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Another great video! Kudos to you good sir!

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My Take on the SF setting has always been: it’s Guardians of the Galaxy.
However, a lot of it is how your group likes to play.
With that said, some of the aliens are truly ALIEN and very very strange!
One of the playable races from the AA2, Quorlu is one of those weird creatures that I thought I would never play because it is so weird, but after hearing one of people in the Androids and Aliens podcast play one, I quickly changed my mind. I want to play a Quorlu and other strange creatures because It is just a whole new world of being something/someone very different and borderline bizarre! I love it!

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NaerenVastir wrote:

I've noticed a couple of weapons in the books that have the bleed critical effect but no damage number associated, and I cant see anything that shows what the bleed damage should be. the Shuriken, microserrated and ultraserrated, as well as the perforator pistol, phased all do not show any damage numbers. is this an error in the book or is there something i'm missing in the books that show what the bleed damage should be if it is not specified in the weapon description?

Here is the answer, hidden in the bleeding fusion page 193 in the CRB.


The bleeding fusion weaves entropic energy into the weapon’s form. The weapon gains the bleed critical hit effect (see page 182). The amount of damage taken each round from this effect is equal to 1d6 per 5 levels of the weapon, rounded down. If the weapon already has a critical hit effect, when you score a critical hit, you can apply either the weapon’s normal critical hit effect or the bleed effect. Only weapons that deal piercing or slashing damage can have this fusion.

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I FAQ’ed it!

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Hey all,

I’m sure that plenty of you have unanswered questions in regards to the rules, updates, errata’s and updates. Remember to hit that FAQ button, so that the developers for Star Finder register that and those questions can get some more attention and hopefully some answers. Some of them only have a few FAQ hits and that might not be enough to make it a priority, so let’s hit those FAQs for each other!

1-I invite you all to post a link to a rules thread you may have started or just want the answers for.
2-Hit that FAQ buttons and hopefully get some attention : )

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Good catch! I probably would have run it like the first example but f you had not pointed this out.

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Those are some good ideas Garretmander. Thanks.

One of my players, a first timer to Starfinder, wanted that mechanic trick, but I do not know any good places in the Dead Suns adventure to use it. Portable Power seems like one of those abilities that the GM/Starlord has to add content to be able to use.

The ability is a once per day event, so I was thinking about giving the player in terms of value a potential once per day benefit. What kind of things can players do once per day? What would be appropriate for a mechanic!

Starfinder Charter Superscriber

What are som good uses for the mechanics trick portable power?

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I want to put my shot up fighter on a collision course towards the enemy ship. I’m I’m going down, it’ll be in a blaze of glory! Collision rules please!

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Claxon wrote:

rately but not farther.

Scopes should reduce penalties for shooting at distance, but not do anything to the range. I also think scopes should reduce the penalty by half, instead of reducing it by a flat amount.

Scopes do not actually increase the maximum range of weapons.

Scopes increase the range increment.
This still happens within maximum range of the weapon.

Snipe Scopes reduce the penalty to the attack rolls by 2, so you can shoot within the second increment with no penalty. Within the third increment, -2 penalty.

Laser Scopes reduce the penalty to the attack roll by 4, so you can shoot within the third increment with no penalty. Within the 4th increment, -2 penalty.

Armory page 61.

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BigNorseWolf wrote:
Nimor Starseeker wrote:

Please explain why not?

1) Android upgrades specifically work. Armor mods don't have rules for stacking

2) android upgrades would be a non ability if they didn't work with armor. Armor mods still work if you can't stack them

3) you can only have 1 android slot. (unless you're playing a phone booth full of androids or something) How many second skins dow you want to be table to cheese out?

Thanks for responding to my question BNW.

1- ok, so you are saying Androids are an exception. Reading through this thread again and CRB shows this.
I am trying to see if I can stack multiples of amor upgrade slots (not multiples of the actual upgrades), by wearing light armor and power armor to get more upgrade slots..

2- agreed, that you cannot stack multiples force field armor upgrades and create layers of force fields.

3- agreed, you can only have 1 android slot and adding multiples of second skins is silly and cheesy and would not be permitted at my game table.

However what I am asking here is the case of when you are wearing both light armor and power armor. Why wouldn’t the infrared night vision upgrade that is installed on your light armor still work when wearing power armor as well?

I still think that if you have a jetpack armor upgrade it should most likely be installed on your outer most armor so that you are not jetpack flying inside your power armor suit.

Was it not intended by the Statfinder creators that you could take advantage of both armor slots?

