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Try to see if you can transfer a pregnancy to a guy. If it works, try to stick around when the child is due, see what happens. Call it a science experiment.

Liz Courts wrote:
Fruits Basket (though I don't remember how fanservicey it is)

If I recall correctly, there isn't really any fanservice. It is a shoujo series after all, so even if there were any, it would probably be guys serving as eye candy for the girls.

A deadline is probably a good idea to get us slowpokes going.

Question: According to the Inner Sea World Guide, Tians start with the languages Common and Tien. Where we are, common is Tien. Can I then, as someone from Minkai, start with Common (Tien) and Minkai (instead of the second Tien)?

Artemis Moonstar wrote:

The Gokusen (slice of life about a yakuza princess becoming a high school teacher at a delinquent boy school)

The Gokusen is amazing. Drawing style maybe not so much, but once you get past that, it's great :D I've probably seen the anime twice, and then the two first drama seasons once on top of that ^^

I did say romance about Ouran High School Host club, but it's mostly comedy. For the most part if you take Ouran seriously, you're doing something wrong. Especially early on.

Time for a bad suggestion:
How about Silver Fang aka. Ginga: Nagareboshi Gin? That's the first anime I ever saw, and six or seven-year-old Thymus Vulgaris was totally into it. Now, it's not a bad suggestion because I liked it as a kid. Gods no, that show is not appropriate for children. It just moves at a snail's pace unless you have the (heavily) censored version that we had on VHS here in Scandinavia. It does have action, and it gets very bloody for a show about talking dogs. Even the censored version is very bloody, and the uncut version has 200 minutes worth of content that was too brutal.

Okay, no, that was indeed a bad suggestion for someone who needs action all the time. (I think, I haven't watched it in ages). The rest of my own personal anime shelf is either pokémon or Ghibli, so how about... I like Fairy Tail, but it might have too much fanservice. Maybe Dragon Ball (not DBZ!), for a combination of action and gag/comedy, although it admittedly does have some boobs. But again, they're more there for comedy than to be titillating.
I can't swear to the pacing, but I think Rurouni Kenshin might be a good bet. I've only seen 30 or so episodes and that was over half a decade ago, but I think it was pretty good about stuff happening. (Note: I did read the entire manga later on). Fanservice isn't much of an issue, if at all.

You can't go wrong with Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood or Trigun. Top notch series, both low on fanservice.
Ao no Exorcist / Blue Exorcist is a series that I really like in manga format, but the anime annoyed me more and more as it went on due to not following the manga. If you're only watching the anime, maybe it's worth it? There's quite a bit of action right off the bat, and except for one character (Shura), fanservice isn't really a thing.

But wait, here I'm just suggesting Shounen series. What does your girlfriend like? Action? Comedy? Romance?
Speaking of romance, please have her watch Ouran High School Host Club. It is insane, there's always something crazy lurking around the corner, and all the fanservice is aimed at the female viewers.

The Alkenstarian wrote:

I have an irrational hatred of MLP in any form. It admit it's irrational. Entirely so. I have no wish to change it. It makes my blood boil in a distinctly uncomfortable and bad way. It makes me froth around the mouth. It makes me go on lengthy tirades ... and with that, I mean I could rant about my utter loathing of the concept for hours, while going increasingly bugeyed and my voice goes hoa ...

I'm not going there. That's like serving the MLP-brigade my head on a silver platter.

I gnash my teeth when confronted by it, to the point of getting a headache. It gives me irritable bowel syndrome if I have to stomach it. It gives me nightmares overrun by legions of squeaky-voiced, badly animated ponies! I wake up drenched in cold sweat, fighting back the armies of magical friendship while I try to disentangle myself from the smothering duvet of fluffy ponydom.

It's traumatized me ... to the point of wanting to claw my eyeballs out and puncturing my eardrums so I never have to listen to those awful squeaky voices again ever!

And my players are teasing me mercilessly with it, the low-down rotten gits.

I hate them. Just a little bit.

Not the ponies. I hate them a lot.

Hey there, you seem to be in a bit of distress. You should do something about that.

I honestly don't mind MLP. I don't love it, but I also don't mind it. I do mind Pinkie Pie. A lot. She's super annoying, and I don't see how anyone can stand her.

