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Shadow Lodge

You have something stuck on your hat.

There, I got it.

All that work climbing out of that pit and yet, I still win.

Dark Archive

I kick you all back into the pit and take back my win

Shadow Lodge

And now the pit is filled with win.

Dark Archive

I claim possession of everything in the pit and seal it, making sure that it is my win forever

I cast knock on the pit, breaking the seal, then remove all the wins and claim them for myself.

Dark Archive

Uses death attack on sindalla
takes the wins and teleports with them

Is immune to death effects, AoO's against spellcaster who isn't casting defensively, interrupts teleport and steals back wins.

As the cannibal apocalypse spreads, but before the interwebz go on the fritz, I shall post here one last time to secure the win. In the meantime, I'm posting now, in the slightly vain hope that you others will wander off, leaving me with the win.

After having a break i come back to see a pit and a cricket screaming.
In all this turmoil i shall reclaim the win.

Dark Archive

My win

Hey. Republicans suck.

A swarm of rats scitters into the thread nd steals the win.

Dark Archive

I let the rats have their win, but now it is mine again.

Shadow Lodge

My day just wouldn't be right if I let you do that.

Dark Archive

Too bad

Shadow Lodge

For you

Dark Archive

Albeit your attempts, I'm still winning

Hey. Democrats suck.

Dark Archive

Hey. Politicians suck.

Everyone but cats suck. That is why we rule.

The rules say I win.

Dark Archive

Cats are cool. Kats suck. Tieflings win.

You certainly are not one. So i claim it yet again.

Dark Archive

I am a tiefling and so I win.

Sooooo. your saying your half a fiend

These wins are mine. Thank you.

Shadow Lodge

You're welcome.

Conman the Bardbarian:
YOU'RE BANNED!!!(Because you conned me out of my win, which I just took back.)

Shadow Lodge

Thank you, it was to heavy to hold.

Then let me take it from you so you get the blood running in your hands again. :)


Yes dear mrs Sissyl.

You have something that is not yours. I will take it off your hands.

Excuse me, Fiend? "Mrs"? Hmph! I'll take that win for that.

You can't take it from the Fiend as I already did.

So I have to take it from you instead. I can live with that.

Dark Archive

As I can handle taking it from you

Scarab Sages

Paizo Superscriber; Pathfinder Companion, Pathfinder Accessories Subscriber; Starfinder Charter Superscriber

What you don't know is the win in your hands is the permenant illusion I created to fool all of you. I have the real win.

Dark Archive

I have a constant true seeing effect That win is mine, A switched their places


Dark Archive

sorry but you're too late, here have a fake win. Its a good copy though.

No thanks, I'd rather have the real one. Thank you!

Dark Archive

Sorry, I'm taking that one
5ft. step back and teleport

Step Up and Disruptive stops teleport. Succeeds at Steal Maneuver.

stands motionless in the WINd

Dark Archive

Let's see those dice rolls and I use my omnipotent ability to turn the wins back into an abstract concept

Abstracts the concept of winning from you.

Takes the win, and the rabbit too.
Rabbits are great on bbq.....

Well, if there's going to be a bbq...

*Sigh* Now I want a steak. Medium-rare, with all of the trimmings.

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