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So excited to run this adventure. i was worried that i wouldnt be able to show the players the effects of the spores but they recently purchased and freed some slaves in okeno who want to come on their adventures with them. one of them is even in love with one of them. sometimes the players just hand you a gift in the form of easily killable loved ones

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Claxon wrote:

You don't get the stat block of the creatures, ever. You modify your original stats per the spells that simulate the effect you're going for (like Form of the Dragon).

In the event that a creature or object doesn't have an ability score you give it a 5 or 10 as appropriate and modify per the effect of the spell being simulated (again, like form of the dragon).

so would it be like giving the person the same abilities both SU and EX as well as spell like abilities from the race and then maybe like a stat increase if appropriate? but they would not change their stats to match a creature description? like say if i wanted to be an ettin i wouldnt get automatically 20 strength (or whatever they have) but like a +6 to strength?

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Wei Ji the Learner wrote:

Polymorph Any Object

So looking at this, most of the questions can be answered by looking into the bulk of the text, but as it is a bit of an advanced spell, going to break it down a bit it happens to be a spell I wish was used more in certain campaigns, but neither here nor there...

** spoiler omitted **...

ok so why would there be a line of "it gets a score of 10 if it didnt have one" if you just get the full stat block? if i turn an undead into a dragon is its new constitution 10 or the same as the dragon? a bit of context. a friend wants to use it to turn himself into a natural lycanthrope. is that possible and what are the limitations of it? can he use his lycan ability to shape change even though he gained it through a polymorph spell in the first place?

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so i am completely confused with how this spell is supposed to function. i understand the duration fact but my question comes with the actual effects that the spell produces when you transform. do you just get the powers, ability scores, hitpoints, etc of the thing you turned into or does it work more like animal aspect where you get a few abilities and stat increases? what if that thing also has polymorph abilities? can polymorphs stack on each other? do mental scores change to the creature you are using? if so why is there a line saying ability scores you dont have are set to 10 or 5? plz help

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Emissary archtypes give the ability

Share Will (Su)

Whenever an emissary or its master fails a save against a mind-affecting effect that affects only one of them, the other can choose to attempt the save as well.

If this second save succeeds, treat the original save result as a success, and the emissary and its master can’t use this ability again for 24 hours. On a failure, both the emissary and its master suffer the effects of the failed saving throw, even if one of them wouldn’t ordinarily be a valid target.

This ability replaces share spells.

now a player of mine has a Ioun Wyrd familiar with this archtype. he is claiming that because this ability allows his familiar to attempt the save and is immune to mind affecting effects. does it do that or does it just give him a extra saving throw without the immunity

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Fuzzy-Wuzzy wrote:

Nope. Spell-trigger items like staves only let you cast the spells on your class list(s) freely; for any others you need UMD.

You do only need to know one of the spells in order to recharge the staff, FWIW.


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If I have a staff with 3 spells on it and my class knows only one of the spells am I able to cast the other spells on the staff without a UMD check? Specifically a druid with a staff of fire knows wall of fire but not fireball or burning hands

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Esban Silvermoon wrote:

One of my favorite items to help in this area has always been Seducer's bane.

Wrist Slot Item wrote:

Seducer's Bane

Price 9,900 gp; Aura moderate abjuration; CL 6th; Weight —
This slender silver bracelet is worked in an intertwined design of three flowers. A DC 20 Knowledge (nature) check identifies the flowers as acacia, apocynum, and bilberry, symbolizing concealment, treachery, and falsehood.
The bracelet grants the wearer a +5 competence bonus on Sense Motive checks, and a +5 resistance bonus on Will saves against enchantment effects. If the wearer makes a successful Will save against an enchantment, the caster of that spell incorrectly senses the effect has succeeded. Additionally, the bracelet's wearer knows an enchantment targeted him and the enchantment's source. Seducer's bane creates an aura on its wearer, visible to detect magic, matching the failed enchantment spell or effect, and lasting as long as the intended enchantment's duration. However, if the bracelet's wearer attacks the caster or its allies, or otherwise acts in a way that's contradictory to the failed spell's effect, the caster of that spell immediately realizes the enchantment was ineffective.
Construction Requirements
Cost 4,950 gp
Craft Wondrous Item, detect magic, magic aura, resistance, creator must have 3 ranks in Sense Motive

Wow that's perfect actually. Pair that with my death attack and it makes a sound strategy. Follow them for 3 rounds as an ally then bam! Poisoned death attack

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Tabernero wrote:

Also... Any chance you can retrain that Assassin level into Rogue?

The Assassin PrC is reaaaaaaaaaaaaally bad.

