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Hi, all -

I've just put up a new post on my Pathfinder Society blog Delver's Diary, in which I talk about my first experience as a PFS game master, and talk a bit about the approach I took to acting out the various NPCs:

"I am now officially a Pathfinder Society GM! On Friday evening, I ran First Steps Part I: In Service to Lore at the comic book store October Country in New Paltz, NY. It was, to my knowledge, the first PFS scenario ever run in the town, and alongside another GM we are planning on running games the first and third Friday of each month starting in April. Very exciting! Thanks to John Ezell who works at the store and initially suggested starting up some Pathfinder Society there. Space was a little tight, but not a big issue. And there’s a great pizza place called Rino’s just next door."


Grand Lodge


I've just provided an extensive review of Dungeoneer's Handbook with particular attention to what might be useful for PFS play. Check it out here:

Delver's Diary

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