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I can't help but agree with maouse33
Those negative stats aren't doing you any favors

Guns can hit touch AC, generally around 13 basically always. You've got judgement making your to hit bonus the same as a full bab class, and don't forget bane adds +2 to hit too. You even fit in weapon focus.

Speaking of which if I were you I would switch rapid shot and weapon focus. It will be fun to have two attacks while most everything else has one.

Post script - plus Constantine has a charisma higher than god. His gimmick is tricking bad guys and when that doesn't work tricking other powerful people to fight the bad guys for him.

Hey, I can't figure out where to download these PDFs. Can someone please help me out?

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I would say giving -4 to saves vs one school would not be of equal power considering you're going to base it off whatever you're casting next. It lasts 1 day per level. I would say -4 to saves vs spells from one school for one round would be about as powerful but it's really in the spirit of the spell.

Spell descriptors is something else though, but you'd have to be creatively descriptive. Like giving them giant ears to me more susceptible to fortitude saves on sonic descriptor spells, that might be worth a -4

you could do tons of mundane things. you could make peoples butts grow so they get stuck in their saddle or their waist shrink so their pants fall down and entangle them. make some party members see blue as red and red as blue if they're teasing you about how your stink cloud spell is just your dirty farts.

You could make peoples hand swell up so they couldn't hold their weapon. You could make someone really ugly so that they have a hard time talking to people. you could make peoples feet shrink only slightly then start a cobbling business where you sell people too small shoes and they think their feet have just grown and they buy more shoes

you could make your own face all messed up when you're doing naughty burglary type things so later no one can identify you. you could make your own arms seem very small and try to win arm wrestles with your deceptive strength.

Hi all, Im trying to make a build around getting spinning throw/improved ki throw as quickly as possibly. My groups campaigns rarely get up to a very high level before we're started on the next thing so that's why I'm trying to do this.

My first idea was a human lore warden fighter/brawler that got it by level 9
my second idea was a human maneuver master monk/lore warden fighter that got it at 8 (I'm hoping my DM will let me take maneuver master on unchained monk)

each of these builds got improved trip and power attack at first level, which i like
here's the builds on google spreadsheet

here's each feat and it's prerequisites


Improved unarmed strike - none
Combat reflexes - none
Vicious stomp - improved unarmed strike, combat reflexes
Power attack - +1 bab, str 13
Improved bullrush - power attack
Greater bullrush - improved bullrush, bab +6
Combat expertise - int 13 (or combat stamina, or brawlers cunning)
Improved trip - combat expertise (or dirty fighting)
Greater trip - improved trip, bab +6
Ki throw - improved trip, improved unarmed strike
Improved ki throw - improved bullrush, ki throw
Spinning throw - improved trip, improved bullrush, ki throw
Paired opportunist - none

I'm trying to find builds to get it even sooner than 8, and im hoping for full BAB progression. does anyone else have any builds?

With one level of the chavalier archetype outrider for lashunta race one can get combat expertise and one improved maneuver feat. I cant figure out how to make that work with something

There are a lot of abilities of the same name. Is it possible to make a "standard monk" by picking the right things at the right levels?

Merry Christmas and happy holidays.

As the title says, would you allow an unchained monk to take the sohei archetype? I know it doesnt RAW work. I'm just wondering if it would be OP or a reasonable thing to do.

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Avoron wrote:

Once you ready an action, you cannot take any other action before taking your readied action.

Readying an Action wrote:
You can ready a standard action, a move action, a swift action, or a free action. To do so, specify the action you will take and the conditions under which you will take it. Then, anytime before your next action, you may take the readied action in response to that condition.

But the rules are vary clear when you can take an immediate action

immediate action wrote:
However, unlike a swift action, an immediate action can be performed at any time—even if it’s not your turn.

Bold mine

I think RAI is that immediate actions are not subject to initiative other than in regards to how long you have to wait to use another one. I'm willing to FAQ it though.

Readying an action rules say that your readied action must occur before your next action (as quoted above). If you use an immediate action do you loose your readied action?

(FAQ this post instead of the OP because it's got to be a clear and concise question.)

I forget the feat but there's a feat that lets you have an ioun stone bond object. I would say yes and that you could probably use the crafting feature of the arcane bond feature to create the ioun ward your self. (that also probably makes your claim extra legitimate)
Obviously you'd have to take that ioun bond feat if you can find it.