Naw I like assassin. I've killed several people with death attack and poison use is helpful as we are using expanded poison rules.

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Protection from evil might be a good idea. I'm more worried about an upcoming boss who I suspect is a wizard or cleric or something and he worships asmodeus. Protection from evil will negate any mind control as well as any summoned monsters he uses. We don't have anyone to cast that because all evil party but maybe I can get a scroll or potion of it in town from the church.

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David knott 242 wrote:

How many levels do you have in each class? If you are one level short of a multiple of 3, you could plan on gaining a level in that class. If it is an odd level, you can take the Iron Will feat at that level as well.

The Lucky Horseshoe and at least one cracked/flawed Ioun Stone grant non-resistance bonuses to all saves.

A Headband of Inspired Wisdom boosts wisdom, the stat on which Will saves are based.

Level 1 fighter, level 5 rogue, level 3 assassin.

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So I'm playing a game as a rogue/fighter/assassin. I took over an NPC and had to keep it close to the base character. Because of the multiclassing my will save took a hit. I'm currently level 9 and have a will save of 5 on a good day and that is with a cloak. Are there any other magic items or techniques anyone knows that will help me against enchantment effects? Specifically charm and dominate effects.

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My players caught on to the haunt destruction pretty quick when it asked "what have I become!!!!!!!"
One of them pulled out their pocket mirror and showed it.

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Definitely make sure that your players in search for sanity don't

find out that the tatterman is a doppelganger. That completely makes him not scary

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I feel a big part of the game's fear factor is taken away when a player uses a knowlege skill. A haunt becomes a simple obstacle , an enemy becomes a stat block with a name. It's easy to take that information about a new enemy and put it as something categorized. When you define the fear it is a lot less scary. One of the parts my PC's got scared of the most was

in search of sanity :
when the players found the attic whisperer in the dark room. It called out unseen weeping and the players had no idea what it was and were a bit scared

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My party has a paladin so whenever a dg comes by the paladin checks the players for evil. He also checks dead bodies just in case

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Letric wrote:
Gilarius wrote:

Does your character have knowledge skills? If so, roll them on sighting an enemy or once you have evidence of what creatures might be around.

If you your GM won't tell you anything based on the DC and your roll, inquire why not.

However, your party sounds pretty disfunctional and you should probably not worry about the details and just treat it all as a bit of fun and have a backup character or 5 ready to play.

Or have a full, in depth discussion about how you and the other people want to play the game. And maybe find another group to play with.

On a high roll my DM will tell me that the enemy has DR, resistance to damage, maybe that can turn invisible or use spell like abilities but won't tell me "you know they're susceptible to charms".

The party is disfunctional. Having 1 guy healing as the main action each turn is not good.

Also Slayer is Longsword+Shield, and even having PA his damage is not that high, around 1d8+1d6 (if flanking)+ 10 probably. Sure, he has 2 attacks, but he miss more than he hits.

Ninja of course only deals damage when flanking, 4d6 each hit + 1d6 weapon.

Chess Pwn wrote:

ANY character with knowledge should know the Creature Statistics by Type in the monster subtype section.

Go study at a magic library in game to learn the weak save of many creatures.

But doesn't that fall under cheating? I mean, I know Giants have weak Will Saves because people say it here, but that doesn't mean my character knows it.

And how can I ask my DM to inform me of this? I can't straight ask "do they have weak will saves?" because he won't tell me.

the DC shouldnt be that high to know stats. the DC is 10+CR of the monster under the rules for the knowlege skill. also you can just infire that the giant slow dumb monster would have a high fort save and low ref and will even if you dont know what it is

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I was watching a strange aeons game on YouTube and the first doppelganger the party meets kept saying that they would have their turn when she was torturing the man on the table. The party ran away and she came back later and said "your turn"

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So noticula seems like a cool character. It mentions that the players have a chance to redeem her but why would she want to do that? Intent is a big part of redemption and as a being of pure evil I imagine she doesn't really hold empathy for anything and only seeks to gain power. Under what circumstances would she ever consider becoming good?

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so one thing im confused about. how much memory do the players have? they want to make backstories up to the point of their memory loss because they are playing as the kids of their old characters.

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i feel for you man. im stuck with an undetectable cleric, a paladin with insane saves damage and an AC of about 80 (touch of 51), a sorcerer that does icy prison mass for about 2000 damage to everything that fails a ref save, and a ranger that shoots tons of arrows that deal tons of damage to demons. this AP is like players running tomb of horrors on their GM. you are just meant to die over and over. best you can do is get one or two good hits in. maybe kill the weak on so he is dead while the cleric does a free resurrection.

