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There is a really amazing Chronicle Sheet for 9-13: The Lion's Justice (7-11). I would love to see how many people have completed it, and what choices they made. Plus I feel it should be chronicled since it makes a signficant impact on our canon.

I would also love to use them as potential name-drops in my War for the Crown Campaign, but I will respect your wishes if you rather I didn't.


Please post here using the following format (feel free to borrow the text styling by hitting "Reply") for the basic information.

Name: Flim-Flam the Fictional
Choice: Senator or Power Broker?
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Race: Tengu
Class: Rogue 5 / Skald 6
Lion Blade: Yes/No
Description: Flim-Flam is a brightly ornamented tengu who loves flourishing a lightning-sheathed monk's spade. He is an accomplished scholar of extraplanar lore, renowned for his decorated history of demon-slaying and leshy-wrangling. Whenever he thinks of retiring, his companions keep dragging him off to new adventures.

Sovereign Court 4/5

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Baronet Alistair Quinnell (title from spending prestige)
Choice : Senator
Alignment : Neutral Good
Race : 1/2 elf
Class : Empiricist Investigator 11
Lion Blade : Yes (from spending prestige)

In court, Alistair is a well dressed nobleman with a highly decorative mithral cane. He is known to be highly observant, a scholar in many fields with a particular interest in nobility, and can find the best restaurants and fine entertainment no matter where he travels. (maxed out knowledge nobility and local, and perception bonus of over 30.) He is a follower of Iomedae.

He prefers to negotiate rather than fight, but when things get dangerous, the cane reveals itself to be a glamered mithral rapier. However, his primary weapon is a shortbow. He keeps himself mobile and fires well placed shots. (point blank, precise, and focused shot, ranged study)

Sovereign Court 4/5

Marquis Warwick Cailean:
(title from spending prestige)
Choice: Senator
Alignment: CG
Race: Human
Class: Bard 8
Lion Blade: No

Warwick is about the least noble looking Taldan you've ever seen. He was raised in an orphanage run by the Church of Caiden Cailean (thus the last name. It's a thing). He has attained no large renown as a comedian, usually just scraping by between adventures. But he owes Gloriana Morilla for getting him into the Society, so when time came to pay back that debt, he joined the Taldor Faction, and eventually the Sovereign Court, accepting his title at her request once his deeds in the Society began to be known. It didn't take long for them to eclipse his "fame" as a comedian, though it may take longer to overcome his infamy as a drunk. He has recently acquired a nifty Orcish bow and an Ulfen Guard follower named Bartok. Bartok claims he'll take an arrow for Warwick someday, despite Warwick's assurances that, "I'm not worth it." In the meantime, Bartok's a good drinking buddy.

When asked about his Senatorial candidacy, Warwick responded, "I've made poor decisions my whole life. Why stop now?"

Sovereign Court 4/5

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Name: Huscarl Olafúr Sigurðersen of Apador, Jarl and Baronet
Choice: Senator (currently electioneering)
Alignment: Neutral Good
Race: Human (Ulfen)
Class: Urban Barbarian 4 / Ex-Hungry Ghost Monk-Master of Many Styles 2 / Ulfen Guard 2
Lion Blade: Yes (joined via vanity after Lion's Justice)
Description: Olav is not like most people's image of an Ulfen Guard, at a slender 5'10". He can easily fade into the background, and that makes him pretty good at his bodyguarding work. He's usually dressed lightly in Taldan dress uniform with an adamantine scimitar ready at his side. Lately his eyes tend to be narrowed with suspicion as it seems Taldor and the faith of the Dawnflower both are beset from all sides by shapeshifters, decadent nobles and now a mad Grand Prince. Breaking ranks with the other Ulfen Guards against Stavian III was a painful choice. It remains to be seen whether that rift can be healed; for now he's set his sights on taking a seat in the Senate and providing a better example of noblesse oblige.

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Name: The Honorable Lord Viscount Bomba Iaconascu, Esquire
Choice: Senator
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Race: Human
Class: Witch 10
Lion Blade: Yes (joined after the scenario)
Description: A tall and husky Varisian always dressed in the latest fashions, Bomba is most well known for his magnificent mustache (it is both his melee weapon of choice as well as his means of fought). While he is a competent diplomat (his Diplomacy result is always exactly 19) he is far better known for his ability to cow the mightiest of warriors with a glance. Always seen with his two constant companions, a fairy dragon and a talking sword, it's easy to forget the danger the jovial man presents. He'd much rather enjoy s night of relaxing at the tavern, recovering from the stress of managing his Taldan, Varisian and Absalom holdings.