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Why would you waste a perfectly good pencil?

thejeff wrote:
Thymus Vulgaris wrote:
thejeff wrote:
Words, and even more so names, mean what they're used to mean, not what their roots mean.
Are you one of those people who use "literally" as a random word for emphasis with no regard to its actual meaning, so we end up with people who literally cry their eyes out, yet somehow still have eyes?

I try not to. Given a long enough time and sufficient usage in that sense, that'll be correct usage though.

OTOH, I strictly use "gay" to mean happy and am constantly confused by why people are upset about happy marriages. :)

For other linguistic things that'll get me shunned: I can't wait until the possessive "it's" takes over and becomes correct usage. In nearly every other word, the "'s" can be either a contraction of "is" or a possessive. "It" being an exception makes no sense.

Good, good. *takes off grammar nazi hat* Sorry, for a second there I interpreted your words in the worst possible way.

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thejeff wrote:
Words, and even more so names, mean what they're used to mean, not what their roots mean.

Are you one of those people who use "literally" as a random word for emphasis with no regard to its actual meaning, so we end up with people who literally cry their eyes out, yet somehow still have eyes?

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Hmm, that might free up some opportunities for me. I have no problem sharing the debuffing role, and if you have Cackle to extend the duration I can prepare Ill Omen to make enemies more likely to fail their saves against your Misfortune :)
It also means I don't have as much of a need for the Cackling Hag's Blouse and can just go for the headband instead.

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thegreenteagamer wrote:
Lullaby is a good teamwork idea if the witch grabs slumber, I suppose.

I wasn't planning on it. After some deliberation with input from the forum, and later real experience, I decided a while back that shutting down enemies with Misfortune is much more fun than just putting them to sleep.

I could take slumber if the party really wants me to. I can still do pretty much the same as Misfortune with Pugwampi's Grace, but spells aren't as spammable throughout the day as hexes, the save will be lower in the long run, and it isn't subject to cackle (but the duration is going to be a boon in the long run).

What happens if the same target is hit with Misfortune and Pugwampi's Grace?

EDIT: Also, I'm trying to decide whether to buy a Cackling Hag's Blouse since I don't have cackle yet, or a Headband of vast intelligence. Buying both means that I only have 500 gp for everything else. Thoughts? (My hexes are currently Cauldron, Evil Eye and Prehensile Hair, and then I'd either pick up Misfortune with my 5th level feat or at level 6)

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(when surprised) "You scared me half to life!"

Rynjin wrote:
It's too bad you're not a Skeletal Champion or I'd just tell you to read One Piece.

Yeah, I immediately thought of Brook when I read the title as well.

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I didn't mean for it to be all evil, I just suspect I might lose my grip on the neutral alignment I was going to go for, if evil is allowed.

I have plans to make a future character for another campaign transition into CE to challenge myself and see if I can do it properly, but I'm honestly not sure if I have the experience to jump straight into CE and do it right.

It would be strangely fun to have a somewhat healer-type character (I've gone for healing patron) with evil alignment.

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I've finally gotten around to actually opening a character sheet to fill in before I start fiddling around with profile formatting for an alias, rather than just thinking about it. I've distributed ability scores, allocated around half my skill ranks, and I'm mostly through spell selection. I need traits, feats and gear still, but I can have that done in a few days at most.
My main problem is that I have yet to figure out who she really is, but if all else fails I'll do that during game play. Speaking of which, did we have any alignment restrictions? All those evil spells on the witch spell list are so tempting, it'd be easy to slip into evil territory.

And now I'm realising how funny it is that I'm finally getting the creation this witch properly started on the day that I'll be attending the yearly witch burning.
I'm sorry I've been this slow about it, but with half the group missing in action, it didn't seem super pressing.

EDIT: Oh, and do we have a limit for how much of our starting money we can spend on a single item?

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kyrt-ryder wrote:
DrDeth wrote:
Rynjin wrote:

Fox is basically the worst thing ever..
Look, Rynjin & I agree!

Could be worse. For all of their crap Fox used to carry some great kids entertainment on Saturday mornings.

That, and at least they aren't left wing whackos :P

Americans don't even know what left wing means. If political ideology was a bird and Americans pointed to their "left wing whackos", people over here would say "what are you talking about? That isn't the left wing you're pointing at, it's the right shoulder."

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A goblin flees the scene of battle, having been just shot at by the gunslinger.

