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It seems Hospitaler mixes well with Warrior of Light, so the build looks like the following, roughly speaking. Any input would be appreciated.

LG Paladin Lvl 1
Paladin (Warrior of Holy light/Hospitaler) 1
Skill Focus (Diplomacy)
Looking to focus on Lay on Hands/Channeling to effective in the group, otherwise whips out scimitar to slice&dice.

Not entirely what feats I would be taking besides Deific Obedience& Weapon Focus(Scimitar).

Maybe "Bestow Hope" for better channeling effects or "Sun-Striker," since scimitars are great for crits?

Thank you Johnnycat and Harley Quinn!

JosMartigan wrote:
Can you get a hold of a copy if the latest pfs guide that lists the acceptable classes and prestige classes?

I was hoping to get this character built before my local PFS session meets, which is where I could get the copy from. Unless it is the same as pdf available online...

Sumutherguy wrote:
all evangelist levels past 1 stack with all of your first classes levels. So a Warrior of the Holy Light 7/Evangelist 4 would have that class ability as a level 10 WOTHL. Your BaB is gonna suffer going into evangelist as a martial though. I have no idea about PFS legality.

I realize that my BAB will suffer, and 1 will lag 1 level behind class ability-wise, but it seemed like a very flavorful character. I may be asking too in advance on this character though. Thanks for the input, Sumutherguy!

Greetings forum dwellers,

I finally got around to building a new 1st level Paladin of Sarenrae, and I was wondering if the Warrior of Holy Light Archetype was:

a) Society legal (pretty sure it is, just wanted to confirm)
b) Worked with Evangelist prestige class the way I think it does with the prestige classes ability "Aligned Class"

For easy reference, the prestige class is on page 198 of Inner Sea Gods with the following bit on "aligned class":

"Aligned Class (Ex): Evangelists come from many
different backgrounds, and they show an unusual range of
diversity. At 2nd level, the evangelist must choose a class
she belonged to before adding the prestige class to be her
aligned class. She gains all the class features for this class,
essentially adding every evangelist level beyond ist to her
aligned class to determine what class features she gains.
She still retains the Hit Dice, base attack bonus, saving
throw bonuses, and skill ranks of the prestige class, but
gains all other class features ofher aligned class as well as
those of the evangelist prestige class."

And Warrior of Holy Light is in Advanced Player Guide, Page 118, with this class feature being the biggy:

At 4th level, a warrior of the holy
light learns to use the power of her faith to bolster her
defenses and aid her allies. This class feature replaces the
paladin’s spells class feature. A warrior of the holy light
does not gain any spells or spellcasting abilities, does not
have a caster level, and cannot use spell trigger or spell
completion magic items.
At 4th level, the warrior of the holy light gains one
additional use of her lay on hands ability per day. She gains
one additional use of lay on hands per day for every four
levels she attains beyond 4th. She can call upon the power
of her faith as a standard action. This causes a nimbus of
light to emanate from the warrior of the holy light in a
30-foot radius. All allies in this area (including the warrior
of the holy light) receive a +1 morale bonus to AC and on
attack rolls, damage rolls, and saving throws against fear
as long as they remain in the area of light. This power lasts
for 1 minute.
At 8th level, the nimbus of light heals the paladin and
her allies, curing of them of 1d4 points of ability damage,
as per the spell lesser restoration. A creature can only be
healed in this way once per day.
At 12th level, the nimbus of light is treated as daylight
for the purposes of affecting creatures with sensitivity to
light. In addition, the nimbus grants allies in the area
resistance 10 to one type of energy, selected by the warrior
of the holy light when this power is activated.

Thanks for any advice/help in advance!

- Earl of the Malebolge

BadBird wrote:

If you wanted to work the oversized weapon angle, you could be an Oracle (or a multiclass Oracle/Barbarian) with the Wood Mystery, and wield an oversized great terbutje. Oracle can grab some militaristic archetype options like Warsighted or Spirit Guide with a Battle Spirit, and the Wood Mystery can grant a nice scaling competence bonus to attack rolls with wooden weapons, which combined with Divine Favor and Fate's Favored makes for a very strong offense with a giant 2d8 aztec-sword.


I really like the Oracle/Barbarian "raging battle-mystic with a giant obsidian-toothed sword-club" flavor, but maybe that's just me.

I will definitely look into this. Great idea BadBird!

Okay, so the penalties are larger than i remember when I first read the titan mauler. Now if I was to go Rageshaper, and I go Toothy half-orc dragon bloodline, that would give me a bite and two claws, correct? Factor in Improved Natural Attack and this seem like a decent build?