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Metaphysician wrote:

Also, the android body slot works with armor, because the rules for the android body slot *say* they work with armor. While the rules don't have to explicitly allow something for it to be possible, anything they explicitly *do* allow certainly *is* possible.

( That said, I really question whether this is even a meaningful problem. Even in the hypothetical abusive case where a player wears 15 Second Skins to get 15 upgrade slots. . . they still have to *buy* all those armors and upgrades to fit in them. I'm pretty sure the net result would be "you've spent a huge chunk of change on something that doesn't actually matter much". )

I dont think anyone in their right mind will have pc's wearing more than one second skin to stack armor slots.

However the discussion at hand is Android slots, light armor slots, heavy armor slots and power armor slots.

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BigNorseWolf wrote:
Nimor Starseeker wrote:
With the same reasoning
Its not remotely the same reasoning.

Please explain why not?

An androids body slot can hold a jetpack upgrade. Should he be able to use it whilst wearing light armor on top? I don’t think so, because it would be like having a jetpack on the inside of your second skin/light armor instead of the outside.

What if you were wearing light armor and heavy armor and you have a jetpack installed on your light armor- should you be able to use it? I don’t see think so, because it is inside your heavy armor instead of the outside of your power armor.

Or are you arguing that since it’s a racial power/ability it gets a free pass and that having both light and heavy armor upgrades on light and power armor at the same time is unbalancing?

EDIT: power armor, not heavy armor

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What about the android racial upgrade slot - it would not be made inert because of wearing armor (of any sort) on top. That would make the racial ability useless, because you are going to be wearing armor throughout the game. With the same reasoning, why would you not be able to use light armor upgrade slots when wearing heavy armor?
There are some exceptions, like the jetpack that should be installed on the most outer armor for obvious reasons- so use common sense for what is reasonable.
If your light armor has night vision, I don’t see a reason why that effect should not persist when wearing heavy armor on top.

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Yeah, this will be interesting! Maybe something more on how they became severed from the hive and some violent back history. Maybe now the Swarm hates the Shireen and want to destroy them most of all or the opposite: bring them back into their fold and use them as spies prepping for invasion!

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Yet another great video!

You pointed out some details that I had not caught on to. Especially the science officer Target Systems duration. Science officer just became a little better!

Not sure if you take requests but it would be great if you did one of these videos on readied actions to do combat maneuvers. For example:

Readying a bull rush action to push someone off a cliff if they move into certain squares. The target might be charging you as a full action and I think a lot of people would like to know how to interrupt a full action that has both movement and combat maneuvers in it.

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You seem like a guy who is busy with A LOT of things going on - I hope that you will still have the time to be present on the Paizo forums. A lot of us enjoy your insane theories (gnomes) and feedback on the Starfinder game and setting. Your book, The Empire of Bones was awesome - it really had that end game epic feel to it. We all know that you will have much more SF delights for us in the future and we look forward to it.
I tip my hat to you good sir, may you find the best of luck!

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I tell my players to roll the appropriate check, but I am tempted to do something different like what is being said here.

-Player sees strange creature
-GameMaster/StarLord describes creatures features
-Player makes a check of his or her choice (engineering, physical science, life science, mysticism)
-if they roll 10 or better in the engineering/wrong skill, they know that the golem is not a robot, so I can tell them to use the appropriate skill.
-if they roll a 1, I might give them inaccurate information.

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That makes it so much better!

I was wondering if that was the case, but the Quick Quaff description had me a little confused about its function.

I kind of makes sense that conditions would be better if you are adjacent to your fellow team mates, handing the PC his healing serum.

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I ran into this question with my group and we figured that the medpatch has two functions:

1.If you are untrained it allows you to make a medicine check for:
-first aid
-long-term stability
-treat disease
-treat drugs or poison tasks

2.It gives you a +10 circumstance bonus for:
-first aid
-long-term stability
-treat disease
-treat drugs or poison tasks

The +10 circumstance bonus, you get regardless if you are trained or untrained.
Reason being you would have untrained Lv1 PC's making medicine checks for first aid checks with a better success rate than a trained Lv1 PC.

-Lv1 Untrained PC: +0 ranks, +10 circumstance/medpatch bonus, +1 INT bonus for 11
-Lv1 Trained PC: +1 ranks, +3 class, +1 INT bonus for +5
-Lv1 Trained PC: +1 ranks, +3 class, +1 INT bonus +10 circumstance/medpatch bonus for +15

And with the Medical Expert feat, the Medpatch will let you treat deadly wounds as a full action without the circumstance bonus.

