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I would like to cancel this pending order

I would like to cancel this pending order.

Firewarrior44 wrote:
Check Kirth's profile for This link

yeah every time I back out of a page it disappears

Been out of the loop for quite a while, people still emailing copies of the system?

Well shoot I didn't see this was up!

Little Red Goblin Games wrote:
khadgar567 wrote:
is all contend put in to wiki later

Some stuff.

We tend to put races and classes up on our wiki. We don't put stuff like subsystems, weapons, feats (even support feats), etc up on our wiki. They are there as a way to let folks have access to our material, in some form, but you still get the most out of buying our material. Also- we don't have a set "release date" for material on the wiki. Typically a product has to be 3-6 months after launch and we have to have some free time to add it.

so this product in particular wont contribute much to the wiki, since it adds so much to general player options.

Rysky wrote:
Curious about something with the Athletics Sphere. With the abilities that let you substitute your BAB in place of ranks for various skills would you get the +3 Class bonus if the skill was a Class Skill and you had no ranks in it normally, or would you still need to put at least 1 Rank into the skill to get the Class Bonus?

remember that class skill bonuses aren't ranks in a skill.

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so here's a little gift from little red goblin games.
little red wiki
In this you will find some of the races and classes we have done in the past although magic items, archetypes, feats, spells, and alternate rules will not be posted here. hopefully you guys find this useful, and want you to know that we appreciate all you guys and gals.

Worth getting for the automancer alone!

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I wouldn't mind prowess myself.

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well then

I wonder if anyone is planning to try my arm-mounted sling

Perhaps products that follow themes instead of specific spheres or even hybrid spheres. Could do a take on Sin magic making unique spheres for those.

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Skeld wrote:
Fourshadow wrote:
Skeld wrote:
Fourshadow wrote:

More often than not, I have my PDF by now...not this time. I has a sad. :"(

Skeld, any chance of spoiler-ing the Grippli spell Sweat Poison? I have a Grippli Alchemist and would love to see what it does.

** spoiler omitted **


That seems redundant with their base/racial trait...they already could produce poison. I guess that is for those who swap out...?

I'm guessing the spell is inspired by the Grippli ability...


the race trait is once a day

Kerney wrote:
172) Eidolon blooded-Those with an eidolon

yo there

s'all good, though i gotta ask is that just to make kineticists more tanky or something?

The bane of sorrow is a single rose, frozen forever by the queen as the only remembrance of a long dead former lover. Unlike the other artifacts, this ones sole claim to fame is that it is truly indestructible, not that durability saved from theft long ago by thieves who saw its icy beauty as a valuable treasure.

Berselius wrote:

LOL. Thanks but I don't think it'll fit the bill. The Tane are supposed to be First Worldian weapons of mass destruction and a CR of 1/2 just doesn't fit the bill.

just wanna point this out, but if they typically came in packs of 30 a Cr 1/2 creature could be something of a threat. Not arguing for the example given, just saying their could be justification for a quick breeding or multiplying Thane of a lower Cr.

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Trekkie90909 wrote:

Some cool new ideas and experiences; thanks for sharing!

@rainzax: I like elements of your rule, they smooth over a couple balance issues in game and I could see them speeding up play in certain instances, and it's easy to implement at someone else's table. I do wonder if you find it marginalizes characters which have specialized into stealth and the like?

@Dox: That's pretty nifty, I hadn't considered something like that, but like it immensely; would you implement it as entirely its own thing, or would it replace the health bonus from con/level? Would it stack with other sources of DR? Might that make the invulnerable rager barbarian archetype (and rage-themed classes in general) overpowered? Would the con bonus from raging just increase DR, or would it also give the normal HP boost?

@christos: That's interesting; how does it work with humans? Did they get a buff too?

humans get a free "heart of" trait of their choosing

It's actually two in one but I house rule away ability score punishment by removing them from prerequisites and dropping race ability score penalties(I rewrote goblins and orcs)

Dox of the ParaDox twins wrote:
christos gurd wrote:
Replacing all instances of "touch" with "flat-footed" in the gun rules actually solves everything pretty well. It even would provide a sneak attack caveat because baseline gun rules state that their attacks aren't treated as touch attacks.
I get that that would work but I don't really like that because the flat footed AC is meant for not being be able to dodge where as touch AC is for only dodging but Idk it would work I guess

because not being able to dodge musket balls innately makes more sense than them ignoring armor considering, as a friend of mine likes bringing up, the term bulletproof came from blacksmiths taking a breastplate and fire a gun at it to demonstrate they didn't penetrate and saying "see, proof against bullets"

Replacing all instances of "touch" with "flat-footed" in the gun rules actually solves everything pretty well. It even would provide a sneak attack caveat because baseline gun rules state that their attacks aren't treated as touch attacks.

Well I've play tested removing ability score prerequisite from the game, and I gotta say it didn't harm feats in the least.

MrCharisma wrote:
Wow there's a CR17 monster with a Touch AC of -1. Crazy!

a buddy found it

I'm not gonna pretend im good enough at excel to try my hand at this myself but was wondering if anyone else has?