I would prefer big weapons, but i wasn't sure if PFS rules covered large sized weapons and their larger equivalents in terms of buying items. The natural attacks build was more if Titan Mauler didn't work out.

Greetings, servitors of the great Asmodeus, I mean fine community members. A local gaming store had a PFS scenario open up, and I was curious about trying it out. Being scrap for time in building the character on top of my responsibilities as a Chemistry Grad Student, I was hoping for some help/advice on character creation for PFS. I heard the titan mauler finally got errata'd to the point where oversized weapons worked, but i did not hear if that affected society play. If the titan mauler does not hold water (or large sized weapons) for PFS, i figured a rageshaper bloodrager might do the trick.

The scenario is supposedly lvls 5-9 (Orders from the gates is what was listed, please no spoilers). I was thinking half-orc would fit either build well, but human is fine if the extra feat is desparately needed.

Thanks a ton, and happy gaming!

- Earl of the Malebolge

Masterwork dancing shoes; blue suede optional

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Fallout Rampage Cap'n Furiosa wrote:
I also want a flame thrower guitar.

All who join Asmodeus's congregation get free flamethrower guitars! Join now and we'll increase the flame levels to Hellfire mode, absolutely free!

Yoshu Uhsoy wrote:
Sundakan wrote:
Changing the spell levels a class gets access to is a huge change.

Yes it is quite nice

Snowblind I am surprised you have not heard of it before?

I never heard of it. Someone mind telling me the sourcebook and or a link to it? Sounds like the old 3.5 prestige class sublime chord for 3.5 bards.

Yoshu Uhsoy wrote:
Since I am the only spell caster do you recommend I take an archetype that gives me 9th level spells?

See above post.

TBH, play what you want and the GM will tailor to it. Seeing as you stated you are the only caster, it is very likely to be a hack&slash kind of campaign, which is more fun if you can mix it up in combat with the party than sitting back and spamming spells all day (speaking from experience).

Yoshu Uhsoy wrote:
Wait maybe I shouldn't play bard though cause I will be the only spell caster in the group?

Depends on what your GM/DM has planned. I am currently in a campaign where I am the only caster as a cleric, and the GM just balances encounters appropriately.

Honestly, if everyone else is going ham in combat, your bard buffs will make them that much more potent.

The cleric archetype Evangelist might also be a better fit if you feel the party needs more raw spell power/buffs in the form of buff spells and not bardic music/oration.

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IMO, pathfinder bards are not only one of the best renditions of bards in a d20 based game (until 5e came out- wooo 9th lvl spells), but the bard class also represents the iconic adventurer from many a fantasy or tale. Witty, charismatic, with a variety of skills and abilities. Also, the bard is a team player; he can't always handle the situation at hand, but he can make his friends/allies/etc. do better in order to overcome the obstacle.

Bards also have so much versatility going towards them in choices of spells, skills, and "builds" (hate that term while in play, but this is a gaming forum, so it will have to suffice).

My favorite way to roleplay the bard is to be the smug wandering adventurer/mercenary who leads people in the pursuit of the finer things in life- wealth, wine, and women- without dealing with the minor details. This often makes my bard a bit of a swashbuckler in appearance, but i find it a fun way to play.

Militaristic bards are also really cool if you are so inclined. Gorum bard= metal?

-removal of electronics (unless its for running the game itself)

- my group has 15 minutes of "get the giggles out" before we play, due to none of us seeing each other outside of game sessions

- breaks, believe or not, can also help with keeping the pace up, as it gives a chance for information to digest (especially important with AP's).

A slaughter of dire corbies.

A __________ of Water Orm.

Lots of discussions on the boards for errata/updates that might be worth looking at (sorry, no handy links at this time). I also own the pawns/cut-outs for RotRL, but they are not strictly necessary.

You my friend are trying to build the infamous furry fist, aka monk/druid. There's a guide for it linked via zenith games (just google it). the author has listed everything you'd wish to know.

And it IS lots of fun.

Your party is lacking a skill-monkey style character, so might I suggest either a bard, investigator, slayer, or inquisitor? Inquisitor is my favorite of the three, but that might be my love of divine spellcasting.

I'm currently planning my RotRL campaign, and a skill-monkey would definitely be a good idea.

dotting for when this is officially answered/figured out.

Conjuration is gonna be your best bet for damage spells, if you need them. Necromancy also has some delicious debuffing/damage spells. I would personally go for battlefield control first, damage second, but it depends on your party.