Edit: Syries is probably right about not having both a bond object and familiar. (though I was pretty sure that wording was only on the sorcerer bloodline)

That doesnt stop you from having constructs though. Your ioun ward would then only count as a bond object and get none of the familiar abilities.

Edit 2: that archetype is really cool by the way! It sucks that you can only have one instance of bonded force. I want my shard blade and shard plate darn it! Where on Roshar can I find a full set.

Reksew_Trebla wrote:
Avoron wrote:
Polymorph wrote:
If your new form does not cause your equipment to meld into your form, the equipment resizes to match your new size.
You know, sometimes, rather than wishing I win the lottery, or the occassional wishing of don’t let world war 3 start tomorrow, I wish that my phone had the control+f feature of computers. Then it would have been impossible for me to have missed that line of text when reading over the rules. Anyways, thanks for the quick answer. This really helps me out.

I dunno about apple but androids can "find in page" same as control f. Just google it if you care, figured you might wanna know that.

shadow walk wrote:
In the region of shadow, you move at a rate of 50 miles per hour, moving normally on the borders of the Plane of Shadow but much more rapidly relative to the Material Plane.

Holding mine. It depends whether the threat is coming from the shadow or material plane. You are on the boarder. If it is on the shadow plane you are normal speed. If the threat is from the material plane you move 367 feet for every 5 feet of your movement.

You choose what you're readying for. If you want your immediate action first ready an action to "counter spell if an enemy casts a spell and i have already countered a spell"if you want to save your immediate action till second than ready an action to counter spell if an enemy casts a spell

Now I'm only really familiar with the old Castlevania but I'd actually say not a castor for a Belmont. Ask your DM to let you make a "long flail" whip with a flail end so that you can make a whipe that's bludgeoning and slashing. That gets around skeleton resistances. Trade trip if you need to. I would say something like swashbuckler or or daring champion cavalier (which trades mount for swashbuckler stuff including level to damage)
With that you'll add your level to damage on your whip with slashing grace. Double your level of you spend a pinache point. If you're the cavalier you can add your level to damage again with your chalange.

I bet you I can make a fighter Belmont too. Warrior spirit can give your whip undead bane,and/or holy, or any bane or other weapon enchantment you need. (pick it up as early as level five with the feat)

Zolanoteph wrote:
Saashaa wrote:
This could be an opportunity. Now, admittedly I don't know you but, have you thought about a setting change? (i.e. modern, sci-fi, etc...) The NPCs in a fantasy setting are ruined, but what about a cantina on a desert world? You sound like a GM that I envy, having a surplus of creative story juices so much that you can create your own world. Maybe add extra challenge and try for a different setting?

What an interesting idea.

To be honest, for me DnD = Fantasy. But maybe I can do something a little different. The surface world is destroyed and the survivors live like fugitives in caves? After a cataclysmic alignment of stars There are mysterious mists that roll around the landscape teleporting people who enter or speeding up time while the earth splits and fissures? A world far from the sun where everything is cold and moonbeasts lurk the forlorn surface?

There are a lot of odd angles I could approach a reboot from. Even if I choose to do another generic sword and sorcery setting the mere excersise of dreaming up alternatives is cool.

If for you d&d = fantasy than I've got some good news. I haven't checked it out yet but luckily the good people of paizo just released a new system a few months ago (4th from the top, top left hand side of your current browser page). Maybe it's time for a new system?

Based on the (very little) I've read it seems kinda dune-ish rather than sci-fi. Dune seemed like space fantasy to me.

Enlarge person specifies that your equipment grows, therefore one can conclude that if the polymorph sleffect doesn't specify your equipment either merges or grows that it doesn't grow or merge. DM should make a strength DC to break out of it based on material, thats not in the rules I don't think though, but the armor is essentially acting as any wall, and walls/cielings are covered in the rules.

Blindmage wrote:
Diego Rossi wrote:

? to the non lethal hit point damage dealt by the physical fist? To the spell damage? To both?

Read in contest with the other rules, it is applied to the physical damage of the fist,but that rule alone don't give enough information.

Non lethal damage isn't hit point damage it's a separate track. Thus, power attack doesn't add to non lethal damage,

It's not on a seperate track it's on the same track with different starting points. When hp-(damage+non-letal damage) = 0 you're staggered, when <0 you're unconscious. Additionally if your "current hitpoints" (hp-damage) <0 you're dying. Power attack adds to non-letal damage because a non-lethal damage roll is a kind of damage roll.

