Halfling sword+shield fighter with Antagonize


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I'm trying to build a small-sized fighter (so can either be halfling or gnome, but going with halfling for now) who "tanks" (like in an MMO), mainly for the spectacle of it :)

he's for PFS so 20 point buy. currently looks like this:

Strength 12
Dexterity 18
Constitution 14
Intelligence 7
Wisdom 11
Charisma 15

1)Two-Weapon Fighting, Improved Shield Bash
3)Iron Will
4)Step Up
5)Combat Reflexes
6)level in Mouser Swashbuckler
7)Following Step, Step Up And Strike
9)Cautious Fighter
10)Desperate Swing
11)Shield Mastery

so he's a basic TWF up until level 6, when he gets Underfoot Assault (and +dex to his short sword and light shield), which should allow him to really stayed glued to people with the step up feats.
any tips welcome, but remember that i'm sticking *at the very least* to a small sized melee fighter with sword + shield.
thanks! :D

Shield Slam can be pretty fun, especially if you have Combat Stamina. If you use a light shield you can wield it with Weapon Finesse. With 3 levels in Unchained Rogue you could even do decent damage with it. At 4th level you'd get some buff/debuff ability too. I'm guessing that the best way to make monsters attack you is probably to inflict reasonable damage on them.

If you really want Antagonize, that seems to call for a Brace Weapon.

If you are going Mouser, that seems to call for Sneak Attack Damage.

If you are using Shield Bash, that seems to call for Bull Rushing. With the Size limit on Bull Rushing via Shield Slam, which has size limits, so take Harder they Fall via levels in Inquisitor, Eldritch Guardian, or Cavalier. I'd say 1 or both of the former, because there are lots of Teamwork Feats you can take that improved Flanking, Combat Maneuvers, and Sneak Attack Damage. Eldritch Guardian gives you a Familiar that knows all your Combat Feats, giving you and effective Flanking Buddy. Inquisitor lets you use all your Teamwork Feats as if your allies all had them. Plus, Bane, which does not scale down with size.

How married are you to Sword and Board? How about Hammer and Board, say Thunder and Fang?

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Are you married to Fighter? If the goal is a tank, then Compel Hostility (as a Paladin or Ranger) is another route, since Antagonize can only affect a target once. You'd lose some feats (fewer with Ranger), but the saving bonuses might negate the need for Iron Will, at least.

I feel if your going for the mmo style tank you need some ways to ignore and mitigate damage rather than just having high armor class. Maybe even some fast healing like skald vigor (lots of ways to get FH, skalds just have it easier than most)

so chains specifically for ignore damage - crane wing, deflect arrows, misdirection tactics

and mitigation - stalwart/improved, bolstered resilience

I agree with the attack of opportunity stuff for tanking, you would want to go combat patrol to cover more ground? if you can trip with your attack of opportunities you can stop opponents from advancing towards your other party members.

Antagonize in particular is hard to use effectively as anything more than a debuff, most DM's in my opinion would still attack the person they want to attack and just eat the minuses (and the intimidate version can only be used once)

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See also unbreakable fighter and: http://www.d20pfsrd.com/feats/general-feats/fast-healer/
in addition to fey foundling.


http://www.d20pfsrd.com/feats/racial-feats/cautious-fighter-combat-halfling /




and to aid your allies:
http://www.d20pfsrd.com/feats/racial-feats/blundering-defense-combat-halfli ng

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lots of good tips here, thanks everyone :)

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