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Secret Wizard wrote:

Reposting my current idea...

I'm thinking about doing some sort of space Anabasis – the players represent the crew of a ship in a small fleet sent in an offensive expedition to a foreign system... only to suddenly receive information that their patrons/empire suddenly collapses and now they have to make their way out.

Here's a breakdown of what I'm planning so far:

  • Campaign starts in a large hub of Empire A, who is waging a war against Empire B.
  • PCs are the crew of a scout sheep tasked to join a fleet.
  • Their mission: there's an uncharted sector (Sector X henceforth) near Empire B's system. Empire A has bargained with a secretive enclave (The Enclave henceforth) that operates in Sector X to make a warp point operational in that system. The idea is to bring the fleet into Empire B's system unnoticed, to stage a surprise attack.
{. . .}

Variation on this: The Enclave is actually a secret agency of Empire A, and has staged a coup, which is the reality behind the "collapse" of Empire A.

coldbringer wrote:
I've toyed with the idea of the PCs being the cast of a reality show about bounty hunters. As the campaign progresses the network gets tired of them as the protagonists and involuntarily recasts them as the quarry. Bigger campaign goal to figure out the why of their change of role.

Why, ratings, of course . . . Is this reality show by any chance about apprentice bounty hunters?

I was thinking on going on an adventure in the stars, an Adventure Star if you like

PCs aid a young Frank n Furter's rebellion against his planet, with sexy results.

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I'm thinking of a conversion to be set in the Star Fleet Universe (of Star Fleet Battles fame). Think the party will be an independent Orion pirate vessel exploring the Milky Way Alpha quadrant.

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I haven't had any better ideas than this one in the campaign concept thread, so I've mostly been figuring out how to start it.

What I have is this: there's an android chapel devoted to Triune that has been locked out by on of its volunteer priests. The priest, a drone savant, has locked themselves inside with some robot and AI companions, and trapped all the exits. The chapel's head priest asks the PCs, who all owe her a favor for something or another over the years (she wasn't always a priest...), to discreetly root them out and disable the traps.

WHen the PCs get to the drone priest, (we will call them Bob for now), Bob tells them that they've seen a vision. The kind androids sometimes get from their past lives, except this one is of a world full of nothing but androids, which doesn't, can't exist. Can it? As they describe their vision, Bob's superior goes from confused to awe. She's starting to "remember" it too.

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Space. The final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Triuneprise. Its five year mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to drop off new drift beacons where no pact worlder has gone before!*

*restrictions may apply. The actions and views expressed by contract infrastructure employees on behalf of the Church of Triune do not necessarily reflect the views of the Church of Triune. Do not place more than one drift beacon per solar week. Xenophobia, hostile new species, diplomatic gaffes, and using a tachyon burst wave interwoven with the communications array in order to somehow emit a signal that will stop a slumbering galactic threat from awakening even if it's never really explained how or why it works are common while exploring unknown space. For expeditions lasting longer than 4 years, seek medical help immediately.

The Collectors.

A wealthy patron hires the PCs to travel to exotic planets and capture interesting specimens for their private zoo.

Boomerang Nebula wrote:

The Collectors.

A wealthy patron hires the PCs to travel to exotic planets and capture interesting specimens for their private zoo.

Make them alter discover the rather dubious morals of the client

I vaguely feel like a campaign on a sublight generation ship could be interesting.
Imagine a ship with like 10-50 thousand people on it, maybe even 100 thousand, a behemoth of a generation ship, so that you can actually have quite the population to work with.
And then everything goes down - a lot of various problems begin happening at the same time and you sort of want to juggle solving those problems with figuring out why are they happening so suddenly. The cause of the problems would have been something like a weird interstellar organism latching onto the ship and slowly damaging it in ways that don't immediately make its' presence obvious.

"The Handmade's Tale"

- A community of advanced magic-using humanoids became decadent in their power.

- They created a community of anthropomorphized various skymetal golems (Handmades) to serve as menials, farmers, builders, and household servants.

- The master race wanted to improve on their golem slaves so they developed the means to Awaken them, giving them intelligence and free will and a deep sense of insecurity, a need to be needed. Some masters were able to get their Handmades to love them voluntarily, though Handmades only took to obedience out of fear and threats of harm.

- The master race grew dependent on their Handmades to the extent they could barely maintain their own civilization. Generations of the master race have come and gone, while the Handmades are effectively immortal and have been assigned to new households as needed. Legally they are considered public property 'on loan' to individual households.

- Eventually the last generation of makers died off without teaching their descendants how to build or repair replacements, and the arcane art of golem creation was believed to be lost, until...

- A certain Handmade discovered a trove of arcane writings, and taught themselves the specific rituals to be able to magically repair themselves and other Handmades, but the ability to create new constructs from scratch or to Awaken new Handmades still eludes them.

The Handmade is on a quest for this information and has even left their home planet to search for someone who can teach them how to do these things. The master race forbade any of the Handmades to leave their world and they're aware the Handmade has fled and are in pursuit of the Handmade to bring them back home to their assigned master.

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