Access to as many spells as possible?


Without multiclassing (prestige classes are ok), or relying on scrolls, whats the best way to get a caster with 9th-level spells to be able to have the widest range of possible spells?

I know the Shaman can use Arcane Enlightenment as a wandering hex to get new Wiz/Sorc spells every day. The Spell Sage Wizard can get into the Bard/Cleric/Druid lists by spending 2 spells.

Samsarans and Magaambyan Initiate/Magaambyan Arcanist (prestige) can add a limited number of spells from specific other lists.

Skalds get Spell-Kenning (and the various feats/items to expand its options), but it only gets up to 6th level spells.

I know about the list someone wrote on gitp, but thats from 2013 and is extremely out of date. Are there any better ways since then to get access to as many spells from the big 4 lists (Wiz/Sorc, Cleric, Druid, Psychic) as possible?

Prepared casters preferred, since they aren't limited by Spells Known.

Edit: The Pathfinder Savant prestige class gets Esoteric Magic which allows adding one spell every level from any list onto your own, but it counts as 1 level higher.

Psychic with the Rebirth discipline can select a class and take a spell from their list every day. They can change the class whenever they level.

Ring of Spell Knowledge (1-4) lets a spontaneous caster "teach" the ring a spell. If it isn't a spell on their list it counts as 1 level higher. Each ring stores up to its number in spell levels.

So if all you wanted to do was grab low level spells from other classes you could learn Forge Ring and then proceed to make a Ring of Spell Knowledge 4 (24,000 gp market price, 12,000 creation cost), and then add the same enchantment again for 9,000gp (75% cost) so you can store spell knolwedge of 4th level or less, up to a total of 8 levels. Then for 6,000gp (50%) to add 4 more levels of capacity. You should be able to continue adding capacity at 6k for 4 levels as much as you want to. This would be with GM permission since you're basically making a custom item applying the Magic Item Creation rules. Though the same effect could be generated by simply using an appropriately sized ring for each spell. If you do a lot of 1-3rd level spell slots it would be cheaper that the above option, but much more time consuming.

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If you're a half elf wizard or sorcerer you can pick up Eldritch Heritage(Arcane). At level 11 with 15 Cha you can cast Paragon Surge for Improved Eldritch Heritage to learn any one wiz/sorc spell. Super versatile. Just keep in mind that once you cast that spell you are stuck with that feat for the day, even if you cast it again.

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Medium at 17th level will get you sorcerer/wizard spells of up to 9th level (from Archmage spirit) and cleric/oracle spells of up to 8th level and spells from all other classes of up to 7th level (from Hierophant spirit).

Not bad for a class that is supposedly limited to 4th level spells....

Is there any way to access 9th level wizard and psychic spells more than once per day without using up scrolls? For instance is there any good way to get access to Major Mind Swap or Akashic Form without being a Psychic, and being able to do it more than once per day, or just it not being the only thing you can get from another list that day?

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9th+ level false priest sorcerer. I know you said no scrolls but technically he uses his ovn spell slots.

No one's mentioned mystic past life samsarans yet?

The daivrat prestige class can get you one off-list spell each day. Limited to 7th level effectively.

You've already named a means of getting more than one wizard 9th - arcane enlightenment. The hex gets you one spell per point of Cha bonus.

Ecclesitheurge clerics can swap around their domains daily which can be handy for making a range of scrolls. Plus, full prepared caster so you get access quickly.

Some spells can duplicate others - miracle, wish, shadow conjuration etc.

The simulacrum spell lets you copy other people, including (partially) their spellcasting abilities.

So a Samsaran with Mystic Past Life who is a Psychic Bloodline Razmiran Priest Sorcerer has access to maaaybe the biggest variety?

They get their normal Sorcerer spells, plus any extras through scrolls via Mnemonic Vestments.

They can cast up to 8th level Divine scrolls using their own slots from Razmiran Channel.

Since the Bloodline makes them a Psychic caster, they can grab a handful of Psychic-only spells through Mystic Past Life, and if they use that to get the highest level of any of the spells with Undercasting they get all the previous versions for free. Psychic Bloodline would give some of those spells, plus the higher tiers for free, but Razmiran Priest replaces most of that stuff.

Throw in some extra low level spells through Rings of Spell Knowledge.

After level 9, maybe hop into Pathfinder Savant or Daivrat to get more spells through Esoteric Magic or Spell-Fetch.

Limited Wish, Wish, and Miracle simulate many spells.

The Grand Hex Summon Spirit lets you summon a caster who can cast for you.

The Planar Ally spells, other binding spells, gate, and similar can get you creatures that can cast many spells.

You still got to supply the material component, and pay for the casting.


Shadow Conjuration and Shadow Evocation are extremely versatile and can simulate many spells as well. The Greater versions can simulate even higher level spells.

Mnemonic Vestments allows a spontaneous caster to cast a spell from a written source with their own slots. It does not consume the source and works with both scrolls and spell books. While it is only once a day it will allow you to cast any spell on your spell list as long as you have a written source and appropriate spell slots.

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