It's a real sword. It's just made of shadow, which is sometimes a physical material in Pathfinder. It's magic material affected by perception but it's not just an illusion or it wouldn't do that one damage on a disbelieve.

^ yep

I could have swore that all hybrid class counted as both of their parent classes. Perhaps that was playtest though seeing as brawler specifically called it out as a class feature.

Fuzzy-Wuzzy wrote:

Wiggz wrote:
Also, if the spells required to upgrade a ring aren't on my spell list, can I buy a scroll and sue Read Magic to 'fake it'?

Yes, but you need to fake it every day of the crafting, i.e. you'll need one scroll per 1,000 gp in the price (not cost!) of the upgrade. It would be cheaper to hire an NPC to provide the spells for you, assuming you're not crafting while adventuring.

Wiggz wrote:
Finally, are there any required crafting checks for upgrading a Bonded Item or is it automatic?
You still have to do everything you'd need to do normally (including crafting check at the end of each upgrade), you just don't need to have the Forge Ring feat.

The spell is cast as part of the creation. I don't know if you need a scroll every day but I'm fairly certain you must use UMD if the scroll isn't on your spell list, you can't use read magic to fudge it.

Alternately you can get someone else to cast it.

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Perfect Tommy wrote:

Got another FAQ?

Because nothing here:

ou may change one feat to another through retraining. Retraining a feat takes 5 days with a character who has the feat you want. The old feat can’t be one you used as a prerequisite for a feat, class feature, archetype, prestige class, or other ability. If the old feat is a bonus feat granted by a class feature, you must replace it with a feat that you could choose using that class feature.

says anything about retraining feats gained by racial traits.

When you find that GM;

Make sure to retrain each martial weapon proficiency that you're not using too. Who need martial weapon proficiency (cutlass).

Edit: whoops that's a class feature. What I meant to say was all those bladed weapon proficiencies from being a tengu.

I'm surprised that back in 2012 the answer wasn't "I put on my robes and wizard hat"

This thread is 5 years old btw

GM Tyrant Princess wrote:

Well that's just, like, my opinion, man.

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GM Tyrant Princess wrote:
I've been using the wound threshold rules since they were released, because that whole "fine until 0 hp" thing always bugged me.

Goku's power level doesn't go down when he gets punched. HP is all about experience and rolling with the punches. A commoner who rolled an 8 on his damage roll with his spear got an 8 on everyone who doesn't have some kind of damage absorbing hide (DR)

level 10 fighter takes 8 damage, level 1 wizard takes 8 damage, Tiger Takes 8 damage, Storm Giant takes 8 damage.

The difference between a level 1 wizard and a level 10 fighter, or even a level 1 fighter, is combat experience

The wizard feels the spear penetrating his arm and all his muscles tense. The only pain he's ever felt is his brother punching him in the arm and tensing seemed to help with that pain. Tensing against the spear though only helps it jab in deeper. The wizard feels another sharp pain as the spear is pulled out. He see's blood. His blood. He faints going unconscious at the sight of it.

That same spear attack against the fighter goes a littler differently. The fighter has been sparring for years. He knows that when that spear hits him he's got to loosen up and let it push him back otherwise a lucky hit from a stronger person might run him right through. The tip of the spear pierces his arm and he staggers backwards before it can go too deep. Sparring weapons dont pierce flesh though and this pain puts him off guard. If he takes another hit like that all the adrenaline rushing to his head might just make him pass out.

That same spear attack against a level 10 barbarian. The barbarian is in the heat of his rage giving him unnatural combat instincts. The spear comes his way. He isn't fast enough to dodge completely but it barely grazes his arm as his body memory kicks in and he rolls with the spear as if it were the same as the hundred spears that have struck that spot before. His callused skin creates a resistance for the spear reducing it's effectiveness. He also knows that if he yells loudly or clenches his teeth right as it hits he wont feel the pain till later.

Volkard Abendroth wrote:

Dimensional Dervish is theoretically more powerful, but the limited uses per day make it far worse in my opinion. It's cool you can dimension door, it's a great utility power. But it's combat usage is very limited.

At the level presented (10) it is 5/day, and it continues to scale up to 9/day. At four per day it gets the fighter into melee range as a swift action a number of times equal to the recommended number of encounters/day. The smart fighter will only use against challenging encounters/spellcasters. At higher levels, it can be used more than once/encounter without exhausting and allows. Dimensional Dervish allows for movement before, during, and after a full attack.