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Is my understanding of the Quick Quaff ability correct?

You use a standard action to let an ally get a free action to either draw a serum/spell ampule or a free action to use a serum/spell ampule.

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ThermalCat wrote:
My interpretation of sprayflesh (CRB 220) rules is that you can continue to use it to treat deadly wounds if you have ranks in medicine and the patient has resolve points to spend--even if the patient would be at their daily limit. I believe the key play-balance factor here is the resolve points, which are used to limit many special abilities.

I always thought it was one additional time each day but when reading the text for a sprayflesh again, it does indeed seem to be the resolve points that set the limit.

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Alledisil wrote:

I think a starship travel and/or combat deck would be neat, similar to the crit decks. Roll a nat20 in starship combat?

Engineering - double the bonus you applied or shields you restored
Pilot - extra movement, facing turn, something
Gunner - weird crit effects!

or just some other random events. Drift encounters? stellar phenomena that can instantly change battle? (solar winds knock out all targeting systems, sudden comet dust storm reduces shields, etc.)

I’m ok with the crit conditions as they are- in regards to space combat.

There are already drift travel random encounters. CRB 291.

Solar winds and other space hazards sound like an interesting conditions to add.

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BigNorseWolf wrote:
SuperBidi wrote:
Shaken is a fear and mind-affecting condition. :D

It was in pathfinder, did they say so for starfinder?

Source Starfinder Core Rulebook pg. 277
You take a –2 penalty to attack rolls, saving throws, skill checks, and ability checks while you have the shaken condition. If you are already shaken and then become subject to an additional effect that would cause you to be shaken, the duration of the shaken condition increases by the duration of the second effect.

Yay - I knew there was something more to this.

So, could I use the same ability twice to increase the duration? Or must they be different sources?

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Dracomicron wrote:
Pantshandshake wrote:

Also, if any DM thinks I'd listen when they tell me I can't shake my robot baby or robot spouse... well, that's not a DM I want to play with.
Shaking your robot baby/spouse is how you reboot them, isn't it? The factory started making them with vibration sensors.

Dudes- What the actual friggin heck?!

You guys...

Never mind...

I mean, it’s funny, in a way- and it actually made med laugh out loud and smile to myself for a while, but that is messed up! And I’m still smiling and laughing about it. And that’s messed up too!

Where are you taking this discussion? It took an odd turn a while back- I’m not sure what to make of this.

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My 2 cents:

Dispiriting Taunt Has 60 ft range opposed to Demoralizing having 30 ft range.

Dispiriting Taunt range can be expanded up to 90 ft with long range improvisations.

Dispiriting Taunt Failing will always get your target Off-target if your target makes his save. So you will always get something opposed to the target making their save.

Off Target will stack with Shaken.

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In regards to space exploration and combat I would like to see the following situations and some rules for handeling them:

-Hazards: Asteroids: I am thinking of your PC's space ship is being chased by several fighters and a large battle ship. You have to escape the battle ship by going into the asteroid field and out manuevering the fightershipes or get caught or destroyed. Rules for chasing in asteroid fields.

-Cosmic gas that reduces sensor range, so it becomes very difficult to locate ships, making it a good place for your foes to escape or for you to escape into. Cosmic gas that make it so that your shields do not recharge and there can also be random strikes of space lighting that can mess up your ship.

-Dangerous space with harsh conditions such as Micro meteorites that could make several small holes in your ship causing all sorts of mechanical problems, maybe even creating a survival encounter with a malfunctioning drift drive.

-Black Holes: Your research vessel has flown to close to a black hole and is now stuck using its thrusters to push away from the black hole but without enough power to move away. Time slows down. Impending doom is slowly eating away at your ship. How can you sci-fi-magic your way out of this one? Get the mechanic to divert power from other parts of the ship, canabilize weapons for required parts, making them unusable later on- or sacrificing a vital ship function in order to live.

-Long travels make it so that the party/crew will get cabin fever if they dont have a a recreational suit. Space travel is not for everyone, especially for long journeys. Some people will even go crazy and vent out the pilot through the airlock or turn off vital ships systems. So maybe some rules for people going space crazy?

-Spaceworms the size of a large dog that will literally try to eat your ship! Shouldnt have landed in that weird asteroid cave looking for minerals! Now you are in space, the ship is having compartmentalised decompression issues because of the space worms eating holes accross the hull. Your ship weapons are not designed to shoot things on the ships surface, so you have to put on your mag-boots, climb on outside your ship and remove the problem on your own.

