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Two Steps from Hell - Victory
Two Steps from hell - Armada

Those provide some nice background pieces without being too obtrusive. but if you want to go for Pure Pirate, Almost Anything by Alestorm.
ALESTORM - Shipwrecked is a favorite of mine.

Amon Amarth, The Pursuit of Vikings is another good one. Both Alestorm and Amon Amarth are probably a bit heavy for game music but they are Ship Game, if nothing else.

CactusUnicorn wrote:

This is a very odd class. The concept is pretty cool. I think the class is very confusing however. From what I can gather, they can create "dishes" each day equal to half their Battle Chef level + their wisdom modifier. At first level, they can only be "combat recipe" or "healing recipe." Also, they must be prepared as either a "snack," which has a longer duration but takes longer to eat, or the faster "drink." Later, at second level they choose a specialty and gain more "dishes" based on that specialty.

If this is how the class works, then I think that it is a pretty good model. However, the amount of recipes or "dishes" they have is incredibly small. They have 2 at 1st, 3 at 2nd, reaching a maximum of 12 at 20th. This class is comparable to the Sorceror in this regard, as they to know a certain amount of "spells," but they know far more than 12 across all spell levels.

I'm not sure if I am right about how it works because there is a lot of random capitalizations, spelling mistakes, and wierd formatting. Great work though. I hope this helps.

Yeah its pretty rough right now, but that's the basic idea. Each Secret Ingredient can have multiple effects in a theme however so the actual amount of abilities you have access to is quite a bit higher, but more restrictive than a proper caster.

Been working on a homebrew class. Many people have done something like this before.

Here is my take on it. Theres quite a bit of info so it needed a google doc (unless there's not actually a character limit to theses posts)

Battle Chef

I'm very curious for any feedback you might have.

The core mechanics of the class are posted below so they stand out a bit more.

Culinary Repertoire Su
At first level, a Battle Chef Gains access to their Culinary Repertoire. Chefs keep track of this in something akin to a spell(recipe) book. A battle chef using a recipe that can be obtained at a level 2 lower than their current level, has used the recipe enough that they no longer need to reference their Recipe book to cook (with) that item. \
All Battle Chefs start out with the Following recipes

Combat recipe – This recipe provides a +1 bonus to hit. (at level 5, if used with a Main course, this Bonus increases to +2 and by an additional +1 every 5 levels there after.

Healing recipe – This recipe provides fast healing 1. This bonus increases to Fast Healing 2 at level 10.

In addition A Battle Chef may also cast Detect Poison as a spell like ability a number of times per day equal to their wisdom modifier. And may case Create Water and Purify Food and Drink as a spell like ability at will

All Bonuses granted by abilities of a Battle Chef are Morale bonuses, unless noted otherwise.
A battle Chef can prepare Dishes from their culinary Repertoire for their Allies, or Enemies, if they can be convinced to eat or imbibe.
At 1st level, these dishes can be one of two types Snack, or Drink. A Person can only benefit from the beneficial effects of a Snack or a Drink, even if they provide different benefits. If a player is currently benefiting from a Snack boon, the effects of the Boon end if they consume a Drink.
A Chef may prepare a number of Dishes equal to ½ there level (minimum 1) plus their wisdom modifier.
These items are created and prepared in the same manner that a Spell caster Prepares Spells.

A snack, typically providers a beneficial effect for 1 hour. A snack takes 1 minute to consume and no benefit is gained unless the entire snack is consumed within 2 minutes.

Drinks (this is a working name, not sure what else to call it)
A Drink takes a move action to consume, like a potion, if the character possesses any feats that affect potions, those feats apply to Drinks as well(this part may be worded poorly, thought process is feats to drink as a swift action or drink multiple potions). The Beneficial effect of a Drink lasts for 1 Minute, regardless of what effect it might grant or be based on. Drinks can also be thrown as vials like alchemist fire or other similar abilities. Using a Drink in an offensive nature is a Standard Action.

Group Feast
At 5th Level, the Battle Chef has mastered cooking for a large group and can prepare a Main Course, in addition to a Snack or Drink when they prepare their Dishes for the Day.