How the hoot are you getting 5 uses per day? Item mastery gets you max 3. Once at 8th, once at 14th, once at 20th. You can't even increase the daily uses with abundant tactics because it's not a combat feat.

Volkard Abendroth wrote:
James Gibbons wrote:

the two weapon fighter gets improved two weapon fighting, greater two weapon fighting, double slice, two weapon rend,

they also has to take two weapon fighting to be able to hit anyone at all

All of these feats to increase power because up front the two-handed fighter gets his strength bonus half again. That's what he means by feat intensive. All that other stuff is bonus, stuff you get to pick because you're not stuck picking the next in your feat chain to stay viable

Pepper is the build you want to look at then for feats that don't really work for anything except a two-handed build.

Combining Cleave and Vital strike is pointless for anything except a two-handed weapon. And even a fighter does not have enough feats to fully maximize cleave.

Edited because I realized it's the build you posted before.

after getting power attack and cleave a barbarian could only get 3 of those and would limit himself to 2 ragepower options by using none of his feats on extra rage power if he wanted pounce at lvl 10.

Extra attacks are absolutely the best kind of extra damage though. Improved cleaving finish could be amazing paired with come and get me.

Claxon wrote:
James Gibbons wrote:

I see what you're saying. If I didn't make it clear I believe that the barbarian gets better than the fighter starting with pounce. I believe a high level barbarian is way better at his job than the high level fighter (hitting things)

I also see what you're saying with superstition. It's even a tie in my opinion between picking reckless abandon and superstition for the fighter's 11th level rage power. It's just that saves aren't one of the main things im looking for in my big sword guy, they're great to have but making a saving throw isn't that exciting.
And I also don't see how spell sunder makes much of a difference at low levels. Are there that many threatening ongoing spell effects at levels 6-9? all the castys get dispel magic at level 5 or 6 too anyways.

So, the thing is at levels 1 to 10 (where you're talking about) the fighter with VMC barbairan only gets rage and uncanny dodge. Now, don't get me wrong, rage is pretty awesome. But he doesn't have any rage powers, and rage powers are what make up the majority of a barbarians awesome.

At low levels there aren't a lot of super powerful spell effects that need to be sundered, but when you can it's super useful.

At the end the day you're basically comparing a normal fighter to a normal barbarian. Which is better? The fighter probably deals more damage, but doesn't have the same sort of interesting options the barbarian can get, IMO.

Other than spell sunder what are these rage powers?

you have 5, or 9 if you include your feats

You want pounce at ten though right? so that's 2 or 6 with feats

If you want to spell sunder at low levels you're using them all plus 1 of your feats, leaving you with 3 feats.

but the number you get isn't really what i'm interested in arguing rn, I just want to know what the cool low level rage powers are.

It's worth it if you love staring at your numbers knowing that you may have turned a successful save into a failed save with your extra point of int.
It also bumps the the number of extra first level spells you can cast from 1 to 2

blahpers wrote:
Wait, how are you cutting spells out of the air again?

Smash from the Air works on stuff like rays, any ranged spell that has an attack roll

Volkard Abendroth wrote:
Claxon wrote:
Volkard Abendroth wrote:

1. Power Attack

1. Shield Focus
2. Shield Brace
3. Weapon Focus - Nodachi
4. Weapon Specialization - Nodachi
5. AWT - Armed Bravery
6. AAT - Cut from the Air
7. Item Mastery - Teleportation
8. Dimensional Agility
9. Dimensional Assault
9. Abundant Tactics (taken as a weapon training choice)
10. Dimensional Dervish

Wish I had
- Improved Critical - Nodachi
- Smash from air
- Combat Reflexes
- Critical Focus

At higher level

- stunning critical
- blinding critical
- staggering critical
- greater weapon focus
- greater weapon specialization
- fighter's reflexes
- trained initiative

With human, I can fit Shield Brace + Nodachi at 1st level and pick up combat reflexes.

I have a cleave/vital strike build that is tighter on feats even without the teleporting pounce (not that it would have any use for pounce).

Most of those feats have absolutely nothing to do with wielding a two-handed weapon or being better at it.

Most of those feats are making sure the character has the AC to survive being the center of attention.

the whole dimensional line is basically to make up for a lack of pounce as is the item mastery.