The under-appreciated one: *breaks out into song* He will survi~ive! As long as he knows how to love he knows that he will stay alive!

Other player: *groans* [gunslinger player], quick, you know what to do!

The Alkenstarian wrote:

The rest of us, listening in on Skype then hear a loud *slap*, and the female player declaring:

"WAAAH! I'm a victim of peer pressure!"

Her boyfriend then, in the saddest, kicked-puppy-voice ever, counters with:

"I'm just a victim ..."

I know I'm horrible for correcting you, but that slap was really very well deserved.

I am not strictly opposed to PvP, but I game with people that I trust to be mature enough not to be jerks about it. I'm by no means a veteran, but in my three years I've had two cases of PvP or near PvP:

We came close once in Way of the Wicked, with the group split in two and legitimate worries on both sides that it would come down to combat. Our characters managed to talk it out, though. (The incident was partially initiated by a command spell cast by a PC on another PC, so I guess that in itself might count as PvP?)

And then, the one time we actually had full on PvP, was just a few weeks ago, maybe a month. One PC was told by a devil to kill one of the other party members, and she chose to turn on the party rather than the devil. She was a follower of Zon Kuthon, whom the devil was (claiming to be?) acting as a servant of, and she wanted to prove her faith. So combat happened, and she managed to convert another PC to her side mid-battle, by offering sexy times. According to our GM, this other player sent her a message immediately after switching sides, saying that he was prepared to make a new character should he die.
So we lost the two traitor PCs, got two new ones instead next session, and had fun with no hard feelings. I have no issue trusting the new PCs, and I don't have any issues trusting these players' characters in other campaigns either. There was some friction from the beginning (friction makes for great RP), and the Kuthite had been growing more and more estranged for quite a while, so it didn't exactly come as a surprise either. Had it been out of the blue and with no good in character reason, I'd have to reexamine my opinion of these guys as non-jerks.

Creating characters with the intention of killing other PCs and ruining other players' fun is not cool.

I have not forgotten, worry not!
Although I must admit I haven't actually started making any real choices... Well, I've thought about it, and I guess I'll try the debuff route even though I won't be as effective at it as other witches with more hexes. I did have fun the last time I went debuff, although my GM wasn't very amused with cackling at her NPC's misfortune ;P
I'm not super familiar with Tian Xia, so I'll either have to make up an excuse for my witch to have gone there in the first place, or, more likely, I'll just have her come from Minkai, which is the country on that continent that I know the most about, and I do happen to know a thing or two about Japan, which might also help me in that regard.

So, alchemical teas! I'll obviously be crafting some alchemical items because of my archetype, and a few of those could very well be tea flavoured—antitoxin, antiplague and soothe syrups being a few obvious contenders. How very fortunate that my other new character is an alchemist so that I can have both in mind at the same time when I look at what alchemical items to make.

Guys, this is what a hotdog should look like.
That is: mustard (optional, I personally don't care for it), ketchup, remoulade, onions, fried onions, and pickled cucumber slices.

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Kalindlara wrote:
captain yesterday wrote:

I've never seen the following shows:

Battlestar Galactica
Dancing with the Stars
Agents of S.h.i.e.l.d.
Any Star Trek after Next Generation
The Bachelor or Bachelorette
Duck Dynasty (okay I wouldn't get shunned for this one, just bragging)
Anything Stargate related after the original movie, which we all know is f@%%ing epic)
Buffy the vampire slayer


Get us a Bestiary entry, because we are monsters. ^_^

Me too, and add anything Stargate related before and including the original movie too.

Hi James. This might be a silly question, but why can't good aligned clerics cast [evil] spells, and why can't evil clerics cast [good] spells?
It makes perfect sense for a good or evil god, but when the deity is neutral? Wouldn't giving evil followers [good] spells (and no [evil)], and good followers [evil] spells (and no [good]) be more of the neutral thing, as it lends itself more to balance?

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I fear the dice gods will come after me if I dare question their wisdom and test the tools of their will.

I finished this yesterday:
Ratfolk alchemist

Her clothes are pretty plain, because who has time/money for fancy clothes when there is science to do!?
Yes, the mouse's name is Pinky. No, none of her other mice are called Brain.

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Writing the numbers 1 through 6 on the faces of a pencil can make a stand-in for a d6.

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Kryzbyn wrote:
"Twirl around, ninjas..."