Sovereign Court 5/5 ⦵⦵

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Choice: Senator
Alignment: LG
Class: Paladin of Aroden 10 (technically a Battle Oracle)
Lion Blade: No
Description: The Landros family is an OLD blood bearded family, but have been on the outs for quite some time. Landros knights served in all of the old Armies of Exploration... and they would again. Like any good Taldan noble family, they were resistant to change. To that end, to this day they venerate Aroden as their patron.

Their devotion was about to waver, it seemed, when they were blessed with twins. It was the older of the two, the girl, Natalia, that restored their faith. However, being pragmatists, the younger twin, the boy Magnus, was trained by the Church of Abadar.

Natalia restored their faith when she very early on when she exhbited powers. She spoke in tongues, (well, Celestial, though she called it old Azlanti), and showed minor powers of healing. They determined that they would have two paladins in the family... one of Aroden, and one of Abadar (since Magnus was not blessed by the Scion of Humanity).

The one goal that the Landros family has had, for the last several hundred years, is to restore their family to prominence. With this in mind, the pragmatic family sent their two children to the Pathfinder Society to earn their name, and their fortunes. Magnus quickly fell in with a different crowd, The Silver Crusade, and became more enamored with doing good, hoping to attract the attention of Aroden.

Lady Natalia saw the Pathfinder Society as a means to an end. She wielded her influence and growing fame into a restored noble title, though it was still of little prominence. However, she stayed close with Lady Glorianna, and when the chance was given to her to protect Taldor, she jumped at the chance.

Queue the action in 9-13 The Lion's Justice

Sovereign Court 2/5

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Name: Contessa Eyre'ed
Choice: Power Broker
Alignment: Neutral
Race: Slyph
Class: Socerer (air elemental bloodline) 11
Lion Blade: No
Description: You can find the Contessa drifting a couple of inches above the chaise lounge on the patio of her Ivy District bungalo. She is sipping a champagne-absinthe cocktail and idly stroking a black and red hound’s head icon she wears on a black gold necklace.

As I’ve often told my closer personal friend the Princess Eutropia, a general for a king, I don’t know what her father was thinking!

She smiles slightly…

I do feel ever so badly about killing yet another Deckland sister and with a boneshatter spell no less. It looked very painful. I wrote the family a nice condolence note, but they sill seem angry which is clearly a sign of their low breeding.

Sovereign Court 4/5

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Name: Baroness Zelda Azuranti
Choice: Power Broker
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Race: Human (Varisian)
Class: Bard - 6 / Argent Dramaturge - 2
Lion Blade: No
Description: Zelda stands at 5'7", long brown hair, very tanned skin, and light-colored eyes with just a flash of purple in them. She is well aware of her own beauty and will not hesitate to utilize it if she thinks she'll get an advantage out of it. She generally dresses rather fashionably when traveling, but does her best to avoid being too ostentatious and understands the need to look the appropriate part. She's just as comfortable in a noble mansion rubbing elbows with the wealthy elite as she is standing on the bar in a dive by the docks leading the drunks in song.

Zelda is the second oldest of five sisters, all Pathfinder Society agents. She is the only one of the five to fully embrace her gift of performance and utilize its powers (though her younger sister, a dancer, would argue otherwise). She has recently delved into studying the rebellion movement situated in underground Chellaxian opera.

Zelda is as beautiful as she is cunning. Not very gifted in martial prowess, she uses her looks and grace to talk her way out of any situation. These skills are what eventually led her to the Sovereign Court and various titles/roles within nobility. A true Varisian wanderer at heart, she chooses to utilize her talents behind the scenes rather than sitting in a large senate chamber surrounded by stuffy nobles.

If you had asked me 5 years ago if this is where I would be in life, I would have laughed at you. I had a blossoming career as a singer, a very attractive husband, and enough of a following to make a name for myself in Magnimar. The whole family, save for Zendala who ran off on her own quest for vengeance, seemed to have it pretty nicely. Mom and Ruby were working with the Temple of Desna, prepping Ruby for her own caravan. Syeira was working as part of the Princess of the Market's inner circle. Even Taunali was keeping herself busy hunting along the river. But, well, things got stale. The husband got bored and left, then Zendala came back talking about this "Society" thing. After Syeira and Ruby signed up, I figured I'd be the next to get out of Magnimar and start traveling the world. Now, look at me. An influential person "behind-the-scenes" of the Taldan government? Never saw it coming. Still feel bad about leaving mom in Magnimar, though. Maybe we can shake her out of retirement and get her to try this whole Society thing.