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Excellent as always! Keep it up.

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Steve Geddes wrote:

No, I agree with you on that bit. I meant the “if you are attuned or...” bit - basically when you use it as a reaction. That’s what the OP was asking about.

When you are attuned or fully attuned, you can activate this revelation as a reaction when targeted by a bull rush, disarm, reposition, or trip combat maneuver, in which case it defends against only that attack.
The bolded statement negates the difference between photon and graviton duration. Taking your interpretation is basically “you can always do this, except in two very infrequent corner cases” which just seems odd to me - why go to so much trouble ruling out something that hardly ever happens?

Oh, I see what you mean and it points out some details I had not noticed before. Thanks! :) I think what they mean is:

-If you spend a move action to do this, the duration depends on if you are graviton or photon attuned and it will potentially defend against several of those attacks.

-If you spend a reaction to do it instead, it only defends for that (single )attack.

You might want to spend your move action on something else like moving towards your target and rather use the reaction because you get better action economy, and that also depends of the tactical situation. If you spend a move action and you are graviton attuned it will count against all of those attacks

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Steve Geddes wrote:

So you think the bonus “when you are attuned or fully attuned...” bit (which only lasts for the triggering attack is usable in both in photon or graviton mode with equal efficacy?

It basically means “you can also do this unless you’re fighting very weak foes, or you’ve just had your turn and used a zenith revelation, thus becoming unattuned”. It seems like a really weird limitation to put on it to me.

You almost got it. Not equal efficiency, but one full and the other partial efficiency.

If you are graviton attuned or fully graviton attuned and activate gravity anchor as a move action, it lasts until the end of combat. You activate the ability once, and it will last potentially several rounds.

If you are photon attuned or fully photon attuned and activate gravity anchor as a move action, it lasts for 1 round.

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Just wanted to say you guys pointed out some great tactical advantages with envoy abilities I was not aware of- thanks! : )

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Gravity anchor page 104 crb

As a move action, you can form a gravitational bond between yourself and either the surface you’re standing on or the objects you are holding. This grants you a +4 bonus to your AC against bull rush, reposition, and trip combat maneuvers if you choose the surface underfoot, or against disarm combat maneuvers if you choose objects. The bonus lasts for 1 round or until you leave graviton mode. You can have only one gravity anchor active at a time.
When you are attuned or fully attuned, you can activate this revelation as a reaction when targeted by a bull rush, disarm, reposition, or trip combat maneuver, in which case it defends against only that attack.

If you are photon attuned, using the gravity anchor power will only last 1 round
If you are graviton attuned, using the gravity anchor power will last for the rest of combat.
This shows absolutely that there are powers that can be used when you are in the opposed attunement. Of course, not all powers work that way, just make sure you read the powers text.

Starfinder Charter Superscriber

If you are graviton attuned or photon attuned, you are attuned. So, yes, you can be photon attuned and activate graviton powers. Some powers might be explicit about which attunment you have, but unless that is meantioned your player is right.

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This may have been brought up before, but I could not find a thread for it. I want to get my wife interested into playing RPG's with me. I do not know how to go forward with that because she has always been a bit hesitant about these "weird/odd games" I play in the basement with my friends. She likes videogames, fantasy and sci-fi movies and series.

I was able to get her into science-fiction tv series by introducing her to the Firefly series and a few a few other series after that (Battlestar Galactica, Star Wars, all of the Star Trek series, various sci-fi movies). She enjoys cross word puzzles, video game tactics and board game challenges (Settlers of Catan). As for the actual role-play I have yet to see since, she has never tried it before.

I want to get her into Pathfinder and/or Starfinder. I think it would be fantastic if she would play these games with me (+friends), and I think she would like it, but I might be wrong. I could really use some advice on how to get her to play and hopefully continue to play. I dont want to start her in a major campaign, but maybe a good, funny and adventurous one-shot that could be played over 2-3 sessions. I want to make it about her enjoyment and that would make me happy as well.

-What is a good one-shot to get her interested into RPG's?

What advice do the Dungeon Master sages on the Paizo Forums have to say on getting your wife to play RPG's with you?

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Here are my two cents:

To answer your question I ask you in return:
What would it take to increase the maximum range of a firearm?
In my opinion the weapon would have to become more powerful somehow and a scope will not make a firearm more powerful, but it will increase accuracy at longer ranges (within the fire arm maximum).

I think scopes do not increase your maximum range, they increase accuracy.