The dimensional line has the exact same cost as pounce. Three feats vs three rage powers. Pounce can be used more often, Dimensional Dervish is straight up more powerful.

Cut from the Air and Follow ups are neat, but also nothing to do with wielding a two handed weapon. Shield Focus and Shield Brace are again neat, but also not particularly necessary either. They're nice to have but not game changers.

The follow up, at 11th level, is the barbarian equivalent of Superstitious. The fighter can literally knock spells out of the air.

You've proven my point for me.

That you like barbarian rage powers but don't realize that fighters can burn feats for similar abilities?

That you don't care about character survival as part of your builds?

That DPR is the...

The lack of two-handed specific feats is kind of my point too. The fighter has weapon specialization/greater weapon specialization to boost his damage alongside weapon training. All the barbarian has to boost his damage is power attack

Archers have deadly aim point blank shot, rapid shot, manyshot, clustered shot
They also need things like precise shot and point blank master to get up to par with two handed fighter on fighting people who are next to them/next to other people

the two weapon fighter gets improved two weapon fighting, greater two weapon fighting, double slice, two weapon rend,
they also has to take two weapon fighting to be able to hit anyone at all

All of these feats to increase power because up front the two-handed fighter gets his strength bonus half again. That's what he means by feat intensive. All that other stuff is bonus, stuff you get to pick because you're not stuck picking the next in your feat chain to stay viable

Darksol the Painbringer wrote:

Yeah, Mutation Warrior Fighter with VMC Barbarian is scary-good. It can get pounce by 13th level with retraining, and rage round issues can be solved by taking the Extra Rage feat at 5th and 9th (the latter of which is retrained at 13th for Greater Beast Totem).

VMC barb counts as a barbarian of 1/2 his character levels for the purpose of qualifying for rage powers. He couldnt get pounce till level 20

Edit: and honestly that's what keeps the barbarian better at higher levels. If the fighter could get greater beast totem and come and get me than i'd probably have made a post about fighters being better at every level.

Rogar Valertis wrote:

I feel like you are making an awful lot of assumptions here. For example you assume the fighter can increase his armor via Dex enanchements which is not the norm (because those belts are costy and the fighter wants str over dex), besides Advanced Armor Training options (starting at 7th level) like armored juggernaut explicitly prevent the fighter from lowering the armor penalties to dex (if you take Armored Juggernaut at 7th you don't get to add an extra +1 to AC due to Armor Training lowering your armor penalty to dex).

That said, what would be the problem if a fighter (built with a lot of system mastery) could do better in SOME departments than a barbarian for some of the level progression? Keep in mind at lvl 10 such fighters cannot pounce while Barbarians can (because everyone and his dog takes Beast Totem when playing barb it seems) and that alone is a game changer at higher levels.

First Advanced armor training the feat can be taken at every 3 levels, so The fighter can start getting one level after the barbarian.

The fighter on a 15 pb can max strength and get 14 dex giving him an edge with the first armor training. If he's got a greater point buy and starts with 16 dex he can use the feat advanced armor training rather than replacing his 7th level boost. that's without any stat items.

At level 10 the game changes completely around and the fighter basically stops having any chance to be as good as the barbarian i agree with that. What I'm saying is that the fighter is better than the barbarian in EVERY department (other than saves) not just one department from level 3 to level 10.

"Claxon wrote:

So one of the major consideration is whether or not the vmc barbarian qualifies for extra rage power. Rage powers are, on average, better than feats. If the vmc barbarian can't take extra rage poower feat he is woefully behind a real barbarian.

While AC is nice, it is generally the least useful type of defense. And what I mean by that is that a character remains fully functional until HP hits 0, so 1 hp is the same as 200. And while it can be annoying to have to heal up after every combat, assuming you don't drop mid combat it just doesn't matter much. However, good saves are something the barbarian can excel at. A human barbarian with superstition and using FCB to increase it can have truly amazing saves, even compared to the fighter that picks up weapon training to get bonuses to will and reflex saves.

Assuming both characters are building towards two-handed melee weapons, pounce is a big bonus.

Invulnerable ragers get DR equal to half character level. It's basically the default barbarian, even though it's an archetype.

Actually, rereading your posts it seems your aware of a lot of the barbarians advantages, but you're undervaluing them IMO.