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i actually may take this idea of your GM and not be a dick about it. its an interesting moral choice. my player's all powerful level 20 mythic 10 paladin may not be ready to die as he has a lot to do.

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Fuzzy-Wuzzy wrote:

RAW I have to say you come back to life wherever your remains are. So yes, if you die at the bottom of a lava pit you're screwed.

The GM should probably houserule it to work more like this ability:

Immortality (Su): At 20th level, a monk of the four winds no longer ages. He remains in his current age category forever. Even if the monk comes to a violent end, he spontaneously reincarnates (as the spell) 24 hours later in a place of his choosing within 20 miles of the place he died. The monk must have visited the place in which he returns back to life at least once. This ability replaces perfect self.

Except not using reincarnate, of course.

It's not perfect; you're still screwed if there is no livable place within 20 miles that you've visited. But 99.9% of the time you'll be ok.

Hope this helps.

the raw rule seems fine but ill probably allow them to spawn at a safe location closest to their remains. that is to say not an instant death pit. if they just so happen to have their bodies grabbed by demons who are ready with an epic weapon when they come back then oh well.

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Saethori wrote:
Fuzzy-Wuzzy wrote:
It's not perfect; you're still screwed if there is no livable place within 20 miles that you've visited.

Not entirely! If you're in an area where reincarnating anywhere within range leads to certain death, then you can just go twenty miles closer to safety, and then the next day when you reincarnate, you can appear twenty miles closer, and so on.

You're only doomed until you can get rescue if the place you died is a place you were teleported to (including Plane Shift), since only then would you have no route you could follow to eventual safety.

yah. its only months of painful death by melting. no big deal at all lol. i think if a player had to do that id make them roll against insanity or something

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one of the biggest problems in my game of wrath was not the feats. people sometimes forgot they even got mythic feats. for me it was the shear number of resources they have. by the last book the group has 23 mythic points that refreshes once per hour and again on a full rest, and with abilities like Wild Arcana and Inspired spell the group can cast almost 30 9th level spells a day and don't need to prepare the bulk of them. not to mention the fact the paladin was untouchable with an AC just over 80 from an insane CHR score and feats like Osyluth guile mixed with bastion of good as well as the cleric's damn undetectable weapon while wearing a ring of invisibility so i cant target the healer who can caste brealth of life with his channel energy. the group has an insane damage per turn and plenty of AOE abilities that most enemies can not match. most damage done to the party is aura effects or a lucky shot.

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so in this rule
"At 9th tier, if you are killed, you return to life 24 hours later, regardless of the condition of your body or the means by which you were killed. When you return to life, you aren't treated as if you had rested, and don't regain the use of abilities that recharge with rest until you next rest. This ability doesn't apply if you're killed by a coup de grace or critical hit performed by either a mythic creature (or creature of even greater power) or a non-mythic creature wielding a weapon capable of bypassing epic damage reduction. At 10th tier, you can be killed only by a coup de grace or critical hit made with an artifact."
it doesn't say Where the person comes back. does it work like resurrection and they just spawn where they died or where their body is taken or something? what if their body is in the bottom of a lava pit? do they spawn in the lava and die again? i am very confused by this plz help

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atmospheric story telling in a tabletop can be quite difficult. i suggest keeping dialogue low and set the right tone. some simple atmospheric music would do nicely. i love using the bloodborne sound track to set a tone. describe important details and maybe point out specific ones that may be important. other than that try to keep your players engaged. if they get distracted they will completely ignore you explaining the details of the far away castle. one good way to do this is put in an interesting enemy and describe something strange about the creature that is either a hint to what it does or a weakness.

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So i think i know what to do now. at the start of the next game im going to have them try to survive and flip the ship for a few rounds as their crew starts to drown and their fly spells run out. after that a huge wave comes and strikes the wreak killing 60% of their crew and causing them to wake up on the island. their ship will also wash up but completely damaged and beached. they search the island for stuff they need to repair the ship and find the treasure cave. whats more they find the bad guys who are also after the treasure are here. they fight the bad guys and take their ship as their own or for parts with enough crew to pilot it.

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so i have a question about something. is there a way for the PCs to get into the barricade with diplomacy tests instead of killing the doppelganagers? for some reason they are very against it (probably because of the scary display downstairs and the fact they are level 1) one of them roll a 29 diplomacy test to convince them.

also when the players go out to do stuff but come back to the chapel how do the guards know that they weren't replaced by doppelgangers?

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Kahel Stormbender wrote:
nosig wrote:
Combat Monster wrote:

I once had a wizard in the party who neglected to buy a spellbook.

