Inspire courage as a non-bard


Is there a way to gain the inspire courage ability without either taking a level of bard or taking the variant multi-class bard option?

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Exemplar brawler, evangelist cleric, sensei monk, martyr paladin, oath of the people's council paladin, storyteller medium, ocean's echo oracle, steel falcon prestige class

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A couple of archetypes offer it:

Oath of the Peoples' Council Paladin
Ocean's Echo Oracle
Exemplar Brawler
Evangelist Cleric
Sensei Monk

That's about it, as far as I recall. There aren't any items or feats that grant the ability, though you can summon/call a couple of outsiders with Bardic Performance.

I believe there is also a Fighter archetype that grants it, albeit at an incredibly reduced rate. And it doesn't actually count as it?

And here it is: ned%20Commander

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Or. Play a bard. The best of classes!

Varient multiclassing bard

Inspiring commander
Battle herald

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Cavall wrote:
...The best of classes!

No, Occultists don't get Inspire Courage. ;)

Castilonium wrote:
ocean's echo oracle

And you have a curse that gives you compulsive singing disorder!

I was actually going to start a similar thread, mostly because ways to creat buffs aside from spellcasting fascinate me. Not trying to threadjack, but I wish there were more martial buffing options for allies.

Mbertorch wrote:
I wish there were more martial buffing options for allies.

Swift aid, Flagbearer, banner, aid another abilities. they're out there if you look.

A Shaman with the Battle Spirit gets a Spirit Ability (confusingly also called Battle Spirit) which is like a weaker version of Inspire Courage.

Cavalier halfling of order of the dragon 4 than bard 1 than battle herald x.
Mount = dog with horse master feat (full progress).
Dog takes a bodygaurd feat and aid.
You buff, aid (with halfling trait) take blundering defence and crane style.

All love you dearly.

Evangelist cleric with the heroism subdomain


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