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Shadow Lodge

With the announcement of Planes of Power taking a look at adventuring in the Elemental Planes, it's been a mentioned a few times taking a look at the Outer Planes, but also the Energy Planes. Each mention has lead to a request to start a new thread for that to show interest, and so, not seeing one that did just that, I figured why no give it a try.

I mean, when I think of Plane hopping, there are really the sorts of locations that spring to mind, checking out Heaven, infiltrating the Abyss for a quick in and out mission to rescue the soul of a friend trapped inside before too many demons catch on, testing your mettle against beings made from the very stuff of Good, Evil, Law, and Chaos, on their home turf.

So, what do you think? Is a Campaign Setting/Players Guide aimed at the Outer Spheres, (the Abyss, Axis, Elysium, Heaven,. . .), something you'd like to see? Something you would buy or want?

How about the Energy Planes (Postive and Negative Energy)?

What sorts of things would you like to see in such a product?

Would this work better as a setting neutral hardcover book? Planar Adventures!!!


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All of them. Absolutely all of them.

Especial desire to see more on the Maelstrom, Axis, Shadow, and the energy planes.

But just generally a guide to planar adventuring that covers the general types of possible adventures, what to avoid, what to keep in mind, etc and even some fleshed out adventure locations and major planar cities would be awesome.

Who are we kidding though, I eat up this stuff like wayward souls arriving on Trelmarixian's dinner table.

I want it all, and I want to write it all. ;)

Sovereign Court

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I'd like to see a non-setting-neutral hardcover, honestly (in the vein of Inner Sea Gods/Inner Sea Races). The planes have gone largely untouched since 3.5. It's about time. ^_^

That said, in the short term, I'd love to see a book on the Transitive/Energy Planes...

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...especially if I get to write for it. ^_^

(My love of the Plane of Shadow is well-documented elsewhere.)

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I feel like Abaddon, The Abyss, and Hell have already gotten some coverage via the books of the damned. So while I would like to see them, I would give preference to all the other planes. And please do the Shadow Plane as it's own book, and not lumped in with everything else. There is a enough there to easily fill a book.

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I would certainly love to see a Great Beyond redone and immensely expanded for Pathfinder, a nice thick hardcover.

While I'm interested in pretty much all the planes, I would probably be most interested in a book on the transitive and energy planes (Astral, Ethereal, Shadow, plus Negative and Positive), and a book all about some of the many demiplanes, especially the Akashic Record, the Circle Between, the Dimension of Dreams, the Dimension of Time, the Harrowed Realm, the Lost, the Machine Armory, Mnemovore, and many more. Demiplanes are especially fascinating since there's so much potential variety...

Of the outer planes, I am most interested in Axis and Elysium, though I certainly wouldn't turn down books on any of them.

I'd add the First World, but, well, that's already on the horizon. I do love it, though!

Seeing something on Axis, The Boneyard and especially the Maelstrom would be beyond awesome!!!

The Shadow Plane would be cool to visit as well, especially seeing what Shadow Absalom is like.

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While The Devils and Hell and Heaven have gotten books, the other less known planes like the Shadow planes, which literally has two playable species living inside it, would be fantastic because we just all know there is some horrifying Lovecraftian stuff living there. Furthermore, a book all about living in the Shadowlands might tempt Compton and crew to give us that Shadowlands Invasion plot line that PFS needs so badly.

Meanwhile, the Maelstrom and the Axis need a new book as well, something to demonstrate how weird and alien these two planes of existence would be. Imagine how dystopian it would be to be a human trapped in a world that MUST be mathematically perfect under pain of death.

I doubt the Boneyard needs a full book but some coverage would be nice. You can't adventure in a place that's lifeless.

The Exchange

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thecursor wrote:
I doubt the Boneyard needs a full book but some coverage would be nice. You can't adventure in a place that's lifeless.

I have some Pomegranate seeds that disagree with you.

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Darn, I thought this thread was going to be about the titular classic adventure module. I am disappointed :(

(It's an excellent adventure, by the way. I converted it to Pathfinder more or less on the fly and ran it for my friends a while ago — it was a blast!)

Shadow Lodge

I went with that name because its sort of the iconic planar adventure.

Have it both ways. A chapter on each of the major planes, then a chapter on settings. How does Golarion's dealings with the planes differ from an oriental setting? The planes of wood and metal may not rate an individual chapter, but how to run a game where an oriental made cubic gate is found would be useful. What about Spacefinder. Is hyperspace a part of the ethereal plane? If travel is done through the dark tapestry, will anyone who peeks out a window start to grow tentacles?

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the paladin falls.

While we're at it, I'd like to see Outsiders get "When Good goes Bad", "When Bad goes Good", "When Order goes to Chaos", and "When Chaos goes to Order" sections. After all, it is already in canon that Erinyes are often made from fallen Angels . . . .

Edit: For once, I got Ninja'd in a way that really serves as a good lead-in . . . .

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Bandw2 wrote:
the paladin falls.

That's a given. But in a plane with subjective gravity in which direction?

These are the hard questions that need answering.

Scarab Sages

I, for one, welcome our new positive and negative energy overlords.

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