I forgot that video actually had ninjas...

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DungeonmasterCal wrote:
I still love the song "Total Eclipse of the Heart". Not exactly a gaming confession, but a confession nonetheless.

I don't see how this would get anyone shunned.

I'm not sure I can answer that, but I guess it would fall on the GM to be the judge. We've only had this one instance of PVP (with another one getting close in a different campaign with a slightly different player/GM composition), and it happened fairly organically.

Secret kuthite is creepy -> nobody really trusts kuthite because she is weird and creepy -> other PC contracts lycanthropy -> kuthite makes a deal with a devil that it will cure the lycanthropy, but she will have to kill someone as of yet unspecified in return -> lycanthropy is cured -> kuthite is becoming creepier and creepier, distrust grows -> devil reveals to kuthite that she is to kill her own brother, another PC -> kuthite follows through (but fails).

Also, we have a rule that says that there needs to be a good in character reason for PVP. The reason was definitely there, and luckily for the rest of us only the two who turned against the party ended up losing their characters.

The Alkenstarian wrote:
One-shotting that self-righteous cleric-bastard by turning his head into a canoo remains a particularly pleasant memory.

I thought the self-righteous cleric-bastard was on our side ;P

Man, it felt like that roll20 dice roller was against me. Of course, my own dice were against me as well, back before the GM asked us to all use the dice roller, but... During those 5 levels, I never rolled a crit (whereas you critted many times during the 3 or so levels that you were with us), but I had many nat 1's.

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evil_diva wrote:

My dwarf after a not so well liked party member, was dragged away by a shadow lady:

Under a spoiler since some might be sensitive to the rude language used.
** spoiler omitted **

Shortly before that, during the PVP the not so well liked party member started. The oracle was inside while the fighting was going on outside, and just came out in reaction to the sounds, just in time to see the slayer fall.

Oracle: What's going on out here!?
Barbarian: Bloody murder!
Oracle, sounding desperate: I can see that!

Definitely nature, arcana is probably a must too, maybe a bit of planes... We'll see what else, but the first two are going to be the main ones.

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Woo, peacock! It's going to be fabulous.
I don't even care about the skill bonus. I just like it on principle.

Now where to go with this witch...

The other character has been out of the world since Saturday, so it's not like anything is really holding me back right now. I'm just sort of trying to figure out what my focus is going to be apart from the healy stuff. Debuff, crowd control, just all in on the healing (I am considering life patron)... I don't know yet. Any suggestions?

And there's still the problem with kinda wanting the peacock, but also kinda not wanting to make too big of a target of my familiar. I should probably just go with the petrifern.

dien wrote:
Thymus Vulgaris wrote:

- Roll will save against charm person. 2+3 = 5

- Be commanded to turn on my friends, opposed charisma check! 16-2 = 14, caster rolls 20. Thanks dice, that 16 would've been nice to have on the save...
- Nothing to do, turn on friends. Attack healer. Natural 20. 17+6 = 23. Confirmed. Healer drops into negatives.

Why, Nuffle... Whyyyyy?


I TPK'd my own party once as a dominated barbarian. :( Sad day. I didn't even roll parTICularly badly or anything, just... barbarian. Low will save.

I was at least allowed to go out of rage. It might have been a slight bit metagame-y, but I really didn't want to kill her, and with a beast totem barbarian that means not just strength dropping by 6 points (due to fatigue), but also two fewer attacks. Someone would surely have died otherwise.

That barbarian will save, though... I'm gonna need something for that.

- Roll will save against charm person. 2+3 = 5
- Be commanded to turn on my friends, opposed charisma check! 16-2 = 14, caster rolls 20. Thanks dice, that 16 would've been nice to have on the save...
- Nothing to do, turn on friends. Attack healer. Natural 20. 17+6 = 23. Confirmed. Healer drops into negatives.

Why, Nuffle... Whyyyyy?

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Trekkie90909 wrote:
I find character backstory to be a waste of time.

I sat up until 2 AM last night finishing the writeup of my next character's background for my GM to read, and I SHUN THEE!

I'll look into it properly after my Jade Regent character deadline on Tuesday, or maybe sooner if I get done before time.

And with today's RP session over, here's a warning for you guys that you might be in for a bit of this sort of thing when gaming with me.
It wasn't on purpose :(

EDIT: Come to think of it, with this being PBP and all maybe I'll catch those Freudian slips before I hit submit.