And your enemies should learn to fear your snowballs. They pack a nice punch&debuff for 1st lvl spell

That's what I was thinking, but I wanted to hear from people who have more experience with the adventure.

Hello fellow gamers,

I am assembling my pathfinder crew for our run at the RotRL AP (anniversary edition), and one of my players was looking to take the "Monstrous Mount" and "Monstrous Mount Mastery" Feats on his cavalier at around lvls 5&7 (which is the earliest they can be taken anyway).

I was curious to see what your thoughts are on him taking a griffon. Having never run the campaign before, and barely looking at it (college finals are this week, go figure), I was hoping you guys could help a fellow GM out.

-Earl of the Malebolge

I'm going to be running it soon as well, and the best advice i can give you is to sit down with your potential players and talk about their characters and a basic synopsis of the AP. That will give you the best idea on where the campaign will go and how the party balance will be.

As for alternate classes, they are should not be a problem, if your players understand that optimized characters ruin the story very quickly, and rp has high value in APs.

And thus tremor-sense was born.

Should be solid enough for stats, since 18 is the cap (like most sane GM's homerules).

Think magic more than conventional means. Teleportation circles and flying come to mind.

My opinion for 1-3. #4 is in the rules though

1. I think this totally fine. And lighting shouldn't be a problem for long with light producing magic items being dirt cheap.

2. I would say he places it on the ground for the lamp, which is "dropping it," but for the candle I'm not sure how I would rule it (my group never uses candles)

3. Yes, though its effectiveness has more to deal with what happens to the object after the shot hits. GM's call is best for this one.

4. That would be a sunder attempt, both for the potion and the light source, and yes you can do that on AoO, following the rules for sundering.

Aelryinth wrote:


They'd have to move it to Golarion to do serious justice for it, however, and that would involve some big rewrites.


Please please please Paizo!!!

I'm Hiding In Your Closet wrote:

*Shrug* So it'll be like Ancient Rome. Or India. Or Sigil!

You could make a table from which to randomly roll for which deity is feeling particularly loved and blesses the kingdom with a distinctive blessing today, and who's feeling most snubbed and consequently imparts a distinctive curse. Reroll at regular intervals.

If you're more forgiving of the concept, this is actually pretty good. Hopefully they didn't build too many of the temples close together...

Divine civil war is a very real possibility, considering your players just made the most "Murican" mistake in pathfinder- freedom of religion and expecting tem all to get along. In particular, any evil gods, such as Urgathoa, would immediately try to depose the good-deity churches in the city.

If my players did this, I would expect them to keep the peace and maybe tie in an adventure or two of deciding which religions may stay and which ones they banish from the city.

If you post a list of the various churches, this critique would be much easier to write on.

That being said, there is only ONE true religion worthy of worship. Asmodeus Be Praised!!!

- Earl of Malebolge

I personally think the ranger is perfect for this "old-school" revamp AP. That being said, I think the slayer would make the most sense/best choice for the following reasons:

- brings a lot to the table in various abilities and customization
- makes for better roleplaying at the table in this AP (a ninja is far from home if they enter this adventure; that's for sure). A slayer can be roleplayed as a traditional, skilled adventurer, or you could go for the whole bounty hunter stchik.
- allows you to be a successful skill-monkey without sacrificing your combat ability
- dwarves are awesome.
- can be built as stealthy as you want, so you can still act like a ninja.

Tiefling alternate racial ability from the chart is the only way I know how to do it. Made a tiefling ranger with it for a short campaign. Shooting small trees at your opponents is fun.

I would say yes, only because the sorcerer spells can be used to self-buff like crazy.

a sorcerer/dragon disciple is viable, but you will be rather squishy, so the melee combat from dragon form may not be the smartest choice.
That being said, dragon disciples are super cool, and if you haven't played one, I highly recommend it.

No, because you would gain rounds of rage/day from ulfen guard, using your Ex-Barbarian levels with it, since barbarian as a class grants rage. (pretty sure that;s how its stated with Ulfen Guard NPC from one adventure or another)...

If that's not the case, as I GM I would houserule it so, because it makes more sense for a loyal Ulfen Guard to be lawful in nature then chaotic.

"A tall, wiry human stands before, dressed in mail and wielding a massive sword. Across his back is slung a longbow and quiver. Scars run across exposed skin, from countless battles and traps he just managed to escape. Though no magic appears on his person, he gives you a look of determination, as if daring you to come at him. Then, he grins and asks, "You looking for a sellsword? I'm your man."

I give you the slayer, the classic adventurer.

