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im not certian that this is the right place for this question,but i couldnt find a better place for it
so me and my group have decided to play the carrion crown and i have decied to play an inquisitor of pharasma and another player has decided to play a witch. in the discription for carrion crown inquisitors it mentions that inquisitors of pharasma often hunt witches.
from what i have read, pharasma is more intrested in killing undead then witches.
so i guess my question is why are these inquisitors hunting witches and will it be out of character for mine to adventure with a witch?

Maybe your character is travelling with the witch to keep an eye on her, and make sure she doesn't follow the dark paths taken by so many witches, including necromacy....

In the game, that character may not immediately identify as a Witch. In real life, people only say what their profession is because it's an icebreaker. In the game, it's nobody's business and a lot of adventurers are like that. Don't confuse what the player knows with what the character knows.

Having said that, your character may be familiar with rituals used by Witches and may end up becoming suspicious of the other character as they perform said rituals. Things like this can end up creating great dynamic tension leading to better role playing.

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I don't see why Pharasma would have more of an issue with Witches than she would with other arcane spellcasters. Sure, if you go around raising an army of undead minions she's going to have an issue with you, but she'd have the same if you're a Druid or a Sorcerer too.

If anything, Pharasma's portfolio includes births and midwifery, which clings pretty closely to real world historical role of a lot of women termed "witches".

I don't see why, honestly, a Witch could not be a devout Pharasman. Pharasma is big in Ustalav, and the people of Ustalav may have issue with Witches (being a superstitious lot) but the Lady of Graves herself I suspect doesn't care all that much. I mean, the Pharasman church explicitly has "White necromancers" in their ranks (they study and perform necromancy, but not to raise undead) so she definitely doesn't have an issue with classes/job descriptions. Healing, Portents, and Death (you don't get any "create undead" stuff) are appropriate witch patrons for Pharasmans, I figure.

Sir Kibblesnbits wrote:
in the discription for carrion crown inquisitors it mentions that inquisitors of pharasma often hunt witches.

Actually, it doesn't. It says "An ever-growing sect of Pharasmin inquisitors"! emphasis mine Just don't have your inquisitor be a member of that sect and you're good.

The carrion crown players guide is talking that is just one sect (albeit a growing one) of Pharasmin inquisitors. The players guide says that they believe suffering is punishment for peoples misdeeds, they instigate witch burnings (probably not necessary the 'witch class' and are suspicious of arcane spellcasters.

So you can choose to be an inquisitor of Pharasma without being one of these jerks. Indeed, believing that your more tolerant views about arcane spell casters is more correct and that by focusing on them instead of undead these inquisitors are betraying the faith is likely to lead to some interesting roleplaying, assuming that this sect becomes important during the path (as the mention of it in the players guide seems likely).

Alternatively of course you can just go around constantly shouting "She's a witch, burn her!" which might be fun too.

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Does she weigh more than a duck?

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I didn't see that was just a sect of pharasma I was doing that is very good to know. thank you all for your answers

It's a fair cop, Fromper.

  • Hiding that you are witch until you have shown yourself to be trustworthy can work.
  • Of course if you have a perceptive, knowledgeable party, having them figure it out for themselves is going to be bad for you.

  • If you have a patron that the party can be sympathetic towards, play that up.
  • You will still need to prove yourself, but you won't be starting from a deep, deep hole.
  • Never, ever use Unnatural Lust to turn the Orc's attentions to another party member.
  • Try to be knowledgeable about the party, and play up with where you are in sync with them.
  • If your plan is to have a clever character intent on messing with the party, get over it.

The Pharasman Inquisition of Ustalav has an influential faction of anti-witchcraft crusaders. This is not an universal religious tenet of Pharasman faith. But as a result, Ustalavic witch characters have good reasons to be wary of the Pharasman state religion, and Ustalavic Inquisitors of Pharasma are likely to have associates or superiors who pressure them to persecute witches.

The most likely reason for the persecution is rivalry. The Pharasman religious monarchy of Ustalav isn't enormously tolerant of other faiths. The Ustalav kings of old forcibly converted most of the Varisian population from worshipping Desna and wandering the world, getting them to settle on lands that they took from Kellid peoples, stamping out the Kellid tribal religions (or driving them underground) in the process. It seems likely that the patrons of witches would be seen as pagan remnants of that ancient tribal worship. Pharasmans with a political bent would be jealous of any healers and midwives outside the state church.

Added to that are the legendary tales of evil covens of hags and witches throughout Ustalav's history, which stir up a lot of suspicion and hostility among the common folks. The nation just isn't that hospitable to witches. That said, there are remote places where people still keep to the old ways, where witches may be tolerated, respected, or even revered by the populace.

You might present yourself as an Inquisitor opposed to the witchhunting fanatics in the church. Pharasma is an impartial judge, after all, so you might be someone who insists on judging someone by their deeds rather than prejudice.

Ask your GM if you can read the Ustalav campaign setting, Rule of Fear. It will give you a great sense of the places you'll be adventuring in, and is nearly spoiler-free for Carrion Crown.

Note for your GM:
But Rule of Fear does give away the identity of the Beast's creator, almost. It gives two different identities, and a player can probably deduce which is the correct one.

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