Thankfully I audited his sheet prior to our first play session so he wasn't totally useless.

ah...realizing that a wizard gets his first (starting book) for free...

"A wizard begins play with a spellbook containing all 0-level wizard spells (except those from his prohibited schools, if any; see Arcane Schools) plus three 1st-level spells of his choice... "

Would have to double check, but in 2nd edition I don't think a spell book was an auto grant. And which type you bought made quite the difference considering spells took 1d4+spell level pages to scribe into your spell book.

wizards in second edition often got the shaft. 1d4 hit points? might as well kill yourself in the tavern meeting

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stormcrow27 wrote:
A 10 ft pole. Yes, I said a 10 ft pole. This is an item that comes in handy wedging open doors, for acrobatics boosts, and as a test unit for devil's mouthes holding spheres of annihilation....

how does one carry a 10 ft pole around exactly? cant we just use the fighter's pole arm?

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I have an idea. they don't kill it. I think it would be a cool idea to have to fight the tarasque over and over again. when brave heroes defeat it they do enough damage to it that will eventually have enough damage to be out for a few decades. then later new heroes must emerge to once again take up the mantle to fight the endless fight with the herald of destruction itself.

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Shadowlords wrote:

a key point here is to not tell the players how to solve the problem. they should have a firmer grasp on their characters abilities then you do and how to use them in this situation. They know were they are needing to go and have materials around to use to get there. If they dont figure it out in a timely manner or seem stuck, then throw the merfolks at them and either capture them or help them with the aquatic races, but they would "lose" their ship. its the way of life and adventure.

Last time i played a pirate game i lost over a dozen ships over the course of the campaign and at one point ever single item and gold piece i owned. yea it sucked and was annoying but its a game and the story progressed and it makes for a fun tale now of how i recovered and what i learned from the situation.

Some of them are new players and I don't want their first experience to be lost your ship sucks to be you. Normally I would agree. Also they have an NPC cohort who is pretty smart so she may be able to help them (CE level 6 gnome bard)

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Cuup wrote:
'Sani wrote:

At 8th level a Cleric can use 4th level spells. Which means they can use Control Water to flip the ship, and Make Whole/Greater Make Whole to fix it.

They may not be able to fix all of it, like the masts and stuff, but they can definitely get it flipped and jury-rigged enough to limp to land where they can effect full repairs.

Control Water only raises or lowers the water's depth in an area of (for this Cleric's level) 80x80x16'. I'm confused how this would flip the ship back over. Maybe if the change was instantaneous, the resulting rush of water from the surrounding ocean could cause a chain reaction, but I don't think that's anything the Cleric would have control over, and the spell's description doesn't mention if that's the case either way.

Maybe control water with the help of tying heavy stuff to one side. Use the water to row back and forth to flip it.

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Thunderrstar wrote:
What kind of ship is this anyway? Monst real sailing ships would have the masts sap when flipped and the keel would flip the ship back up again, then you have a distasted ship with a massive sea anchor. The way the sea anchor is fastened to the ship would decide how the ship acts in the storm.

it's a brig. 3 deck sailing ship.

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Tyinyk wrote:
What level?


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bigrig107 wrote:

Anyone in the party have access to Animate Dead?

We kinda need more information about the party's composition, so that we know what the party's resources are.

CG dwarf cleric

CN undine inquisitor, fighter uses pistols
CN half orc savage technology barbarian
CN human starsoul sorcerer (mostly combat spells but has conjure carriage)
CN android magus (all combat or buff spells)

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They can get to a nearby island (where they were going) on their rowboats but the problem is how can they flip their boat back or are they out 10000 gold they worked hard for

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So I'm a gm and running a pirate themed game. Recently the players were off to a spot on a treasure map that lead into a storm. During the storm a whale attacked the ship and used it's capsize ability to flip the ship. The players managed to kill the whale but their ship flipped over and their crew is in the water about 40 miles from shore in a raging hail storm. Is there anything my players can do at this point to flip their ship, should I have an act of God come save them in one form or another, or should they be lost at sea forever and roll new characters?

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I heavily agree with this review. I managed to make a few of the NPCs really interesting and the fights were horrible. Honestly I was really looking forward to book 5 before I ran it because the encounters were really cool and the atmosphere seemed really threatening and terrifying. Lots of potential. I however did not account for my players to be able to cast 8th level spells 20 something times a day and the paladin to have an ac of about 60. Book 3 was my favorite because the players had started to be powerful but we're not overly so. Xanthar vang was an interesting fight and I really enjoyed the players talking to him before the fight. Actually managed to kill the fighter with a mythic disentigrate spell. But overall the path was not very good.