As in fighter of the nightman, champion of the sun

JosMartigan wrote:
christos gurd wrote:
Almost everything mentioned here can be helped withthis
I think the point of this thread was to have Paizo create this wishlist. I don't know if balance or PF Society or what was the motivation. As far as balance, I'd say there is already a lot of broken classes and races in the Paizo stable. But I've also see WAY more broken 3rd Party material.

which would only matter in pfs, and I have found much of the time the opposite to be true(and even when they don't they tend to be more responsive to customer feedback and less over nerfy). Disclaimer I occasionally work in 3pp but I see that all the time with lots of companies outside the ones I work in.

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How is this not a sticky thread?

Almost everything mentioned here can be helped withthis

1.severous Snape
2.exploding messages

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I mean trading away weapon groups that you won't be using for advanced weapon training does help alot as does this[/shameless plug]

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my favorite i've found

mdt wrote:

Halve the # of skill points each class get's per level. So, Fighters/Wizards get 1, Rogues get 4, Bards get 3, etc.

Grant everyone skill points equal to their stat bonuses that can only be spent on skills associated with that stat.
So, someone playing a fighter with the following stats :
Str : 16 (+3)
Dex : 14 (+2)
Con : 16 (+3)
Int : 10 (+0)
Wis : 12 (+1)
Cha : 8 (-1)
Would have the following skill points to distribute :
Class : 1
Str : 3
Dex : 2
Wis : 1
Cha : -1
So they'd be very good at physical stuff, not so good at mental, and awful at charisma things.
You were allowed to trade 2 of one stat skill points to get 1 of another (so 2 str's to get one cha for example) to indicate concentrating more on diplomacy than on climbing or swimming.
Finally, if you had a negative stat, and you wanted to spend points on it, you had to spend enough that level to 'overcome' the negative. So from our example, if you wanted to put a point into diplomacy, you had to put spend your class point (1) to negate the -1 charisma skill level, then trade in two attribute skill points (1 str/1 dex, 2 str, 1 dex/1 wis, etc) to get another Cha skill point.
This worked really well, it gave people more skill ranks overall, but it also meant they usually ended up with skill curves that fit their stats, those who were smart ended up with lots of INT based skills, those who were really strong but not so bright (18 str/8 int) usually ended up with lots of climb and swim and not so many Knowledge skill.
EDIT : Note class skill points were 'unaligned' and could be spent on any skill.

Luthorne wrote:
Dragon78 wrote:
So who wants to guess what creature type/subtype Krampus will be?
My first guess is fey, my second guess is outsider (native), and my third guess would be a (probably unique) monstrous humanoid.

I could see the cold subtype for any of those as well.

Dread Knight wrote:
Elghinn Lightbringer wrote:
Dread Knight wrote:
I remember there being a Monk/Oracle one that wasn't Elemental Savant. I think it was like Closed Eyed Oracle or something and there was a Zen Mystery. What happened to it?

It was an Oracle/Monk called the Open Eyed Oracle.

** spoiler omitted **...

Ah yes thank you do you or anyone else know where a full write up for Open Eyed Oracle can be found?

if i can find the doc where all my mcas were kept i'll post it up.

ive seen a "few" good gestalts.

the new tortured crusader wisdom based paladin could be interesting since it says that DOES get smite evil, albeit altered.

Maybe approaching some 3rd parties on conversions of their spellcasting classes?

I *might* have time in the future to make my overlord (anime) inspired wizard/ vigilante, but free time is at an all time low lately.

this seems like it could be useful for some here

Or just refluff a nine-ring broadsword instead

Blayde MacRonan wrote:
So with the havocker, do the DCs for infusions use the witch's Int modifier or does it work out like a kineticist and you have to use Con (Dex if it's a form infusion)?

seems to be as with the kineticist.

Goth Guru wrote:
Milo v3 wrote:
Goth Guru wrote:
Where can I find the Brute Alchemist?
There isn't one.
So, homebrew. Cool. Good Name.

there is a brute vigilante

Well this is an interesting concept

It kinda feels like a barbarian/fighter hybrid over cavalier really.

It could very easily be convergent design to be fair.

I'm wondering about these backgrounds mentioned

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Bryce Kineman wrote:
DrSwordopolis wrote:
Is "Ready for Anything" the victim of a missing comma, or does the feat really have four prerequisite feats?

I know this doesn't mean anything, but in the book it says, "Prerequisites: Alertness, Improved Initiative, Lightning Reflexes, Quick Draw, base attack bonus +6 or uncanny

dodge class feature."

I usually translate a listing of prerequisites listed like this. As you only need one of the listed prerequisites. Seeing as it's listed with nothing but commas till the "or". Now I know my English is pretty bad. But I was under the impression that meant the statement of the prerequisites listed as such meant you need Alertness or Improved Initiative or Lightning reflexes or Quick Draw or base attack bonus +6 or Uncanny Dodge.
Forgive me if this has already been clarified or its just my horrid understanding of the English Language(to be fair it's one of the most complex languages in the world)

believe it would have to start with the word "Either" to be any individual prerequisite. As written it seems to be the first 4 feats then base attack bonus +6 or uncanny dodge.

maybe start with this

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