Sure, the fighter has a greater theoretical DPR because he'll get more damage per hit, but the barbarian can theoretically get a full attack each round, something the fighter can't do. Full attacks do way more for DPR than higher damage per hit. At higher levels when a barbarian has access to the ability to rage cycle he can use the rage power/feat (can't remember which) that allows you to add your con modifier to damage.

Barbarian has a lot of possible versatility which the fighter lacks with things like Spell Sunder. It's really an amazing power that makes barbarians (with superstition) amazing anticaster builds. Sunder their defensive magic off of them, and then proceed to destroy them with a full attack, while being well protected from their attacks due to high saves.

I see what you're saying. If I didn't make it clear I believe that the barbarian gets better than the fighter starting with pounce. I believe a high level barbarian is way better at his job than the high level fighter (hitting things)

I also see what you're saying with superstition. It's even a tie in my opinion between picking reckless abandon and superstition for the fighter's 11th level rage power. It's just that saves aren't one of the main things im looking for in my big sword guy, they're great to have but making a saving throw isn't that exciting.

And I also don't see how spell sunder makes much of a difference at low levels. Are there that many threatening ongoing spell effects at levels 6-9? all the castys get dispel magic at level 5 or 6 too anyways.

wraithstrike wrote:

You didnt really explain it that well*, and many games stop around level 15. At that point many GM's stop enjoying the GM process.

Also Barbarians get things such as spell sunder and the rage power that can disarm traps. They also can have much better saves. As for DPR the difference in insignificant when both builds are two rounding enemies. A barbarian can take the power attack penalty to his attack roll and still hit depending on how its built. If it's actually built to have a higher AC then yeah the penalty to AC is not a bad idea.

*More on the point of you not explaining it well. Saying X is better isn't saying much. How much better is it, what is being giving up to get that much better? You would have done a better job by posting an actual builds.

You might also want to explain the stacking DR. DR tends to overlap, not stack unless a special abilities say otherwise.
As an example DR 5/Adamantine and DR 5/- means you take 5 points of damage from the attack not 10, unless I am misunderstanding you.

Thanks I guess I mean't fighter seems to me to do exactly what barbarian does, other than saves. Or to put it another way the fighter with VMC barbarian can be built to be exactly like the barbarian but better at all of those things.

If the barbarian takes spell sunder at low levels or he has to give up one of these things (saves, competitive to hit, pounce at 10) because of scarcity of slots.

I haven't seen the rage power that can disarm traps.

And the "armored juggernaut" is an "advanced armor training" option that explicitly allows stacking with adamantine armor but nothing else. so heavy adamantine armor gives DR3/- and this stacks with the DR2/- from armored juggernaut

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ID-TheDemonOfElru wrote:

To answer some of the questions posed in the responses.

- His powers were instantly revoked, he had designs to go to one of Orcus’ rivals and pledge themselves to them and get his Cleric powers reinstated since Orcus inevitably would have many enemies.
- He desecrated the statue because in the latest adventure the group went up against a Beblith that bore a mark of Orcus. The Bard/Cleric, along with the party actively fought against forces that Orcus allied with and had sent this guardian to protect. The party attacked the Beblith and won, the Cleric/Bard felt slighted that his God would “oppose” him with a demon that when the fighting began actively tried to kill him.
- He wasn’t stripped of his powers, as demons fighting their own kind or even his own followers isn’t outside the realm of reason for a demon like Orcus. But he was so bothered by the incident he actively started plotting to desecrate the statue.
- I forewarned him about the results of his planned actions before he carried it out, but he went ahead with it anyway. “It’s what a chaotic evil character would do” he argued, while I explained its suicidal he went ahead with it anyway.

So this to me actually doesn't sounds like him doing something lolrandum cause chaotic It does sound like something thematic and a response to actual events in the campaign.

What I think you should do is have all chaotic deities snub him. like "you think you're worth our time of day? we're deities we've got bigger s&!$ going on" and have even lesser demons just pretend he's not there for a while (but make it clear that they're doing this like "the imp looks at you through the corner of his eye but seems to be trying to pretend you're not there") because the lords of abyss or whatever dont make war on eachother just cause, and taking on the player would be an affront by someone that orcus couldnt ignore.