Main Course
A Main course takes 1 hour to prepare and consume for each person partaking and can be done at the same time the Battle Chefs other dishes are prepared. No benefit is gained form the main course until the end of this hour. This time can overlap at no penalty, with any spell casters that must prepare Spells or Similar Ability to recover class abilities A Main Course must always Grant a Beneficial Effect, and this effect Lasts for 24 Hours, or until a Recipient eats a meal prepared by someone who is not the Battle Chef that granted them the bonus. No person can benefit from more than one Main Dish at a time, however they may Benefit form a Main Dish, and a Snack or a Main Dish and a Drink without loosing either.

Ikorus wrote:
666bender wrote:

Shaman speaker of the past X with 1 monk level.

you get a spirt armor + wis (main ability) to AC + dex + barkskin + shiled of faith (human). = not bad at all.
flurry a Q-staff with battle domain or take life spirit and go guided hand for SAD build .

9 level caster, hexes, and good all around build.

I'm fairly certain the OP intends to be a martial class Dex Damage critter, given his choice of weaponry. Nothing says "Arr me hearties, we be pirates!" like a 9th level Divine Caster.

You are correct. Since i'll likely be the Ship Captain, I wanted to do the normal Swashbuckling Dandy (even though most of the crew will actually be Evil, or at least morally ambiguous It fits the campaign world and we will all have a common goal so I dont expect to be any Infighting among the group, though we will definitely make some things harder for ourselvs.) I'm Less concerned about damage output and more about AC, mainly becuase i've never done a chracter like this before

Thank you all for the Feedback. I think I've finalized my build, baring any game changing revelations from our GM.

Ranger 1 (I felt bad loosing disable device after dropping the rogue levels form too much overlap and a revelation with WaveBlace/Slashing Grace
Swashbuckler 1
Unchained Monk 6
Duelist 2

S1 Weapon Finesse (swashbuckler)
L1 University (Educated) (houserule 3.0/3.5 Feat from AEG feats. Gives Extra skills points per level but can only take at first level)
M1 Dodge
M2 Combat Reflexes
L3 Weapon Focus (Wave Blade)
L5 Slashing Grace (wave Blade) (since its both piercing and slashing, I should be able to apply it here, but only do piercing dmaage, if i understand the feat correctly)
M6 Mobility
L7 Leadership (gotta have hte Kinetecist for Ships Mage and Wind controll
L9 Unarmored Specialist (Necromancers of hte Northwest 3rd Party feat add +2 dodge AC '+4 at 10' when you have no "armor" bonus, so mage armor would mess it up)

Monk Style Strike Defensive Spin (there doesn't seem to be a prohibition against using this and the wave blace since i'm not holding another weapon
Ki Power 4 Barkskin
Ki Power 6 Gaseous Form (because why would you ever not take gaseous form ^_^ )

This should give my AC a total of 41 when everything is active
10 + 6(DEX) +5(total dodge) +5(total Monk) +2(duelist) +2(race nat) +2(barkskin) +4(defensive Spin) +5(Dodging Panache)

*Thelith wrote:
You don't get proficiency in wave blade by being a monk, you would have to take the feat to be proficient. Why do you want to be completely unarmored? Three levels of rogue gives some nice things for the dip so probably worth it.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency

Monks are proficient with the club, crossbow (light or heavy), dagger, handaxe, javelin, kama, nunchaku, quarterstaff, sai, short sword, shortspear, shuriken, siangham, sling, spear, and any weapon with the monk special weapon quality.

Waveblade 5 gp 1d4 1d6 18–20/×2 — 2 lbs. P or S monk, see text PPZO94102

I'm going to be playing a Pirate game soon, probablly end up being the Captain(Strong Tail Merfolk) since i'm the most "reliable" player in the group, at least as far as showing up to games.

Long story short, I'm trying to get the Highest unarmored AC possible. The GM in the game typically gives us pretty exceptional stats (I've had characters with nothing lower than 16 at level 1 before Their games are horribly broken, but fun as hell)

So far what I have is either
Swashbuckler 3
Unchained Monk 4
Duelist 3

Swashbuckler 1
Unchained Rogue 3
Unchained Monk 3
Duelist 3

I expect we will start at level 10 so the build is made for that level, but will increase later.

