Baron Vendikon - Tower of the Last Baron


Baron Vendikon should have a huge amount of gold on hand for payroll at least. I don't see anything in the module to account for this.

Should there be treasure somewhere besides all of the scrolls, and his personal treasures?

Logically, yes.

You'll have to do the legwork on his staff's wages to see how much a season's pay on-hand actually is. A vast proportion of any cash on-hand is typically consumed by costs-of-living expenses that are generally provided by the staff on-site for themselves, represented by food stores, spare clothes and other miscellany "eaten" by the wear-and-tear of daily small castle living...

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You could take the 5000 gp reward that general Dakovya is willing to pay and hide it somewhere in Vendikon Keep. This way, the Baron has about 55 gp per soldier. Enough to last a few more weeks, depending on how much a soldier makes.

A first level commoner min maxed for the Profession skill can make an average of 9 gold and 5 silver per week. That's also about 13 times more than an untrained laborer, so make of that what you want. And yeah, D&D/Pathfinder/rpg economics don't make sense.

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