Then have like envoys of a neutral evil or neutral chaotic deity come to the character like "hey we heard about what you did, you've got guts and we currently have something in the works against orcus"

But the snub is the important bit. The punishment for pissing off an evil deity is you're out of evil club. Classic evil dieties like lucifer are all moody goth kids. No one's coming after you because we are better than you and we dont care what you think

Edit: read a little more of the thread and my assumption giving the player the benefit of the doubt was incorrect it seems

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so here comes puny str 19 fighter level 2 with his +6 to hit and +9 damage (ABP - always be powerattacking) and big buff 23 str raging barbarian level 2 comes up behind him mad as heck with his +8 to hit and +12 damage (ABP) to slap the the fighter's ice cream out of his hand. The ice cream falls on an elf wizard's foot killing him instantly, because... elf wizard. This happens to be enough experience to boost the fighter and barbarian both to level 3 and the fighter AM MAD now too (he variant multiclassed barbarian). Both the fighter and barbarian are now +9 to hit and +12 damage.

The fighter takes a natural progression after this.
Weapon Specialization at 4
weapon training at 5
grabs greater weapon focus and switches out an old feat for improved critical at 8
another weapon specialization at 9

meanwhile the barbarian only gets power attack progression. He can take witch hunter to add another +1 damage at the same progression against spell casters but even then he's always short for damage

-2 at 4 weapon specialize
-3 at 5 weapon training
-4 at 9 weapon training
if something has spells/SLAs and the barb's got witch-hunter he's even at 4 and 8 but behind at 5,6,7,9 and 10 by increasing amounts.

in addition if the barb takes reckless abandon at 2 and weapon focus at 5 when the fighter gets weapon training he can stay at the same to hit rolls, but only if he takes both those. He can be ahead until 5 if he takes weapon focus before 5 but if he doesn't take weapon focus he'll be behind by one from 5 until sometime after greater rage

Defensively speaking he's better off

The fighter gets that +2 will from rage at lvl 3 too so the barbs got way better saves from the start.
The barbarian can get superstitious at 2nd level if he wants, and the earlist the fighter can get the advanced armor training feat is at 3. here's a breakdown of that by level assuming they take it as early as possible
lvl 1 fighter +0 barb +2
lvl 2 fighter +0 barb +4
lvl 3 fighter +3 barb +4
lvl 4 fighter +3 barb +5
lvl 5 fighter +3 barb +5
lvl 6 fighter +4 barb +5
lvl 7 fighter +4 barb +5
lvl 8 fighter +4 barb +6
lvl 9 fighter +4 barb +6
lvl 10 fighter +5 barb +6

the fighter is down 2 for 5 of those levels, down 1 for 4 and down 4 for 1 of them. The barbarian also hands down winds on fort and dex saves because superstitious applies to those and armed bravery applies to only will.

Fighter is top dog for DR though
The fighter gets the barbarian's uncanny dodge at 7, though the big thing at 7 is the barbarian gets DR 1 while the fighter can grab improved armor training armored juggernaut for DR 2 in heavy armor at the same level. The barbarian could be invulnerable to grab his DR early but the Fighter's DR stacks with Adamantine which you can start to get at lvl 8 (if you want to use half your wealth by level on that)

As for AC the barbarian if he's smart is taking AC hit's at power attack progression thanks to reckless abandon, which might be mitigated by beast totem if he's going that rout? (he should go that rout, whispers greater beast totem) His beast totem would only just keep up with his reckless abandon so he's basically only getting what he can buy for AC. The fighter gets to have full plate and it's getting better every couple levels by allowing more dexterity bonus.

At this point what I see going for the barbarian other than those saves is fast movement and trap sense.

wait wait wait what's that on the wind? It's levels 10, 11 and 12. For the barbarian 10, 11 and 12 spells pounce, greater rage, and come and get me. Starting level 20 the fighter is never going to catch up again. But Why did we have to wait this long?

nb4 a barbarian with VMC fighter doesn't get weapon training till 11, making it useless at lower levels.

Is there something I'm missing here? Are barbarians doomed to play second fiddle until they learn to strike a swinging sword from a warriors fist? I illustrated this so clearly because a lot of games don't get to level 12 and im sure many people who enjoy optimizing as much as me curse ourselves with having less fun by looking at the numbers and obsessing over "why didn't I play a VMC fighter?" while we wait for a come and get me that might never come

So I've noticed a bunch of feats like [url:http://archivesofnethys.com/FeatDisplay.aspx?ItemName=Improved%20Ki%20Throw]Ki Throw[/url] what say something along the lines of;

ki throw wrote:


Special: A monk may take this as a bonus feat at 14th level.