If your patron is transformation, and you are a scarred witch doctor, I would play with the idea of "modifications" on living creatures, through your spells and other methods, and having done a lot of these modifications to yourself, have a build-up of scars. I would focus on transmutation school buff spells (there's a lot to pick from), and if the GM allows it, describe them some flavorful changes to the target.

Important text listed below. The bloodrager does not gain spells until lvl 4, therefore they are not considered a caster until reaching lvl 4.
Since they are not a caster until lvl 4, they can not use spellc ompletion items, unless they roll a UMD check (just like rangers/paladins).

Spells: Beginning at 4th level, a bloodrager gains the
ability to cast a small number of arcane spells drawn from
the bloodrager spell list (see page 22). To learn or cast a
spell, a bloodrager must have a Charisma score equal to
at least 10 + the spell level. He can cast spells he knows
without preparing them ahead of time. The saving throw
DC against a bloodrager’s spell is 10 + the spell level + the
bloodrager’s Charisma modifier.

While they are not as silly as they were in 3.5, I am a major fan of bards.

Black Razor is a classic D&D example. Basically, if your GM is cool with it, you could enchant a greatswords and make a weapon of legacy throughout future games.

My GM did

Half-orcs build better intimidation than humans. That being said, this character sounds like a lot of fun.

I ran the adventure with a couple buddies (I was not the GM, but I helped modify the storyline), where my character was Ameiko's lost relative (I think it was cousins or something similar). Ameiko died towards the end of the adventure, revealing my family line before slipping into a comatose. We then carried on the story, with the npc's joining my character either in remembrance of Ameiko, being hired on, or in it for the adventure.

We didn't get to finish the campaign, but the storyline was fun, and the character's people came up with really added to the story.

I say feel free to modify the story so that you as the GM enjoy telling it, and giving your characters a chance to shine.

"Her fetish mask acts in all ways like a witch's familiar for the purpose of preparing and gaining spells."

Being an object, and not a living familiar, it would make sense that it does not gain skill ranks/feats. Instead the mask acts as a conduit to the witch's patron so that she can prepare spells like vanilla witches.

So to answer your question, no it does not gain skill ranks/feats.

From the sounds of it, your character is gonna awesome! Love how you went marshal instead of champion!
My items suggestions are as follows:

- Special material bolts (adamantine, etc. You especially want cold iron for pesky demons)
- best armor you can get (you still get targeted, even more if you are seen as a major damage source, which you probably are).
- good buckler, since you can use it with a crossbow at no penalty
- items that give you more grit (don't remember names, but they are good to have for more uses/day)
- items to boost saves (you are high damage. if charmed, you threaten whole party).

I think that would be a great idea, due to the massive amount of exploration your PC's can do. I would include some more magical beasts and maybe some other forms of lesser drakes for the party to fight(Bulettes are one of my personal favorites). Some of the hexes could also be natural resources, like the book describes. I would be careful to not bog down the adventure with too many encounters since its time based (unless you don't care, like I didn't when I ran the adventure).

Good luck and Happy Gaming!

The MSpoG, not succeeding his perception check, is crushed by a Gargantuan Iron Golem, which then proceeds to stomp on AoZK repeatedly, who cries in pain/pleasure.

Noticing Pulg, the Gargantuan Iron Golem sprays napalm from its helm/head, incinerating the fool, who thought he could hide from a construct made iron god.

Composite longbows are the recurve bows of old, which are much shorter than an equivalent longbow when it comes to length of the bow's limbs and draw, which is why they could be used on horseback, unlike the traditional longbow. While it would look silly, having a large sized composite longbow does work with the Tiefling oversized limbs ability (unless someone has an FAQ to prove otherwise), and you should go ahead and use it, if it is allowed by your GM. The bow would be about 6' strung and would function very much like a longbow, I.E I would never allow you in my game to ride a horse and fire it. I used it in a game once, and it wasn't terribly broken.

As for titan fighter, it doesn't work that way, and should never work that way.

Well then, good luck to ya.

Edymnion wrote:

Good place to start is to look at the items one can create with Dragoncrafting.

Can also look at dragonhide as a special material, which costs double the MW price of the base armor. So basically 150 gp for enough hide to make medium leather armor out of, and a hide is big enough to make a suit of armor one size smaller than the animal it came from. But remember that its crafters that would be using the dragonhide, and its 1/3 the final cost in materials, so you're looking at about 50gp for a Large dragon hide.

Thank you my good sir for reminding me of dragoncrafting. Forgot Pathfinder had it at all.

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