Ancestor: Impossible Bloodline


Most bloodlines have distinct ancestors they denote (Aberrant come from aberrations, daemon from daemons, draconic from dragons..), or at the very least a vague group they could fall under (shadow from.. something from the shadow plane..), but there is one i've never had any clear understanding of; The impossible Bloodline.

What sorts of creatures could serve as suitable ancestors for an individual of the Impossible Bloodline? Is there anything that could serve, or is it more of a matter of individuals who have achieved some sort of view or level of understanding that they gain sorcery by breaking reality?

Not all bloodlines are by ancestry. Many are by exposure to strange energies, blessings of the gods, or bestowed upon by cosmic powers, take your pic.

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Sex robots.

Scarab Sages

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You see Ivan, when use enchantment on robot, you must always go through their heart, for when a robot knows love, then you can control it.

Anything you can come up with to justify it. Perhaps all Impossible blooded come from a small group of prophets who only knew one would be needed at some point in the future so they set out to discover how to introduce the bloodline and inadvertently created thousands without knowing which is the prophisized one.

Aeons, perhaps, or experimentation by axiomites.

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I like to think it's a consequence of someone going back in time and killing their grandfather, or otherwise changing history to remove themselves from it. People who exist only because of the change could have the potential to become Impossible sorcerers.

Secret Wizard wrote:
Sex robots.

I believe they prefer the term Fully Integrated Security Technotronic Officer.

No, wait, can I change my joke?

They call me MISTER Roboto.

Meh. I'll stick with the first one.

Simply, you go back in time and kill your grandparents.

People might say, "But you need to have ancestors, it's impossible to be born if you don't have any."


Or maybe you pull a Philip J. Fry.

Well, everything has to come from somewhere. And maybe that's just it. Impossible powers springing up at a random time, out of nowhere, for no reason. That sounds pretty impossible to me.

One of your ancestors caddied for the Dali Lama. No tip, but on their deathbed they did achieve total enlightenment.

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