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I'm "Player Wrong"? It's not like I'm wrong all the time, it's just the things I say that come out sounding that way :(

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So he's big, scary, and being alone with him is a true test of courage?

Also, congratulations.

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BigNorseWolf wrote:

One thing thats weird is i demand that my avatar be looking right, into the text, like a thought bubble, or at the user. Turning your back on the text just looks weird

I'm not turning my back on my text, I am leaning against it for comfort.

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Hmm, it was supposed to say "Diego" somewhere in there. Oh well, much too late for editing. I guess I can always quote-fix it.

Thymus Vulgaris wrote:
I Ustalav you guys, but some of those puns were just painful. I completely understand why Diego Vudra-ther go home than have to endure that.

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Chris Anthony wrote:
Pun battle

I Ustalav you guys, but some of those puns were just painful. I completely understand why Vudra-ther go home than have to endure that.

Mint is a rather small plant. Height according to wikipedia ranges from 10 to 120 cm. I think the ones I've seen in the wild have been at most one foot tall, so that'd be fitting for a petrifern.

thegreenteagamer wrote:
Well...with green empathy, it'll love me more, I hope you understand :-P

As written all familiars change type to magical beast, so I'm afraid your green empathy won't work :) (Should we house rule this? Magical beast seems like a strange creature type for a plant, but the Familiar Folio doesn't seem to touch upon the creature types of the plant and construct familiars in it).

I also feel myself drawn toward a peacock. It is majestic, elegant, eastern, and would look great at a tea ceremony of any kind, but I'm a little intimidated by the idea of my spell book being small sized.

EDIT: It could be that this line from Improved Familiar is applicable.

Improved Familiar wrote:
if the creature's type is something other than animal, its type does not change

I was looking through familiars looking for a pipefox because I figured it'd be suitable for an eastern-themed witch. It turned out to be an improved familiar and thus off the table, but then I saw it: the petrifern.
Green Tea, would you feel like I was stealing your thunder if I took one of those? They're very much not amazing for anything other than wanting a plant for a familiar, but the whole thing with having a sentient tea tree along was your idea after all.

If we're going to be travelling across the Crown of the World, it sounds like it's might take some inspiration from Jade Regent, even if we're going in the opposite direction. If it does, may I request as little as possible actually taken from the adventure path? My group is starting JR next weekend, and it would kinda suck to run into a repeat dungeon (or equivalent thereof) a few books down the line ;P

Regarding race, I haven't made up my mind yet. Probably human or something that gives a bonus to int.
Oh hey, Tian Xia has that one town inhabited mostly by aasimar, and peri-blooded get +2 int...

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I don't think I've ever seen anyone else using the Mother Queen, so I can't say it bothers me. I have seen the male equivalent once or twice though.

What does annoy me a lot is people who use the same avatars as some of the more frequent posters so I end up with those moments of "hey, you're not Rynjin/TOZ/wraithstrike/whomever".

The Green Tea Gamer wrote:

Well Sweet Tea, nobody has jumped on the Geisha grenade :-D

(and for good reason - but I have to say if we didn't already have proof the geisha sucks, the fact a party of six players dedicated to a tea based party is avoiding the only archetype in the game with a tea based ability says a lot about it's shortcomings.

...and this is from a guy willing to play the treesinger, which is pretty much a druid nerfing.)

I actually would've considered a missed version, but 1) I'm so sold on a walking tea tree sidekick (I'm gonna name her Cammy!) 2) I hate bards. I'm almost positive they're my least favorite class.

I, on the other hand, love bards. They might be my favourite class, and I didn't jump on the Geisha grenade.

But I've also promised myself to try to stay clear of bard/barbarian type characters, since I've been playing a bard for 3 years straight, am playing a barbarian in another campaign, and will be playing a skald when we finish off the one where I have the bard. I'm trying to force some diversity into my character choices :)

Not really, no. It's not something I've ever encountered on Danish TV, and I never sought it out on my own.

I consider myself a rules lawyer (or maybe a rules advocate, since I generally know how to back down when the GM says no).

Thorazeen wrote:
I hate Star Trek

I have never even seen Star Trek.

Many Monty Python references fly right past me, and when their very last show was being shown live in movie theatres I told my friend no thanks when she had an extra ticket and offered for me to come with her.

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