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Is there a way to remove a thread from our list of hidden threads?

The reason I ask is, it looks like I must have experienced some lag a few minutes ago while doing some housekeeping on my Focus page. I clicked the hide button next to a thread I wished to hide, and when it didn't disappear, I thought perhaps my wireless mouse was acting up so I clicked again. When I noticed the loading icon for the page wasn't moving, I then thought that perhaps Chrome had frozen so I clicked yet again (ok, probably several more clicks actually).

A few moments later, I was chagrined when the thread I had intended to hide along with about half a dozen others that I wanted to keep tabs on. ^_^;

Is there some way to get those back off my hidden list, I really don't want to reveal all my hidden threads as that will junk things up too much.

Ain'tcha glad you have a whole stable of free software testers? ;)

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At the top of the page, click the show hidden threads widget (next to focus). Hidden threads will show up in grey, and the hide thread widget for those threads un-hides them.

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That did the trick, thanks!

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