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My other opposition school is illusion so shadow evocation is out too. How can I pick up the slack left by that hole in my spell book?

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Transmutation and conjuration so does necromancy. has many good Damage burst spells.

level 1:
Corrosive touch.
Chill touch.
Snapdragon Fireworks.

To name a Few.

Conjuration is gonna be your best bet for damage spells, if you need them. Necromancy also has some delicious debuffing/damage spells. I would personally go for battlefield control first, damage second, but it depends on your party.

And your enemies should learn to fear your snowballs. They pack a nice punch&debuff for 1st lvl spell

Focus on things that aren't damage.

Build a God wizard.

Remember, laying down haste on your party so that your damage dealers get an extra attack with every full attack will probably do a lot more damage in the long run that bothering to cast a fireball, unless you specifically build for it.

At 1st level, a Sleep spell or Color Spray will do more to change the tide of battle than any evocation spell.

The one - two punch of enchantment (not immune to mind effecting) and necromancy (undead) can reduce your problems to constructs, oozes and plants.

Conjuration and transmutation are still big go-to schools for evokers and everyone else, you almost never see anyone give either one up.

Greg Connolly, your post is a bit unclear but I think what you are meaning is enchantment and necromancy are very strong schools of spells and their combination can defeat pretty much anything that isn't immune to mind affecting or undead. Which would leave constructs, oozes, plants, and undead more difficult to deal with.

Is that correct?

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James Gibbons wrote:
My other opposition school is illusion so shadow evocation is out too. How can I pick up the slack left by that hole in my spell book?

To answer this question, it's less important what your opposition schools are than what your specialization school is and how you intend to play. The hole in your spell book is less about which spell schools are absent, than the specific spells you need to make something work. We can assume you're not going for a straight damaging wizard since you opposed evocation, but beyond that we don't really know what you are trying to accomplish.

As others pointed out, Conjuration and Transmutation both have some options to bring some damaging spells to the table if you really need them. Which spells from those schools will be most useful really depends on your strategy. If you don't want any damaging or control spells, you could pursue a strategy like Gregory Connolly is espousing (Enchantment + Necromancy) to always have some kind of debilitating effect to throw at most opponents.

Evocation and Conjuration, my two favorite schools. Divination ranks 3rd on my list.

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Conjuration has all the best bf control spells and some pretty nifty damage spells: from snowball to acidic spray to acid cloud to incendiary cloud. (Along with myriad others) And many of the spells have no SR which is great.

Then you have all the great control like pits, glitterdust, stinking cloud, black tentacles, etc.

And summoned monsters to boot. Conjuration, the one stop shop for everything.

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