With the Top level distribution:

Swashbuckler gives me dodging panache for Cha to AC (granted i have to burn a panache point, but i'll have a Scimitar I think, so that shouldn't be a problem

Monk gives me Wis to AC of course and barkskin via Qui-Gong

Duelist Gives me Int to AC, and i'll only go in as far as my int mod needs me to at later levels

I expect my stats after Racial, level and the "starting" gear I plan to buy will be something like
Str 11 - 0
Dex 18 - 22
Con 14 - 14
Int 14 - 16
Wis 16 - 18
Cha 18 - 20

Which Means my AC shoudl be 10 + 6 + 4(+1) + 3 +2(+2) +1 +4 +5
Base, dex, wis(monk), int, Nat(bark) Dodge, Bracers of Armor, Cha

The feats and weapons are where i get mixed up. A Wave Blade is a Light piercing Monk weapon with an 18-20 crit.. so since its a monk weapon, even though its listed as exotic, I should be proficient with it, and be able to use flurry of blows but since I dont think i'll be able to add dex to damage with any feats, I think i might have to take the bottom level split for level 3 rogue finesses My AC will be slightly lower but my damage, way higher and at level 11 (monk4) i'll get barkskin via Qui-Gong

I'm super hesitant to take rogue levels though as there is a lot of ability overlap there (though I do like the extra skill points)

Is there anything huge i'm missing here? Even with the "lower" ac build, i should still have a 35 and that doesn't even include a ring of protection.

I'm working on a couple characters for a one shot session I will be running soon.

I'm working on a Fighter

First up is Contemplative
I'm thinking soldier, Maybee Technomancer, but with the Armor Storm route, I think i want the character to be in power armor He might also have a space Ninja buddy who has a lot of money but is delaying in helping him afford a new set of power armor, because the one he has doesn't work well and he needs a new skeleton for the body

Likes: Advance invasion of planets, Galactic Conquest, Showing his people that he is the best

Dislikes: Shelled Reptile bioforms.

Next up is a Dragonkin
Probably soldier, i'm thinking Bombard route Grenade specialist, maybe Arcane assailant for the fire fusion on command, but I think Grenade Specialist is better since he will have a breath weapon.

I'm not sure if I can add the breath weapon gland for 2 breath weapons every 10 minutes. If i can at this point, the character seems a bit too strong, so i think he's going to have only 1 arm, instead of two.

Dislikes Rural countrysides, Peasants, Thatched Roof cottages.
Likes: Fire.

Any Ideas on names?

Thank you for correcting my math. I dunno where the hell i was getting my numbers from, not thinking it through i guess. I've been working on a collection of many smaller T1 fighters vs a T5 party. I feel those are working out better than a 1 on 1 ship fight. Less reliant on a hot shot pilot better than the PCs showing up every fight to make things a challenge. Or having an enemy ship always be a class with a turret.

Power to weapons is another great point, That brings the average damage for a Coilgun up to 3.5 for an average of 14 and the math isn't as forgiving with a plasma with an only 1/12 chance of rolling a 1. 1-12 damage isn't much of an improvement on 2-12. Fighters getting through damage threshold is really the only bonus since they wont typically have a gunner. I had forgotten about that.

EDIT: Forgot this part. Can you get 8d12 on an interceptor? doesn't each weapon require its own slot, you just take less actions to fire them, so 2d12 would be 12 build points per slot, 2 would be 4d12 and 24+6 for 30 BP at 4d12?

This might be better served in general discussion, but I feel like there may be a rule i'm over a looking so it felt best putting it here. When putting weapons on a ship in the light weapons category:

Coilguns are 6 BP, 4d4 Long Range no drawback. 2.5 per die gives an average damage of 10

Light Plasma Cannon is 12 BP, 2d12, short range, no drawbacks. 6.5 gives an average damage of 13, along with much higher variability in damage so not as reliable.

3 damage trade off for double the BP and loss of longrange? doesn't seem worth it to me. Am I missing something that actually makes this a meaningful choice?