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Vigo Thornrose wrote:

PC: But that clearly goes against several scenarios you've run in the past! Just last week you had an illusionist working against us with no mention of manifestations! *storms off*

your player kind of has a point here. if you had an enemy roll spell craft why didn't you have the player roll to determine the illusion? i mean the character casts illusions and presumably could see the caster so why didn't it prompt a spell craft check?

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lemeres wrote:

Short answer- magic glows. Even if you eliminate the verbal and somatic components, anyone can tell you cast a spell. Because there is a big glow going about.

Now, whether you cast an illusion, or a summoning, is all about spellcraft checks. Without spellcraft, they do not necessarily have a reason to believe there isn't suddenly a giant dragon in front of them (and in fact, I would use bluff when I actually summon to convince them it is an illusion...)

Spellcraft often goes off of verbal or somatic components, but it works without those. So maybe there are characteristic colors and shapes for schools and specific spells.

i wouldn't say that all magic glows. since there is no set rules for this it seems up to the gms how spells manifest but i would rule the manifestations of spell casting are very subtle (except the actual spell as a fireball seems pretty obvious) hence the spell craft check to identify it. if you are someone who doesn't study magic you wouldn't exactly know what to look for to tell if it was magic. if you could, spells like charm person, and illusions would be pointless as everyone would know it originated from the caster.

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My players always forget to get any bags other than those in the starting kit. Makes carrying all those bandit ears for bounties really gross without a seprate sack to carry them in

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18: I bet you can't find the gold coin I hid on that woman *points to iconic barbarian*

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When I see those domains put together here is what I see.

Harold the watchmaker
Underneath the city of Axis above the swearing Maelstrom there is a city. It's residents are safe from the armies of Axis and the proteans below, protected by an army of clockwork constructs . Harold can be seen in his massive clock tower that walks around the city. Harold will often send his creations up to axis to steal and return the stolen goods to his hoard.

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I would use various divination magics to get rich on the stock market, win the lottery several times and invest the money I make back into my own buissness.

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Wrath of the righteous: better Respec those demon fights or prepare for the easiest adventure path ever. Isn't mythic a great system?

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Ravingdork wrote:

In a recent game I threw a powerful witch at my players. Said witch, knowing the PCs had access to see invisibility, used dust of disappearance prolifically during the battle (which allows invisibility, and specifically defeats see invisibility).

When the witch later cast a spell, my players demanded to know his exact position (that is, grid square), citing that the FAQ made it clear that the magical manifestations generated from spellcasting are easily observable by all. They further claimed that, per the rules for invisibility, light sources (such as the glowing runes of spellcasting sometimes portrayed in Paizo's art) could not be hidden by invisibility effects.

I denied them this knowledge, and instead allowed them to make Perception checks to try and pinpoint the caster's square by sound (as he made no attempt to conceal his voice). They were less than pleased, but the game moved on.

What does the RAW have to say about this? Can you actually locate spellcasters via their spellcasting while they are invisible? Does nothing short of a high, opaque wall and a deaf target keep others from realizing you are casting a spell?

i would use the perception table to determine it. the DC for hearing the details of a conversation is DC 0 so if the target is close and the PCs dont have negative perceptions they should have no problem making the check. dont forget to add things like distance (+1 to DC per 10 ft) and if the target is through a closed door or wall. the rune thing is kinda b*!*$$$~ your players cooked up unless the spell was something with an obvious path like fireball or magic missle or something. if you want to avoid this problem give them a metamagic rod for silent spell.

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MichaelCullen wrote:

How aware of being charmed is an intelligent charmed target?

I understand that they will take it in the "most favorable way", but even taken favorably, most creatures would try to remove a charm that even their "close friend or ally" cast on them. Wouldn't they?

well unless they see the person cast it through their verbal components and somatic components they wont notice they are charmed just that the person is charming. if they do notice it they will be aware that they are charmed but will do what the person said unless its is something really out of character, in which case its an opposed CHR check. however after the charm effect has ended and the person saw them cast the spell they would be fully aware of the spell being cast and it will piss them off.

spell like abilities would negate them knowing what is happening because they lack verbal or somatic components.

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i had the same question for an npc i'm making. id say that an npc should not have the class as it seems to be about subservience and following a trusted leader but i wouldn't make a player change if they became a sovereign unless they wanted too. i would rule it that a player changes the edict to protecting the kingdom and his own rule. that would mean making hard sacrifices to preserve the kingdom itself over the people and if need be the player's own life. puts a bit more responsibility on the person to preserve the aristocracy and his lineage but without making it selfish like order of the hammer or cockatrice

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