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One to run this past you and ask your opinion on this. Right now I'm thinking at to level of Rogue sniper going into the Marksman class from the psionic book. If I take a third level in The Sniper it would pick up an additional 1 D6 sneak attack and increase sniping sneak attack range by 10 feet. I could also take a rogue trick down the road that would give another 10 feet for sneak attack damage bring that total to 50ft sneak attack damage range. Or get started after two levels on the Marksman class which is a pretty good sniper class. Either way I'm planning on taking the feat that gives you 1D six additional sneak attack damage. Do you think the additional 1D 6 sneak attack and 10ft range is worth holding off on the Marksman class for another level?

I think the range isn't important pbs doesn't work beyond 30ft. Neither does the marksman special ability so you'll want to be within 30ft as often as possible anyway. A d6 is always good, and you'll always be lower than a same level rogue if you go marksman so an extra d6 is nice. If you get another rogue talent for sneak attack that's even better. But if you are going marksman regardless I wouldnt worry about increasing range or the d6.

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Here you go.

Assassin's sight is a wondrous item that you attached to your firearm, allow you to set your range for dealing sneak attack, up to 90 feet I believe. Also Silencing weapon enchantment allow you to snipe without making huge noise.

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Sniper's Goggles exist.

Not cheap or easily available at low levels, but a pretty standard method of gaining greater sneak attack range.

Some ideas on how to make sniping better/thematic:

Scout archetype. At level 8, every time you move, you get sneak attack damage. Comes in at later levels but it's a solid archetype.

VMC magus
- Arcane Pool feature, amazing for rogues
- Arcana at level 7. Arcane Accuracy if your int is high, swift action for + int to the roll. Prescient Attack is also good denying Dex after a hit until the end of your next round.

VMC wizard, perhaps the better option for a single shot sniper
- Diviner/Foresight school, roughly, roll a d20 once in a turn use whichever roll you prefer.

- Bullseye Shot, used move action to get +4 to ranged shot
- Focused Shot, standard action add int damage to shot, if going with any Int choices
- Kirin Strike, harder to pull off, if you go this route with int, feat heavy but cool.

human unchained rogue (scout, sniper archetype)

1.Weapon Finesse, Point-Blank Shot, Dampen Presence
3.Precise Shot
4.Expert Sniper
5.Rapid Shot, Master Sniper
7.Deadly Aim
9.Ranged Feint

You might also want to consider the Vigilante class, Stalker specialization. I threw together a build that does a decent job of sniping. Check this thing and scroll down to the chunks of blue text.

Slim Jim has more of a heavy hitter, but this one is pretty good at pulling off sniping in the "long range fire support" kind of way. Plus, your shots eventually get riders like free intimidates and nonlethal damage with free intimidates.

I mean, how cool is it to take out a mook with one shot, only to have their nearby buddies have a heart attack from the shock and surprise?

Rosc wrote:
Slim Jim has more of a heavy hitter...

The one-shot drop factor is incidental; the far, far more important aspect of that build is the ability to get away with it.

Hide, you fools. Hide!

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