Grand Lodge 5/5 Venture-Agent, North Carolina—Flat Rock aka akitayne

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Name: Senator Alyssa Zangardi-Blackros, Baroness of Fangwood
Choice: Senator (full)
Alignment: Neutral Good
Race: Human (Varisian)
Class: Mesmerist 5/Unchained Rogue 5
Lion Blade: No
Description: The daughter of a Varisian noble woman and a Molthuni captain, Alyssa actually lived most of her life in Absalom where she cunningly joined the Pathfinder Society and subsequently traveled the world. It was only after she claimed her familial rights to the Fangwood Keep and married one of the sons of the Blackros family that she finally attained her seat within the Taldan Senate. With her bewitching, crystal blue eyes and longest and blackest of ebon hair, she is forever on the cusp of Taldan fashion. Yet she is somehow she able to blend the latest fashion with her ancestral tattoos and beautiful kapenia.

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Name: Madame Mimm
Choice: Senator
Alignment: Neutral Good
Race: Human
Class: Druid (Saurian Shaman) 10
Lion Blade: No
Description: Mimm is an imposing Ulfen woman covered in scars, though her true form is rarely seen generally only for particularly stuffy functions. She spends time as a celestial allosaurus generally, though will spend time as a celestial deinonychus. As she can speak normally in that form and isn't larger than human size, she sees little problem with it. She is generally accompanied by a dimwitted but friendly stegosaurus called Hank.

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Brunk, the Lord Andabold, Viscount of Drake's Welkin
(title from the Noble Title vanity and completed Rising Star)
Choice : Senator (currently electioneering)
Alignment : Neutral
Race : Half-orc
Class : (Aberrant) Bloodrager 5 / (Imperial Sky) Dragon Disciple 4
Lion Blade : No

Brunk is an atypical senatorial candidate. While he dresses well for it, there's no mistaking that he's a warrior, bred and true. Towering over most, if not all, of those of his breeding, he makes no bones about who and what he is. Don't make him angry. You wouldn't like him when he's angry.

An adoptive member (like pretty much every *other* member) of the obscure House Andabold of Absalom, many of his influences seem almost random. His primary weapon - and there's really no hiding any of them considering their size - is a nodachi straight out of Tian-Min, while the greataxe is a sop to his orcish heritage. The designs on his mithral breastplate are of Sargavan origin, and he can easily be convinced to tell stories of when he used to work in that place. Old scars in the form of elaborate tattoos probably preclude the hardening of his features, now more scale than skin.

Oh, and don't mind her. Lisabet, that is. Where a dragon-skinned half-orc came up with an Ulfen warrioress as a personal guard is anyone's guess. Noone's ever heard her speak anyway.


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Lady Morilla told us that at this time of crisis Pathfinders needed to stay out of Taldan affairs, so I threw my wayfinder at her.

Lady Jessica Hellspawn, Vicountess of Grimfel and Drizzly Bog, Mistress of the Wardrobe to Princess Eutropia
(title from the Noble Title vanity and Taldan courtier boon)
Choice : Senator (currently electioneering)
Alignment : Neutral
Race : Tiefling
Class : (Celestial) Bloodrager 7 / Ninja 1
Lion Blade : Signing up today with my last prestige point


Jessica normally travels by horse drawn carriage, driven by a faithful dwarf in black livery.

Proceeded by her herald, who loudly announces her as Lady Jessica Hellspawn, Vicountess of Grimfel and Drizzly Bog, she is an elegant lady in a long dress and wide brimmed hat, her clothes the height of fashion. She wears no armor and her only weapon seems to be a long hat-pin that looks like a miniature sword.

However, perceptive characters will note that her exceptionally long, painted nails are almost claw-like, that the tip of a pointed tail protrudes from the bottom of her skirts and that fine hat conceals a small pair of horns.

A good knowledge local skill will have heard she has a brutal reputation (boon) as a slayer of the the Society's enemies, the Aspis especially, having defected from that group. Knowledge nobility reveals Jessica gained the title after the tragic death of her new husband, the previous viscount (age 70) on their wedding night.


Jessica's mother was from a devout noble family in Talador - famed hunters of the evil throughout that land and many others, devout followers of Aroden and then Iomedae. One of the ancestors of the noble line was such a paragon of noble virtue that he won the heart of an angel who consented to be his bride. Many of the house were paladins and clerics of an adventurous nature.

Jessica's own mother was an adventurous cleric of the Inheritor, a champion of many righteous causes. She met an exceptionally handsome and charismatic fellow hero on one quest and fell deeply in love with him, convinced he was an equally pious champion of good. After she fell pregnant he disappeared. At Jessica's birth, her tiny horns and tail revealed her father had been an Incubus to her mother's great shame. Her mother retired to an order of silent nuns and Jessica was placed with a grimly religious orphanage where she suffered a great detail for her evidently sinful heritage.