Google says the original text is as follows. So basically its a spell that is psionics.
level 1 - evocation
Casting Time: 1 action
Range: 90 feet
Components: V, S, M (a diamond worth at least 50 gp)
Duration: Instantaneous
You hurl a 4-inch-diameter sphere of energy at a creature that you can see within range. You choose acid, cold, fire, lightning, poison, or thunder for the type of orb you create, and then make a ranged spell attack against the target. If the attack hits, the creature takes 3d8 damage of the type you chose.
At Higher Levels. When you cast this spell using a spell slot of 2nd level or higher, the damage increases by 1d8 for each slot level above 1st.

I've always found the rogue to be fine. Characters can contribute in ways other than combat. Keeping with the theme of those changes though, I would find good will instead of fort to be more in the theme of a rogue. It also may be beneficial to give the rogue a resource. Luck Knack or something of the like to ensure less abuse of power is possible. Make the powers that are use able once per day take up said resource if you use them more than once.

If you are going to tap into non paizo sources, just take a level in Vitalist. Any path. Most broken crap in the game. Your party will never die unless they are OHKOed

Edit* Quote Wrong post. Removed

Looking for some feedback on a Custom Advanced Class I made. Anyone care to share their thoughts?


Da'ath wrote:

If you want to dump armor for your d20, 7seas d20 had a system for it based on BAB for scaling. I'll see if I can find my books over the next couple days. Grocery and gaming day for me, so not a lot is getting done here outside of those and prep.

Edit: link to Unarmored Defense Proficiency (Beginner).

Should help you decide if it's what you need or not. There are three tiers, if I remember right.

in 3.5 there was a set of feats that gave you 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and 100% your class levels in armor class when not wearing armor. I forget the name but it was in a 3rd party AEG book called "feats". Completely broken in 3.5 but maybe not so much for what you are going for.

I'd call it Dueling style instead of Fencing. Traditionally, fencing is Rapier/Foil specific. Seems a little under powered for 3rd feat chain, even if they are fairly common feats. Other than the commonality of short swords there are far better weapons. It only really makes sense thematically. I'd consider giving and +1 dodge bonus to AC along with the, can't use shield part.

This is designed to be an Advanced class, IE the Advanced class guide. I'm going to be running a city game soon (my gaming group typically spends about 99% of our time in the wilderness in most games we end up playing) and the slayer just wasn't quite doing it for me.

How do you all feel this class compares to the other advanced classes from the ACG (at least on paper).

My original name for the class was assassin, but it didn't quite fit right with the abilities and purpose I intended so I opted for Divine Hand. Also, please let me know if anything is unclear. I tend to leave things out and forget i've done so when I get into something.

Class should be accessible Here

Pupsocket wrote:

The problem with Bracers of Armor is, you get about 2k worth of protection for 16k. Let's be generous, and call it 4k worth for the trouble; that's still a 12k charge. And the next point of AC costs 9k.

Actually, since the +4 Bracers are a terrible purchase, the first point of AC - buying +5 Bracers - costs 21,000 gold.

That means that, if you're investing in +1 AC, buying your Ring of Protection and Amulet of Natural Armor another +1 is always a better deal. It means that upgrading a Belt of Dexterity is a better deal even if you only care about AC, and a belt of physical might/perfection upgrade is almost worth it. If your mithral buckler is +4 with +5 in abilities, upgrade that to +5 instead.

If you're buying +2 AC, that's a +6 bracer, 32k with discount. Now, you're breaking even with upgrading a +3 ring of protection or a +6 buckler, both of which are still better choices.

Most AC boosters cost 1/4/9/16/25k, some of them twice that. The bracers, given a 4k discount, cost 21/32/45/60/77/96.

Bracers of armor dont cost what they do because of most classes, they cost what they do because of monks, rogues, and other casters that may not have access to mage armor. Keep in mind, many classes have abilities that are not usable in anything heavier than light armor, By the time you can afford them, its not inconceivable that your dex may be beyond the max dex bonus allowable with padded armor. This is another benefit bracers of armor provide. Also, many people actually keep track of encumbrance.

As an example, Think of the sneaky halfling rogue with 8 strength. You have to make a decision between carrying a second weapon, enough utility items to be use useful, and ARMOR. Even a bag of holding is too much weight to justify. Bracers of armor, are an almost Nil weight item that gives you an actual "armor" bonus where you would otherwise have none, especially when you have to min/max a character every point can count. The bracers of armor are for characters that don't wear armor, but still need to have an armor bonus so they don't fall completely behind others.