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Didn't see that you already have to be trained for the archetype

That sucks quite a lot to be honest... I think I'll just let players pass on that one, I mean, they already need the archetype itself to have a progression for the weapon, why make them waste an additional feat on it?

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Dragon Styles Dragon Tail attack is also compatible with a Barbarians fury which (damage) benefit is halfved for agile weapons - and backswing is the next best thing

Lets look at the archetypes in order they came

The Pathfinder Agent seems kinda niche to me, not a fan tbh

Aldori Duelist ist a fun archetype for fighters and rogues and possibly for everyone else who wants to pick up some dex based fighting (and is okay to be resticted to one (admittedly very good) weapon)

Lastwall Sentry seems fine if you go to an campaign where you mostly want to bully undead, but the decication + shield warden seems to be nice for players who want to defend their allies

Living Monolith looks pretty good for any frontliner, not much to say about that - though dwarves might get a fetish on you ;)

Red Mantis [u]INfiltrator[/u] because, seriously, there is not much assassination going about, the abilities are in line whith what the red mantis peeps could already do but seriously lack in the assassination department

Student of perfection gives one...really not much, the feats are good but there are so few...one would guess there are more then three feats about a monastry where people train for decades

Magic Warrior - I don't think those guys deserve their name, there is little warrior and even less magic stuff going on. Also their whole 'no identity' schtick seems to be rather counterproductive for like 90% of campaigns availebe, I don't know why I would choose them...well, okay, the transformation has a few benefits but still

Hellknight Armiger has me surprised by not needing to be either lawful or evil (with lawful being the bigger surprise) so basically a good infiltrator could become an armiger. The feats are a mix between somewhat specific and very good, a solid dedication

The RUnescarred is interesting if you want to grab some 'Ace up the sleeve' tricks and for everyone who does want to go unarmored (makes bracers of armor much more reasonable)

The Lionblade seems good for people who want to infiltrate, so it is a good addendum for the red mantis - they get some nice abilities, Already knowing that the blade part of their name has not much to do with fighting prowess it was less of a letdown then the red mantis assassin or the magic warrior (but whoever named the group originall Lion Blade after a common weapon discriptor and a valorous animal didn't know jack about how to name properly organisations...)

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What I hope for halfcasters? Simply: leave them out in the rain

All classes are either full caster, focus caster or non caster and I think that is a good setup

Usually not at all, my players are mostly rather caring about their characters and even scarring can ruin it somewhat (if it's permanent)
On the other in different systems where are alternatives (magical prothesis) or of there is a way to regrow limbs it is not that bad

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I would seriously love something along the line of the 3.5 supplement magic of incarnum but I kind of doubt that will happen

Weasel, thanks for the post - that was a really good explanation

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I just noticed that the limitation for the damage from Rage is specifically the Agile trait - so if you eshew class dc based skills you are perfectly fine making a dex based rager of any kind

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So...you remove your spellcasting to get feats?

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This is the 'Two kinds of people' discussion of pnp players

Well spiked chain is indeed a little bit odd

but yeah, spiked chain and curveblade are the options to go for 2h sneak (so most likely you are an elf)

If a feat asks for a strike (without defining melee or ranged) - yes you can use a thrown melee weapon

If it asks to strike with a melee weapon - you should attack in melee with it

I am not entirely sure about twin takedown but I think it means you have to make melee attacks

Ah well that makes sense
Now that I think of it, are higher level spells harder to dispell with ani-magic?

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I skimmed over the class feats again and the answer seems to be: it depends on what you want

If you just want to hit hard and effective and your bow skill goes above all else go fighter

If you want to go on it tactical and more options that seem less standard go ranger

If you want a sniper consider rogue with one of the two as multiclass

And multiclassing wouldn'T slow down your progress by much and give you a number of options, but both seem to already have good options by themselves, so it depends, as said, on what you want (and of course a bit on the abilities sorrounding your skill feat)

Not sure if it's an error but RAW the only thing you got from heightening Continual Flame are increased material component costs...is that all?

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Ayronis wrote:
My PDF order has been stuck on "Pending" and "not available" since 10am this morning, but the CRB came through just fine. Is there something up with the Bestiary file or is it me?
FWIW, I was able to purchase and download it a few hours ago.
Interesting, because I purchased my .pdf this morning, too, and it still says it's not available.
I bought mine yesterday at the same time as the Core Rulebook and almost day later still can't download the Bestiary (the Core Rulebook was OK). I've mailed customer support but am not expecting to hear back from them until after GenCon :-/
Instead of going to the Digital Content of your account page have you tried the Downloads tab at the top of the posts by the Review tab? That's how I was able to get mine.

Thanks for the tip. I never noticed that tab before :-)

Unfortunately in this case the tab isn't there, although there is text in red at the top of the product page saying, "NOTE: You purchased this product yesterday." I guess it's just a gremlin in the system which they'll sort out in due course.

Np, but curses!

Hopefully you'll get your's soon.