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A fully loaded Efficient Bandolier will have the following:

Batter charges: 200-1000 depending on the battery
Smallarm Rounds: 300
Longarm/Sniper Rounds: 250
Heavy Rounds: 200
Explosives: 10 grenades

That is a lot of ammunition and all of it weighs NOTHING, because it is stored in the hybrid bandolier which weighs a single L bulk. Keep in mind, that this is a Lv 4 hybrid item. Maybe you are expecting something more from an item this level?

Beneficial purposes:
-One character could possibly be carrying ammunition for others in his or her group.
-It is effectivly a backpack for ammunition that's two main advantages is large storage capacity and swift access.
-Your PCs might pick up a lot of ammo during their adventures.
-Easy book keeping in regards for weight.

You could have an analog Bandolier that will store items for you with swift access that has less capacity and will weigh you down with ammunition stored in it. That would most likely be more beneficial in the long run when you can buy/find better magic and hybrid items that are more worthy to take one of the magic item slots.

As for attaching stuff to your armor/cloths, I would not see a problem at all for the GameMaster/StarLord to say that you can have swift access to 5 grenades that are hanging from your belt or something akin to that.

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Pantshandshake wrote:

I'll start here, with the reloading rules from AoN:

Unless stated otherwise, reloading is a move action that includes grabbing ammunition you have readily available. Some weapons require different actions to reload; see the weapon’s description.

I think the 'readily available' part is probably where the breakdown is, as far as what the bandolier does.

As players, of course we envision our character with some kind of tactical rigging that has batteries or magazines in it, that we can reach easily and without looking.

I think (some) GMs and the game itself are under the impression that if you didn't specifically buy something to keep your ammo readily available, then your ammo is just stuffed into your backpack, so you'd have to retrieve it, and then reload your gun.

Enter the bandolier, which not only holds a ton of all kinds of ammo for you, it also brings said ammo to your hand for ease of reloading.

You got this right!

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BigNorseWolf wrote:

I can't figure out what the item is supposed to do. Reloading is a move action that includes all the required secondary powers (finding the ammo, popping the old magazine out etc) and if you burn a swift action to hold the battery in your hand then... reloading is still a move action.

Retreiving an item from your backpack is a move action.

Reloading your weapon is a move action.

The bandolieer makes it so that you can retrieve ammo as a swift action and then reload as a move action and then you can use your standard action to shoot, all in the same turn.

Without the bandolier you have to spend 2 move actions to retrieve and reload your fire arms, so you would not be able to shoot until your next turn.

If the ammo is in your backpack, it is not readily available, that’s why it takes a move action to get it.

CRB 247
Manipulate an Item
Moving or manipulating an item is usually a move action. This includes retrieving or putting away a stored item, picking up an item, moving a heavy object, and opening a door.

CRB 247
Unless stated otherwise, reloading is a move action that includes grabbing ammunition you have readily available. Some weapons require different actions to reload; see the weapon’s description.

Starfinder Charter Superscriber

This is relevant:

Armory 74

Powered armors of Large or greater size use their own arms and hands, rather than allowing the user to manipulate objects or weapons with their own hands. Operating such a suit of powered armor requires all your hands to be free (within the armor’s cockpit) and allows you use of all the armor’s hands. Large and bigger suits of powered armor have two arms and hands unless specified otherwise.
Powered armors of Medium or smaller size allow the operator to use its own limbs (however many that is), and does not require any hands be free in order to operate the functions of the powered armor.

Starfinder Charter Superscriber

Improving poison DCs is good on its own for those who like using poisons frequently. Very specialized, but that is OK.

Starfinder Charter Superscriber


Thought I would add to the topic: that the Energize Spell hack refers to both batteries and power cells as energie sources to cast a spell. I guess they are two different things but with the same function, but I’m not sure.

Energize Spell (Ex) Once per day as a move action, you can use a battery or a weapon’s power cell to power your spellcasting, enabling you to cast one spell you know without using a spell slot. This expends 20 charges per spell level from the battery or power cell and requires you to touch the battery, power cell, or weapon. You must cast the spell before the start of your next turn, or the charges are wasted with no effect.

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Thanks for pointing that out - it actually makes sense now. The ammunition types on table 1-8 are explosive ammunition's with the fiery description in addition.

We could expect ammunition types in the future that are exclusively explosive or exclusively fiery.

To answer the original posters question about what the damage type is correct: A weapon that is loaded with the explosive ammunition from table 1-8 in the armory deals half fire damage. The ammunition has the Fiery quality in it as well, so on a critical hit, all of the damage becomes fire damage.


