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Can you use TWF with fists?
Unarmed combat like in a bar fight?


Yup, unarmed strikes are light weapons too.

Anyone have a refrence for this? I would think your Unarmed Strike is 1 weapon, not 2+.

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Old FAQ is old.

Okay, no actual reason. Thanks.

That you can TWF with unarmed strikes (because you can punch with your left and right arms) but you can't, four, five, six, etc. fight (because you could presumably also be hitting people with your knees, feet, elbows, forehead, etc.) is one of the reasons that there's a distinction between "your actual hands" and "you've only got two hands of effort" in Pathfinder.

Of course, that would arise the same way because someone can strap on a boulder helmet, a boot blade, armor spikes, and wield two kukris and they still can only make two attacks* when TWFing.

So I think the point of the rules is that the two-weapon fighting full-round action entitles you to take an additional attack with whatever weapon you haven't already used, no matter how many weapons you have. So there's no real difference between "letting someone use the dagger in their left hand after they used the dagger in their right hand" and "letting someone punch with their left arm after they punched with their right arm" so the rules should reflect this.

*at, say, level 4.

How manu UAS can a demilich make? What if he had 4 arms while alive? Probably best to just avert the eyes on this and move along.

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toastedamphibian wrote:
Okay, no actual reason. Thanks.

In the threads, the reason was paraphrased as "we couldn't think of why your foot and your nose isn't two weapons so we are allowing".

The point of TWF is "when you make an extra attack"

Your main attack and iteratives take primary penalties.

The extra attack gets "offhand" penalties.

Humans UAS are light weapons.

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