Still waiting, purchased yesterday at around 3 pm and now its 9 pm and I don't have the option to download the book

I had a really horrible day and this would have been a nice little something to make it better

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I personally only knew about RPG Cards, if you put in a moment to learn the 'code' you can easily create a lot in a short ammount of time

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Got my digital CRB, looks great :D
Now waiting for the bestiary to be registred into my accoung

Combat expertise

Jokes aside, the discription of a feat that you have to take but has little to no advantage fits like an ass on a bucket (german proverb :P)

And I think Combat expertise is the most notorious because it:
1) is rarely, if ever, used
2) is totally bland and boring
3) is needed for a sh*tload of feats

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hitting on a 10 for a high level enemy doesnt seem bad to me

fighter gets better at hitting things with stuff but that is his schtick, so no problem there

all these numbers look actually fine to me

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First off: I rarely read such long posts on forum, but I kind of had to made an exception for our captain here :P

This ia a good feedback which hypes me even more, or rather gets the hype back on track after a devastating friday (nothing pnp related)

It's good to hear about the many option and I also think that it is indeed interesting to be able to get advanced feats without havin specific predecessor feats, certainly emphazises the importance of retraining and downtime

I will probably have not much chance to look at it thursday and even friday, but I am really looking forward to the weekend

Thanks for this review

I didn't think of the monkey form when writing my post tbh (or rather, I remembered it about an hour after posting) in that context this makes a lot of sense

I would guess both are valid way depending on whether you want the martial artist or the primal fighter (either way, the other is a good multiclass option for later on)

And the argument about the casting attribute seems to fit well too (if it would be called instinct instead of wisdom it would be on point)
The only sure thing is probably that a sayan won't use int for his 'magic'

And considering you always got a choice of two ability scores and a free one there aren't exactly many background that lock you out via unfitting stats

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It seems rather a rare case for monsters who do especially well in maybe one or two things, consider it a racial bonus

If the monster would have to go un in level everything else would be stronger and the 'signature skill' would be less impressive, also it would be more likely for a higher level party to confront the monster, so it would be even worse

Since it's rather rare I think it is a good design, so now and then a monster can really surprise you with its skills and make an more intersting opponent

In my defense: I didn't know for sure then that Gorum Followers can't be good

Are Staves (the ones with the magic charges) usable as staffs (the one handed weapon with 2h option)? Can runes be put on them?

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Ascalaphus wrote:
Chemlak wrote:

I can guarantee that Paizo are literally kicking themselves over the editing error on page 491 (right-hand column, second bullet point).

But I really love my SE - it’s gorgeous.

That's really an amazing error.
Ah, ye old secret page XXX. How I have missed thee!

As someone who doesn't have the book - what IS on page 491 right-hand column, second bullet point?

When starfinder dropped it was about 8pm est, I took a day off, that was a mistake

this time I take off the day after and just go to work that day, less time to wait and less frustration for me

Paladinosaur wrote:

What's the Bastard Sword like?

Can you give a list of all racial weapons?

The bastard word seems to be the same as in the playtest (d8, s, dual wield d12) (correct me if I am wrong)

dunno about the racial weapons thoug

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I am considering running the fall of plaguestone before starting my own campagin. Roughly inspired by the seven deadly sins anime I will place 7 corrupted knights with rising cr in the path of my party, each with different theme, minions, fortress and other encounters (roughly each spinning the reach of a level in the progression) Still have to think of a bbeg that corrupted the knights in the first place

It will be a bit higher in Power level and my players will each get the feats for a multiclass archetype besides their full progession

The Party consists of an Elvish Spellblade (inspired by baldurs gate multiclass of kensei and wizard), an Elvish Arcane Trickster (Rogue mc sorcerer) a half elvish, half orcish Druid (Multiclass still open) and then another elf which will be probably a cleric or champion of one of my three favorite goddesses (Sarenrae, Shelyn, Desna)

I guess Matter/Spirit could be the combination for psychic magic as the combination is kind of fitting for the telekinetic and ectoplasmic spell themes which were both a big part of it

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I want to retroactively add another Entry in honor of my Grandfather who passed just a few hours ago.

Number 102:
Name: Willhelm 'Willy' Wiemann
ABC: Human/Laborer/Bard
He tried always to be cheerful around his companions and wasn't about making a jest now and then on his own expanses. An Incorrigable Sweet tooth even though it was not exactly good for his health.
May his adventures last forever, you will be missed.

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Kyrone wrote:
What is the cutest monster in the Bestiary?
This one!

I wish that was in there, and the actual Owlbear art is cute and bear like.

Non-Sequitur, the Baby Bestiary 1 & 2 are awesome and packed with adorable art. They're also system neutral so will work fine with 2e.

Oh damn! Are those books full of such images of cute baby monsters? They look wonderful! ...I might have to get these... at least one. *_*

They are a real catch and even if it's just for flipping through it to look at cute baby monsters :P

Vlorax wrote:
mrspaghetti wrote:

What are the powers for the wizard Illusion school? In the playtest it seemed there were precious few of them compared to other schools.

Also, are the spells/powers laid out better in the crb than in the playtest book? It was a pain to find them in the playtest book since they weren't grouped by school or power. Even a parenthesized indication in the spell list as to school and/or power would have been nice.

