Class Deck Character sheets update?

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Any news on if/when the Class Deck download will be getting updated with Magus and Tales character sheets and deck lists? Right now my players are marking directly on their sleeves since they dont have a printed sheet. My downloads show that the last update to the CD file was Feb 2017 and Summoner is the final new addition.

According to the latest blog, everyone is currently on vacation, so I guess it will be a couple of weeks until we get to see them.

I'm using a character sheet for CD Seltiyel using a template for Libre Office I made; using tables, you can quickly set up passable character sheets that work well enough until they update the character sheets.

That being said, I'm looking forward to those sheets as well.

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The process for handling these was pretty haphazard. We're in the process of fixing it, and will have a bunch of things ready in the next couple weeks.

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Has there been an update on this? :)


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Any update? My PDF was last updated Feb 2017.


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I am hopeful that we'll get fully caught up (and actually slightly ahead) within a month.

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My plans didn't call for our layout artist to break her leg and be out for three weeks.

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Oh, no! I hope she feels better soon!

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Whenever my fiancee and I want to deflect blame for anything (for example, having to go to work because we haven't won the lottery, which we never play), we blame Planning. It started with, "Well, that's just poor planning," and migrated to, "We SERIOUSLY need to have a talk with those jerks over at Planning..."

That said, please pass on wishes for a speedy recovery.

And send the medical bills to Planning.

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Vic, Please pass on my best wishes on a speedy recovery!!

So, while we wait for her recovery, can you comment on what exactly changed now?
Did you make the process of generating those sheets partially automated, or how will things be different in the future?

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Basically, we had been treating these things as web content rather than as product content. The distinction between those things is a bit "inside baseball" (as Erik Mona would say), but the upshot is that the number of people who are thinking about making sure it happens has roughly tripled. The creation of character sheets, card lists, and PFS pregens, which all overlap pretty significantly, are also now directly related to one another.


Any update on when the character sheets will be available?

Any updates?

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They look great!

More seriously, Sonja is back from convalescence and has definitely worked a bunch on these. I proofed the PFS pregens a bit ago, so I suspect that they'll be ready for posting in the not horribly distant future, though Vic is _far_ more able to answer that.

I can't imagine the Pathfinder 2 announcement on top of weeks of backlog has helped them to have available time, so I know it's tired and unfortunate, but your patience is - as always - appreciated.

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We created our own sheets by just photocopying both sides of the character and roles cards and print them on the same page. And applying errata if need be. Quite efficient. But I wonder if I am allowed to share those. I guess not.

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So, how are those character sheets coming along?

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Soon tm ;)

Intersting to see how ultimate xxxx decks change the character cheets. Most likely separate sheets for ultimate cards. Otherwice there would be too Many possible configurations.


When will the character sheets be available? Seriously, it's been 7 months since this thread started.

Send me the template and the images of the character cards and I will do it for you.

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Do we have any updates on this?
I've got a local con coming up and it'd be really nice to provide these sheets to new players.

May I add my voice to the calls for this? Nothing really to add other than another person wishing it was done.

Been a few more months now :(

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My guess is that they'll be released once Ultimate Wilderness comes out.

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After that there seems to be a bick Gap in releases, so that is a good ques....

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Sorry to bump yet another thread on this.

As an FYI there was a community member who created the character sheets

PS, I'd still like to see the official sheets on the paizo website along with decklists. But in the interim, this is what we have

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