Obviously these can't be taken without pre-requisites. This is the entry at the end of the Bonus Feat section of the monk and UCmonk

monk wrote:
A monk need not have any of the prerequisites normally required for these feats to select them.

Never the less having an expanded number of options is good.

Does anyone know of a list of all these feats?

List of feats I know so far
- Improved Ki Throw (advanced players guide)
- Ki Diversity (pathfinder chronicles: faction guide)
- Hamatulatsu (pathfinder campaign setting: inner sea world guide)
- divine fighting techniques: way of the perfect fist (weapon master's handbook and divine anthology)
- improved spring attack (ultimate wilderness)
- greater spring attack (ultimate wilderness)
- ki throw (advanced players guide) can't believe i missed that one

I think it's worth noting a few things. Other than Ki Diversity which has faction prerequisites anyway all of these feats have a specific level mentioned. Also worth noting is improved/greater spring attack specifically calling out only needing spring attack (and improved in regards to greater) which I think is just great forethought.

Fuzzy-Wuzzy wrote:
Pretty sure the option to take the average instead of rolling after 1st level is a PFS thing, not RAW.

Ah so it's not a pathfinder rule it's a PFS rule but it is somewhere. At least that makes me feel like I'm not crazy, I was so sure I had read it.

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I deny that it can be done.

I'd assume you make adjustments using the first table on this page

*casts raise thread*

was this answered? I can't tell how to figure out if an FAQ was answered

I think I've missused the term rounded. It wouldn't be rounding up from a rolled one to a 3 on a 1d6 roll since they're both already round numbers, maybe a boost?

I was under the assumption that when rolling hit dice you rounded up rolls of less than half to half or half+1 but i cant find where it is in the rules. Is this in the rules or is it a house rule?

witch is great for that. Pick up extra hex first level and go with something like misfortune and cackle and you'll have something to do every round. I played a witch and right from first level never felt like i was "out of magic"

what that's old? the SRD didn't reflect it till recently I'm sure

quick runners shirt now makes you end your turn after the move so no more 1/day charge, bracer's of falcons aim are now ten minutes per day and command activated so they're only worth it if you've got a buff round or something

What's with this errata?
Was someone complaining that they were enjoying their magic items too much?

Seriously what's the reason for this?

the Bladed Brush can get you a finesse reach weapon, which you can then plop slashing grace on. That way you don't have to enter enemies squares to attack them

Malik Gyan Daumantas wrote:
Fuzzy-Wuzzy wrote:
Malik Gyan Daumantas wrote:
Claxon wrote:

The closest thing is the boot blade, and it sucks.

Of course, you can always kick someone, which is an unarmed strike.

Then can you elaborate whether unarmed strike works with warpriests sacred weapon feature? Cause its rather unclear on that
Sacred weapon works with your deity's favored weapon, whatever that may be, and anything you take Weapon Focus in. So if your deity's favored weapon is unarmed strike (e.g. Irori) or you took Weapon Focus (unarmed strike), your UAS is a sacred weapon and gets sacred weapon damage, enhanceability, etc.
AH i see ok then that...honestly kinda makes the sacred fist archtype completely pointless but ok then.

It replaces sacred weapon with flurry of blows. You get monk damage progression but you don't get to enhance it. It's not pointless if you enjoy the monk abilities but want to have 3/4 cleric casting. People have been trying to make a good monk/cleric multi class since the beginning

Monster Codex isn't a bestiary. Just tell the player they've gotta pick from the bestiaries because they're carefully balanced by the developers if you think the troll is unbalanced. Rolling to know things for polymorph spells seems like a real buzz kill thing from player perspective. How long did he spend looking through monsters getting excited to use a spell that he picked just to get to the table and not get to do it because of a s$#$ty roll? I'd feel cheated.

Drop that roll thing completely. Either let them or don't let them, being upfront will avoid hurt feelings.

Has this changed at all since 2013? I'm wondering if we've got a melee clustered shot yet.

There are many ways to allow two styles at once

Pummeling style specifies unarmed attacks only
Ascetic style lets you treat a weapon's attacks as unarmed strikes

both of these are specific cases, so the specific over general rule doesn't apply.

If one has ascetic style and pummeling style active their weapon attacks are treated as unarmed strikes and their unarmed strike damage from a full attack is totaled before applying DR.
Can one employing both of these feats add up their weapon damage before applying DR?

I'm sure this has been answered officially before but I can't find it.

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