Equipment packs?

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Ranger's pack, cleric's pack, wizard's pack etc. - where did those go?

They provided a nice and easy way to start off with thematically appropriate and useful equipment quickly, without having to go through the whole adventuring gear list and handpick all the items.

Their lack both makes character creation ever so slightly more overwhelming than it needs to (for newer players anyway), and slows it down somewhat.

They don't necessarily need to come back in the exact same way they did in PF1 - 5e has a set of more class-agnostic packs (explorer's pack, diplomat's pack, scholar's pack, priest's pack etc.), and some classes get to pick between two, plus you can buy them straight-up like you would any other item.

One could even tie them to the backgrounds rather than class, potentially.

I don't know, anything would be better than nothing. Handpicking your starting gear can be fun, but the option to just go with a predefined set (and get a nice discount too) just kind of stings not to have.

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