Is there a use for maxed out Wisdom other then ZAM? PFS


I want to play a character with a starting Wisdom of 19 or 20.
Doing that with say Dex, Int, or Cha gives you lots of good options but not so much for Wisdom.
Clerics want a decent Charisma and don't get the good save or suck spells until later.
Druids rarely focus on spellcasting.
Empyreal bloodline sorcerer wants Charisma for it's level 1 bloodline power and loses it's flight ability. Plus Sorcerers are meh.
Shaman is similar to Cleric in that it wants Charisma as a secondary stat.
I already have a Zen Archer Monk.

What are some powerful builds that can start with a 19 or 20 in Wisdom and are decent from level 1 onward.

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The druid that focuses on spellcasting...

Casting Druid?

Empyreal Sorcerer since they explicitly do not use Cha for their first level power, as per their Arcana?

The Zen Archer actually does not use WIS to hit until 3rd level so even they don’t use WIS that much at 1st level. Inquisitors use WIS even more than a cleric and can completely dump CHA with the right inquisition.

Here's an interesting proposition. Guided hand. You add your wis to attack instead of strength or dex with your deity's favored weapon. If you want to be a reach cleric you can venerate shelyn. If you would prefer to be just a strait battle cleric you could venerate gorum, lamastu, or torag, all good weapons. Don't forget to pick your domains carefully, and don't overlook the conductive weapon property if you want a domain with a good spell like.

Guided hand has a prerequisite of channel smite, so be a human and take them both at level one.

Guided Hand isn't all that helpful because barring Mythic or 3.5, you can't add Wis to Damage. So you're still juggling two stats, or you're dealing with your damage being minimal.

Guided Hand would make an interesting Archer build except some of the archer feats require Dex. Power attack requires Str.
Still, It is something to look into.

I don't see why you can't do Shaman. None of the general hexes use Charisma, and you can pretty much ignore it with the right spirit selection.

Lore is the only one that heavily uses Charisma (and Int, sadly). Most of them only use Charisma to determine the number of times you can use your crappier abilities. There are some good ones (like Channel and Battle's pseudo Inspire Courage), but yeah, it's mostly "you can deal 1d6 + 1/2 with a touch" nonsense.

Uses for high wisdom

Higher DC
Bonus spells
Higher damage
Better WILL saves
Higher perception checks
Better survival rolls

It is possible to make a high wisdom, spell-focused Inquisitor that makes use of their wisdom related skill bonuses. Plus, iirc they bbasicallyget a better version of Noble Scion's initiative boost that works off of a more useful stat.

Caster druids work well, especially if they dip into Monk. There's a great guide about mixing the two classes with a few notes on making them almost entirely dependent on just wisdom.

Semi related note, Sensi Monks are okay for wisdom builds if you want to focus on supporting.

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Human cleric of Gorum... Start with channel smite and guided hand, choose to channel negative energy, take destruction[rage] and strength[ferocity] for your domains... 14 Str would be good to have- lets you take power attack (and it's an even bonus to maximize the +50% Str from 2handing). Your base damage won't be super high but 7 or so times per day you can add both your domain smites to the attack... you can also add channel smite 3+ times/day, though the DC probably won't be real high. When you factor in the rounds you'll spend casting you should be able boost just about every attack you make, and your spell DCs will be good enough to make use of save or suck spells like hold person.

Bigguyinblack wrote:
What are some powerful builds that can start with a 19 or 20 in Wisdom and are decent from level 1 onward.

The definition of "powerful" is nebulous. Here is a debuffing build that starts from level 1. It also is decent at buffing.

Cleric - Evangelist Archetype (Ulitimate Combat)

S: 10 D: 14 C: 12 I: 10 W: 19 Ch: 10 (20 pt human)

Deity: Cayden Cailean
Domain: Charm (Love)
Traits: Fate's Favored, Magical Lineage (Spiritual Weapon)

Hum - ???
1st - Improved Initiative
3rd - Toppling Spell
5th - ???
7th - Dazing Spell

- Inspire Courage... starting at 1st
- spontaneously cast the Command spell... starting at 1st
- Immediate action sanctuary vs. one attack (3+WIS times per day)

1st level:
- Inspire Courage +1/+1
- Longspear AOO fishing
- DC 14 will save to attack you (1st attack)
- +2/+2 Divine Favor
- DC 15 Command (will save), Cause Fear Spells

3rd level:
- Toppling Spiritual Weapon (before buffs)
--- +6 to hit
--- 1d8+1 damage, 18-20 crit
--- +6 CMB to trip
- DC 16 Sound Burst (fort save), Burst of Radiance (reflex save) spell
- DC 15 will save to attack you (1st attack)

5th level:
- Inspire Courage +2/+2
- +2 luck bonuses from Prayer
- DC 17 will save to attack you (1st attack)
- +8 CMB Chain of Perdition Spell
- Toppling Spiritual Weapon (Inspire Courage and Prayer add +4 attack, damage, CMB)
--- +8 to hit
--- 1d8+1 damage, 18-20 crit
--- +8 CMB to trip

If you don't mind being a dwarf, the Forgemaster Cleric doesn't use charisma. Intelligence is useful, but not required.

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