Armory page 28
Fiery ammunition bursts into glowing embers when fired. While this is not enough to change its normal damage to fire damage, any extra damage from a critical hit is considered fire damage and the weapon deals half damage to targets that take half damage from energy attacks but no damage from kinetic attacks (such as incorporeal creatures) and counts as a weapon with the explode special property against creatures with swarm defenses. If fiery ammunition is used in a weapon that already deals half fire damage (such as a weapon with the flaming weapon fusion), on a critical hit, all the damage dealt is fire damage. At the GM’s discretion, fiery ammunition can set extremely flammable materials on fire, such as oil-soaked rags or dry tinder.

Armory page 55
Explosive ammo is used with projectile weapons and is available for most projectile weapons and other weapons that fire arrows and darts, as noted on Table 1–8. A weapon firing explosive ammo deals its normal amount of damage, but half of this damage is fire damage and grants the weapon the knockdown critical hit effect. If the weapon already has a critical hit effect, the knockdown critical hit effect is added and considered part of the weapon’s normal critical hit effect. If the weapon normally already has the knockdown critical hit effect, it instead gains the push (5 feet) critical hit effect in addition to knockdown, and this considered part of the weapon’s normal critical hit effect.

Starfinder Charter Superscriber
Scottybobotti wrote:
Explosive ammo from the Armory (p.55) says that it deals half fire damage if you load it in your weapon. However, it also has the fiery special property which says it doesn't do half fire damage (p. 28) Which one is right?

This one has me stumped - it does not add up the way it is written in the CRB. It’s like the explosive and fiery qualities were meant to be two different things but were not separated and now conflict each other. Have I got this wrong?

Starfinder Charter Superscriber

Thanks for pointing that out to me :) Under the conditions of the scenario you made:

What I said about simply walking away would still let the opponents know the location of my character. ()

By successfully sneaking away would keep my opponents unaware of my location.

So, yes, this is looking rather potent. Cast the spell and then sneak away in the shadows, forcing the opponents to guess where you are.

Starfinder Charter Superscriber

I’m not sure you would need to try to stealth at all in this scenario. You have total concealment in dim light/dark conditions or partial concealment against opponents with dark vision. This is regardless if you shoot, melee or cast a spell. My take on it, is that your casting will let your opponent most likely know which square you are casting from. You can then just walk away into a different square and depending on your opponents vision they will not know where your square is.

Starfinder Charter Superscriber

With the agile casting feat, you could fool your foes into attacking a square you are no longer in, so you can still get around doing the -God Mode-. A player might ready an attack action to counter this, but it’s powerful all the same.

Starfinder Charter Superscriber

For critical hits, I would imagine your radiation infused ammunition poisoning the target because the hits penetrates the armor and environmental protections, so it will hurt you despite protections.

As for rolling a 1- not quite sure how to explain this one.

Starfinder Charter Superscriber

That second video/part 2 on ready and delay actions cleared some things up for me- thank you!

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Great news - I am totally going to punish my wallet when the WizKids Starfinder models come out!

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If you take damage when casting a spell you lose the spell.
Ref: CRB 331 under Concentration and Interrupted Spells

You can interrupt a spell with an Attack of opportunity, because AoOs are always resolved before the triggering action.
Ref: CRB page 248-249

You CAN interrupt a spell with a casting time of 1 round or longer with a ready attack action. Keep in mind you do not have to ready an attack action against a caster to interupt spell casting, you can simply take a normal turn on your initiative and damage the caster.
This implies that spells with casting times less than 1 round are not uninterruptible with ready attack actions. This claim is also bolstered for the rules on page 249.
Ref: CRB page 331

You CANNOT interrupt a spell casting with a ready attack action because readied offensive actions are resolved after the triggering event/action. The exception is spells with casting time of 1 round or longer.
Ref: CRB page 249

Exception: You CAN interrupt any spell with a ready action to cast dispel Magic.
Ref: CRB page 351

You may be asking yourself, why would you ready an action to attack someone casting a spell when it might not interrupt them depending of the spell casting time?

-You do not know what they are going to cast and it is not actually worth readying an action to shoot a spellcaster when you can simply delay action and jump in on a later initiative of your choosing or take your turn normally.
-If you can counter spell, it is worth readying an action.

Starfinders spell casters are extremely vulnerable if everyone can simply ready action to shoot the caster in the face and potentially ruin every spell casting possibility they have. It would ruin the game for casters. This is why spells with a casting time of 1 standard action is protected against readied attack actions.

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