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About Sundakan

Race: Human

Pace: 6 Parry: Toughness:
PP: 10

Attributes: Smarts d6 (1p), Agility d6 (1p), Strength d4 (0p), Spirit d8 (2p), Vigor d8 (2p) (5 points+1 for 2 Hindrances)

Skills: Healing d6 (2p), Intimidation d8 (3p), Notice d6 (2p), Faith d8 (3p)

Gear: See below spoiler

Hindrances: Grim Servant of Death (Major), Old Ways Oath (Minor), Vengeful (Minor)

Arcane Background: Miracles (Voodoo)

Powers Known:

Screams of the Loa (Fear)
Blessed Poultice (Healing)
Preserve Vitals (Environmental Protection)