Cannot Get Through "The Ruins of Sumitha"

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I've got a 2 party (Lini & Lirianne) game going. We've been doing pretty good until this scenario. We've attempted this scenario at least 4 times. Once we got close, but every time we have almost died. We've tried clearing the wishing well location with one character, but it's backfired a lot with the henchman or villain being at the very bottom. Any tips on anything we could do to get through this scenario? I've changed 4 cards from my deck just to suit this scenario (something I rarely do, because it screws me over for quite a while after that scenario). I thought perhaps others were having issues too, but I could only find two discussions on it.

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Can you elaborate on what part of the scenario exactly is challenging you group so much? I peaked back at the scenario quickly and it looks to be a straight forward "normal" scenario, but I didn't look at all the locations or henchmen, so I could be missing something.

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One thing to note, as far as I'm aware, you can deliberately choose not to acquire boons. That is important for not getting too much junk on you in the wishing well. I may have misunderstood that ruling, however.

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Yeah, we've always played that you only acquire boons from the Wishing Well if you want them, going off the ruling that you're not compelled to attempt a check to acquire a boon. Does the text for the Wishing Well say "you automatically succeed AT YOUR CHECKS to acquire boons," or something along those lines?

What we did, in my 3 player group, was I, Ranzak, cleared out the location. If I remember correctly, its an Enemy ship henchmen and it was on bottom for us. Either I had a potion, or I left it there for Seltyiel. Either way, after i acquired all the boons, I just waited for it to be closed and didn't explore till it was. You banish the haunts when closing, but when permanently closed you do as well, so i just sat there. I do remember we had about 3 turns left when we won, so it was close.

We had this yesterday - intending to ignore all but the best boons.

Ran into 2 (or was it 3?) Blessings of the gods, which caused us problem for the next few turns until we could get it closed.

I feel like someone's posted a trick with Alahazra as well, although it wouldn't help the party above.

I thought you were compelled to take boons at the wishing well. Can someone post the text for the location so we can clarify?

Oh. Okay. We didn't realize that. We played both RotR and S&S as you must attempt a check to acquire a boon. The rules state (pg 10) that you may attempt to acquire a boon, but you must attempt the check to defeat a bane. The card text on the wishing well states "At this location, you automatically succeed at your checks to acquire a boon, summon and encounter the henchman Pirate Shade Haunt, which may not be evaded." That should help quite a bit.

The other issue we were having is that the villian requires another random character at another location to encounter Gholdako, which for Lirianne, is a bad thing considering all of her good weapons have ranged and with the ranged attack, he increases to a 32. However, we did manage to get around this by staying together. That just means Lini can't use her d4+2 (currently) power for combat checks, since we would be at the same location.

Not to mention, 2 of the henchmen (one of them being Gholdako which can appear either from the villian or from the Ruined Ampitheater location) require you to draw 3 cards off of your deck and bury one, discard one, and recharge one. That, coupled with increased checks due to pirate shade haunts or the Ghol-Gan Ruins location (increase all banes by 3), have made this a very difficult scenario for our two characters after just one hand wipe.

We have been using the Truewind ship which allows us to recharge cards from our discard pile if we discard cards from the blessings deck, but it has only kept us from dying. It has not helped us win.

Seems like we played it as optional.

If I recall correctly, it says "automatically succeed at your check." If we didn't want it, we chose not to make the check.

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Resurrecting this thread:

As printed, the "At This Location" wording begins: "You automatically succed at your checks to acquire boons."

But the official Skull & Shackles errata says:
Change the location Wishing Well's At This Location power to "When you acquire a boon, summon and encounter the henchman Pirate Shade Haunt, which may not be evaded; display it next to your character card."

Interpreted strictly, that clarification removes the wording about boons, but that also seems counterintuitive. My thinking is that the wording about boons should be left in as well. Anyone have thoughts on this?

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I agree the FAQ is questionably worded, but I'm pretty sure - based on the context of that FAQ - that the automatically acquire boons text isn't changed; they've just changed the second sentence.

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Thanks, Yewstance. I agree but wanted to run it by someone else.

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