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Hell's Vengeance

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On page 19 of the Hell's Vengeance player's guide, Urgraz (the duergar antipaladin) is mentioned as poisoning members of his family. However, duergar are, as a race, immune to poison.

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Curious. :)

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maybe his family gave up their immunities?

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Maybe he poisoned them with a knife through the neck.

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Glares into thread, grunts noncommittally, keeps sharpening Warhammer

Great! Thanks guys, you don't have to travel with him, you know he cooks, right. Now it's nothing but Paladin and guyyad for dinner. Hopefully Tammy and Nyci can scare up some Leshys for salad.

Maybe he poisoned them with his negative attitude?


Adopted by drow?

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It must have been one hell of a negative attitude if it can affect an average duergar.

"Toil, toil, toil, toil, toiiiiiil. Praise Droskar. Toil. Sigh. And there comes that chipper little Urgraz again, blowing soap bubbles and hopping barefoot over the Field of Broken Glass and Broken Slaves, as if toiling is not good enough for him. I have mined this mithral vein for a hundred and sixty years, and gotten nothing out of it. The way my father, and his father, and his father got nothing out of it. Sigh. But will young Urgraz listen to it. Nooooo. Young Urgraz wants to blow soapbubbles and surfacers and is always going on about that no-good Abyssal patron of his. What was it, mess-mess? He will come to a bad end, that one. Before us, that is, of course. There is no room for friviolity like that around here."
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"And that's not the only tradition he flaunts. Is he going to sell uncle Xorabrack to Alebrick family? Nooooo. He says he's going to poison him instead. It's just an excuse for not toiling. He can't poison Xorabrack, because it just doesn't work. Yesterday Ghormak decided he had had enough of toiling Praise Droskar and wanted to drink himself to death. No luck of course. He drank himself to slavery. That'll teach him to stop praising Droskar. Then there was that drow nutrient therapist who said we are going to poison ourselves with the amount of salt in our diets. As if there was anything edible but salt and shrooms in here. And you are going to get pretty tired of shrooms without plenty of salt. You can't just poison us. But will young Urgraz listen? Nooooo. 'I'm going to surface and wreak havoc and kick enslaved animals and poison my relatives.' He just makes me sick."
"And stop blowing those soapbubbles. It's frivolous, not worthy of a proper Droskar-bowing duergar, and you cannot see them with darkvision since it is pitch black! Like always. Sigh.

Maybe there was a huge vat of poison and he drowned them in it?

Some dwarves just wanna have fun.

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Maybe his parents were not immune to poison as per the Advanced Race Guide Dwarf Traits Alternative racial trait. Seeing he did kill them poison that's what they must have had.

General Spoon this is the most blatant case of fraudulent advertising since my suite against the film the Never-Ending Story.

Could be verb only and he used something other than an actual poison (I always preferred to use slimes or oozes when playing an assassin as poison immunity / resistance is often far too common for the poisons to be very reliable against certain targets).

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Well, the player's guide just states that he poisoned his family, not that they were affected by it. So he could have given them tasty tasty poison milkshakes for the fun of it? Poison enhances the flavor? Yum almonds?

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Maybe the poison WAS JUST THAT STRONG.

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