Full attack with 2 unwieldy weapons?

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It is clear that you can only use an unwieldy weapon once per turn. So here is the twist:
Can I full attack with 2 unwieldy weapons?
In the CRB, page 248 Full attack says certain weapons have a firing speed so slow that you can’t shoot them for more than once in a round, even with a full attack.

So I’m thinking that my Kasatha with his four arms is wielding 2 two-handed unwieldy firearms, shooting both once as a full attack action. This seems to me to be a legal action.

In the CRB page 182, it says you cannot use an unwieldy weapon as part of a full attack action, but it seems that this rule is intended for multiple attacks with one weapon.

What do you guys think?
It’s not game breaking imho, but please show me if I’m wrong.

There was a thread asking about this a while back, the answer in the end was no you cannot. I don't have time to find the thread right now, but with a little searching I think you could find it. I think, though I'm not sure, that Owen chimed in on the thread.

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You already reference to page 182: "You can’t use an unwieldy weapon as part of a full attack (or any other action in which you could make multiple attacks)"

That part of the sentence bars you from using 2 unwieldy weapons in a full attack. You can't even use one unwieldy and multiple non-unwieldy weapons to make multiple attacks with in the same full attack.

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Thanks guys for helping clear that up for me.

Found the thread as well for anyone else who’s interested.


It is a bit too bad..
It would give a really cool choice for small arms~

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Nimor Starseeker wrote:

Found the thread as well for anyone else who’s interested.

The relevant designer post

Owen’s post linked.

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Zwordsman wrote:

It is a bit too bad..

It would give a really cool choice for small arms~

How? No small arms are unwieldy.

The flame pistol is, also I think plasma pistols are as well, but I can't remember for sure.

Every Line small arms are.
Flame pistol is,
Plasma pistols are as well.

I personaly have a flame pistol maze cored with a pulsecaster pistol, so i can pretty readily take advantage of a line.
i'll eventually get a plasma and a stunner later as well.

But, It would be a ton of neat if i could spray two lines in one go.

Granted then long arms might find it annoying they can't (unless they had four arms to hold two rifles) but long arms get at least double the range, more or less-depending on level. and in general long arms get special effects and range.
So I feel like it would've been a niche that would be alright.

Then again, I am the type who thinks that unwieldy small arms is odd.

Since the flame pistol is analog I don't believe it's a legal option for a maze core item, but I like the idea. You could do it legally with a plasma pistol later.

Flame pistol is not analog. I think you're mixing the line with the flare gune.

Flare gun, survival 1 90 1d3 F 30 ft. Burn 1d6 1 flare 1 L Analog, bright
Flame pistol 2 470 1d4 F 20 ft. Burn 1d4 20 petrol 4 L Line, unwieldy

I originally had it maze cored with a Needle Pistol which I fluffed as a Revolver.

I made it look like a Chiappa Rhino (or Mateba sorta), with the 6'clock barrel, the top being the flamer port with the canister in the grip.

Was visually very cool. but realized that the Needler is analog. So no go sadly... Switched to my pulse pistol. I'll keep that stunner+flamer/plasma for good

So I just carry that in a shoulder holster as my analog weapon
(dear me I wish there was a higher level more damaging version)

Interesting, I was wrong. I looked at it again and the Harvey weapon flamethrower is analog, but the flame rifle and pistol are not. I will have to buy this maze core son :D

Yup. Honestly that is the single best mazecore for most of my characters. They'll have batons, and a pistol (cause mechanic and I don't want to spend long arm proficiency/spec, since i'm mainly a support style character). Its wonderful to always have the option of pulling out a line weapon for "those perfect moments"
Nothing in games bother me more than having the right tool...but not being in a position to use it! Its why I could never play prepped casters in pathfinder (except Alchemists; but i was very specific and played them more like they spent off hours brewing potions so i had a very firm list and didn't feel like i was missing out)

I do sorta wish there was a Cryo line pistol. or a line sonic.

Irealllyy wish there was a higher leveled needler.. but thats not related (or even an acid small arm upper veresion)

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