reduce the cost...

What do you mean by travel spells?

Do you want flight? conjured mounts? Teleportation? Or just long-lasting minions to carry your stuff?

Wizards are good at most of those. I'd prefer Wizard over Sorceror because many of these spells are fairly circumstantial, and wizards can exchange them for other spells when needed.
The exception is teleport (and Greater Teleport) which is awesome for everyone.

Clerics with the Travel domain can do a lot of travelling spells (obviously) but usually only once per day each.

Wizards (IME) rock at item crafting, with the widest possible selection of spells. And being Int-focussed, they are almost bound to be good at Spellcraft.

...only if your DM accepts it though.

Graelsis wrote:

Thank you for the rules suggestion tho, maybe they are different from the kingdoom building rules and i can build this with less money.

The downtime building are usually much cheaper. :)

Lanathar wrote:
Isn’t retraining a completely optional rule

it is.

Lanathar wrote:
I am almost certain it is not in the main rule book or APG - at least blanket retraining

It's in Ultimate Campaign. And I don't believe I've ever encountered a DM who liked it enough to allow it.

If you're not really playing Kingmaker but just want a school, I'd really recommend you to show your DM the downtime rules for buildings (also Ultimate Campaign).
In particular the Academy.

I'm a bit curious what Feat he used to get extra attacks on multiple eagles.
I'm aware of Evolved Summon Monster, but that can only grant a single extra attack, and only to one of the eagles per SLA activation.
...and I thought was a decent enough Feat...

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