The powers are now in their own section at the end of spells and organized by class and then alphabetically.

That's an improvement, searching for powers between the spell or looking at something 'hmmm...cool spell...oh wait, power...' was really annoying

I would rather hope that a 'magus' archetype would be general for spellcasters and not wizard specific - but there we go again -> some people wouldn't want to take a dedication

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Rysky wrote:
Seisho wrote:

So, it is clothing upgradable with runes, dex limit +5 and no further special properties?

EDIT: How does it compare to armor? (What is the max armor value one get get from nonmagical armor (including dex))

It depends on how you build your character, they all come out about the same, the actual armors having lower Dex caps.

All by itself, Full plate is the "best" at +6 but no Dex.

Thx, that's luckily not too much of a difference, seems fair

thx for the quick answers

So, it is clothing upgradable with runes, dex limit +5 and no further special properties?

EDIT: How does it compare to armor? (What is the max armor value one get get from nonmagical armor (including dex))

I've read it several times and have still no really good idea

Adventurers clothing or whatsitscalled

what is it exactly? Is it an Armor? Does it count as Armor? Has it special properties? In what colors is it availible?

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This seems about right, as said, one has to experiment a little with the number but like this a mob/troop of low level mobs might be a challange which can be cut down piece by piece

Not sure about the damage, if you go with higher group sizes it quickly becomes a lot

Maybe half the number of creatures or their cr added to it? Not sure yet

In the rules system this cames from it had a few extra notions that are hard to translate to pathfinder , but like this it already makes some monsters more intersting

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Spell progression is always the same, so: yes

Attack trait and touch range -> touch attack
attack trait and range -> ranged touch attack

It's as easy as that

And afaik all spells attacks are made by a casting attribute + prohphiciency roll, which is standard for the spell

You can usually touch the target automatically, though the spell might specify that the target can attempt a saving throw or that you must attempt a spell attack roll

means that you can automatically touch targets which are willing/not putting up resistance, the spell specifies the need for an attack roll through the attack tag, if there is no tag the target has to make a resistance check

And Purple worm sting has the attack tag in the playtest, it is probably an oversight

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Lets use the ffswrpg rules for minion groups instead

(trying a quick conversion here)

Start with a unit which has relative low life, attack etc (lets say a CR-4 creature)
add multiple of them -> multiply life by that number
increase attack by +1 for each additional creature
Add an action so they can attack multiple character with lower attack bonus
(might have to experiment with the number and of the mob should get other boni along the lines)

each attack can at most kill a single creature (except aoe attacks)
just remove hp like usual and everytime a creature is killed by an attack put down the number counter, the number modifier(s) and then continue with the weaker creature

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Considering Dragonball I would start with monk since the whole series is about martial arts and not about partial totem induced transformations

and considering son goku (and basically all sayans in his family) I would say take sorcerer dedication, they are not exactly wise but this also gets you blasting capabilities and charisma is (imo) waaayy more fitting then wisdom (also you have a better choice for other spells and don't >have< to stick to primal)

One could still go barbarian later on to increase combat prowess and get a nice little hp shield

And if you don't want to die as often as son goku & co I would build up con a bit more

How exactly are greatsword rogues going to destroy the game?

Xenocrat wrote:
Seisho wrote:
The feat that let a spellcaster grant their weapon an extra die of damage after casting a spell has been nerfed a bit. It now always grants a d6, rather than an extra weapon die. The type of damage depends on the school of the spell that was cast. Useful for taking advantage of weaknesses, The Orb supposes.
An extra dmage die instead of a d6 sounds like a buff, if you multiclass and get a weapon from d8-d12 its pretty good
It used to give an extra weapon die (and plus 1 to hit); now it only does 1d6 regardless of weapon die size. Ergo it’s a nerf

Misread that, dang, yeah thats a nerf, but still a nice thing (especially if you have weapons with low base damage to boost)

I think it also nicely aligns if you are a spellcaster with rogue multiclass

The feat that let a spellcaster grant their weapon an extra die of damage after casting a spell has been nerfed a bit. It now always grants a d6, rather than an extra weapon die. The type of damage depends on the school of the spell that was cast. Useful for taking advantage of weaknesses, The Orb supposes.

An extra dmage die instead of a d6 sounds like a buff, if you multiclass and get a weapon from d8-d12 its pretty good

Not as far as I know, but it IS a lot

I followed the playtest and tried to get as many infos as possible from the forums and a changelog would be long, very long

I am sure if you want some specifics you could get them here but it is simply too much to list it all

besides one would have to read the playtest, the playtest 1.6 update document, the archetype update document and the new core rulebook side by side and then see what was changed, what stayed etc

I have not the book yet but from what I've read reason to belive that there is a feat that increases your elven weapon prophicienc up to your highest prophiciency, which in some cases surely ia a nice plus (and at least gives you sooner or later expert with elven weapons)

Wow...that was fast, I am not a big dan of those kinds of documents but still gonna take a loot at it

Thanks for the work anyways :D

That's actually quite reasonable

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