When old enough to set out on her own, Jessica was at first recruited by the Aspis but defected to the Pathfinders - her skills of deception were of interest to both groups. The Sovereign Court helped her regain position and title in Taldor in return for many underhanded deeds. That alliance seems to have come to a sudden end on the fateful day the senate was attacked.

Someone really understood her:

Quote from another player at table during A Case of Missing Persons "Do you have levels in prestige class Villainess?"

Dark Archive 4/5 Venture-Lieutenant, Online—VTT

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Name: Lord Renzo Blakros, Earl of Carthan & Meronn, Scion of the Royal House Amatestsu, Leidang of the Ulfen Guard and Ambassador to Urglin
(titles from that Blakros scenario, Noble Title vanity, Ulfen Guard vanity, Taldan courtier boon, Jade Regent 1)
Choice: Senator (currently electioneering)
Alignment: LN
Race: Half-elf
Class: Investigator 8, Swashbuckler 1, Occultist 1
Lion Blade: No

Description: A perhaps once handsome man, Renzos countenance is now heavily disfigured with that seem to be numerous dueling scars, exactly the sort the rapier which hangs at his side might inflict. Though whenever questioned about them he simply offers a tight smile and suggests, with a Chelish accent, that a shovel would be needed to examine how well those who gave him the scars now fare.

Dressed in the finest of Taldan fashion, with no expense spared, he fits perfectly in to the high society events that Lady Morilla continues to seek his aid with, perhaps less so when more... physical work is required, but his companions have never once seem him shirk his duty, whether it be in a ballroom or a sewer, after all a gentleman simply does not complain.

Vengeance Denied:
In a shocking turn of events Renzo came face to face with another of the Deckland family, having already born the responsibility for the death of the witch Caleena Deckland he now faced her sister in her murderous plot, once again showing why he so despises his Chelish kin and those like them. Taking to the skies the two fought with blades and barbs in full sight of the Senators present, despite her screams of vengeance Lady Karina found herself sadly outmatched in both arenas, the day ended with yet another Deckland dead, her blood upon the very same rapier her sister fell to.

5/5 Venture-Agent, United Kingdom—England—Cambridge aka Nostrix

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Name: Lord Ratathiel, Duke of Fromage, Baronet of Mumblecough
(titles from vanity and Rising Star)
Choice: Senator (currently electioneering)
Alignment: Lawful Good
Race: Ratfolk
Class: Slayer 6 / Crimson Templar 2
Lion Blade: No
Description: After suffering head trauma as a young ratling in the sewers of Oppara, Ratathiel became convinced that he is, in fact, the mortal vessel of the Empyreal Lord Ragathiel. Resplendent in mithral full plate he presents his imposing 3-and-a-half-feet stature in the path of evildoers everywhere.

Sovereign Court 5/5 ⦵⦵

Name: VisBaron Archibald Peck, Pig Baron of North-North-West TALDOR,and Undisputed Leader of the Band
Choice: Power Broker?
Alignment: Neutral Good
Race: Human (Taldane)
Class: Bard (Arcane Duelist) 11
Lion Blade: Yes
Description: Proud owner of Glorymane, the ever well dressed Archibald, who has turned his tiny plot of land - a pig sty on the lands of someone Arabian wanted to embarrass into a thriving pig businesshas risen to become a player in Taldane Politics. He wears fine red clothing everywhere and has composed a book of Taldane Fight Songs to help raise spirits in these dispiriting times.

The Exchange 5/5

Name: Sir Miguel de Saavedra, Knight of Oppara, Baron of Zimar
Choice: Elected Senator
Alignment: Neutral
Race: Gripppli
Class: Druid (Saurian Shaman) 10
Lion Blade: One does not ask such questions of a gentleman
Description: The Taldan Senate shakes beeath the powerful steps of an enormous armed reptilian creature. It pushes open the doors and strides onto the floor of the senate, fifteen feet tall and thirty feet long made of corded muscle and sinew bedecked in full Taldan parade dress armour. Atop the mighty beast sits a tiny figure, little more than three feet tall, green and blue in colour and apparently made of solidified air. The figure flies down from the back of the huge dinosaur and settles onto one of the Senate seats. I, Miguel de Saavedra, Knight of Opawa and Bawon of Zimar, do henceforth take my pwace as a duwly ewected Senator of Taldor. Long live the Empire!

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