Most Off-the-Wall Crazy / Fun character concepts you can think of


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Reksew_Trebla wrote:
Soul wrote:
Oh, somehow I completely forgot my clouded vision/deaf life oracle who i roleplay as mute.
Try a dip in Monk for a Monk Vow of Silence.

Unfortunately you have to go 4 levels for Vow of Silence to take effect, and I would include blowing a whistle as breaking said vow, but that is pretty funny.

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Half-elf fighter + rogue + wizard + eldritch knight + arcane trickster to emulate 2nd edition's triple class (fighter + wizard + "thief"). Effective fighter, rogue and wizard levels are to be pretty much equal, resulting in 5th level spells, Greater Weapon Focus, 5d6 sneak attack, BAB 14 and solid base saves (9 and 8) at level 20.

Actually worked fine in the computer game Pathfinder: Kingmaker, from level 1 to 17.

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Some ideas I didn't play yet:

1) Bastard. Half-elf, wields a bastard sword, dips in many classes, feats to emulate further classes. Probably needs some thought about role(s) and synergy effects to stay relevant, but has a lot of tools for sure.

2) Reincarnated druid 6 + psychic (self-perfection discipline) 7. Can reincarnate herself one a week, uses wild shape to get back to the party (and her equipment) and gets Wis to AC. At character level 12, she can remove the negative levels herself.

3) Rogue (phantom thief) with Int 20. Who needs sneak attacks when you can use skills? Demoralize single targets, heal well even without a healer's kit, be party's scout, get 1+ rank in pretty much any skill - that's level 3, thanks to multiple Skill Focus feats and refined education. Later you start crafting and using magic items via UMD. If you ever make it to level 17, use Eldritch Heritage (destined) for a whopping +8 to any skill check that seems still challenging, for some reason.

4) Superfast bloodrager. Pick up the elemental (fire) for +30 feet at level 8. Sacrifice your level 4 and 12 powers to get four rage powers, including the complete elemental blood power line. The greater one means another +30 feet. Together with +10 from fast movement that's 100 feet per move action, at level 12, before enhancement bonuses. Weeee...

5) Qinggong monk. With invested regent archetype - qinggong's crazy CHA based twin which trades bonus feats for qinggong-like powers. Yup, they stack. Cherrypick your way through a doubled amount of possible powers and show your fellow gamers that MAD actually means "multiple ability domination".

I was recently playing a 3.5 Monk under a Vow of Poverty. He also had levels in Fist of the Forest, Sohei, Bear Warrior and Divine Mind. He was going to take levels in Fist of Zuoken.

His name is Tristan von Schissler. He used to be called The von Schissler, head of the once-powerful and prestigious von Schislser Family. He made a small fortune for his family in the logging and textile businesses, but over harvesting of the trees on his property eventually led to the collapse of his ventures and turned his land into a desolation.

While the rest of his family moved from that set of good times to the next, the von Schissler gave away his family fortune and joined a monestary of Fists of the Forest: the Brotherhood of the Lorax. He recently took a level in Bear Warrior, so when he goes into his Feral Bear Frenzy Rage, he transforms into a Brown Bar Ba Loot...

I designed a character after 2 Beatles Songs. His name is Father Maxwell MacKenzie. He wields a silver earthbreaker hammer.

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