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Oh yeah....

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Can ya dig it

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Talk to me baby #Barry White

Your Creepy Neighbor wrote:
Rosita the Riveter wrote:
Well, if I'm not allowed to screw with Freehold, what rights do I truly have?
That depends on what kind of screwing you had in mind.

Now were speaking my language.

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Oh Yeah

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captain yesterday wrote:
I call everyone naked, doesn't everyone?

Ooooh.... Tell me more baby

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Freehold DM wrote:

Seriously, date both. Live the dream.

You never know what may happen baby

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Freehold DM wrote:

One word folks- crotchless panties.

Tell me more

Pecan Sandie Duncan wrote:
You should totally do an alias blitz.

Oooooh Yeah baby

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And if there are participants trying to dominate each other, that could get quite frisky!

Lets hope so

Or as we call it Skinemax

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Sooo Meaty

Freehold DM wrote:
Drejk wrote:
But then you will have explain to John why you shared his cookie with FHDM... :P
I'm willing to brown chicken brown cow for a cookie.


Arjun Srivastava wrote:
Later that night...

Oh yeah


Celestial Healer wrote:
Well, if you're gonna get drunk, might as well get naked, too.

Talk to me baby....yeahhhh

Oh yeah baby

I'm illegal in 37 states

Electric Wizard wrote:
Gruumash . wrote:

Are you more sexy with the lower or higher numbers?

Are numbers sexy?

It's probably culturally determined. In America, small is not better.


Damn straight baby[/barry white]

Oh my[/george takei]

Freehold DM wrote:
Just applied for another job.

After reading your previous comment dare I ask where

Treppa wrote:

A novice once won a wine tasting contest by describing the taste of one white wine as 'opening a yellow umbrella in a warm summer rain'.

Wine is not the first thing that image brings to my mind, but then I'm a nasty person.

Oh Yeah baby

Oooooh yeeah [/barry white]

DoubleGold wrote:

So I guess what you can do to make sure you don't suffer movement speed from level 1.

Pick Human, speed 30. Take Wanderlust trait, overland speed +10.
40 speed. Pick Barbarian +10 movement speed. Pick fleet as a feet for +5. Fleet can be taken multiple times, so as your human bonus feat, pick fleet again for +5. Total speed 60, half speed 30, which covers most campaigns that don't use a horse for 50 as movement.
And if you really want to autosucceed the survival where it can be made
Make Wisdom 20 after racials if allowed, put 1 rank into survival. Surival is now 9 and the lowest you can roll is 1, worse case senario, you provide for yourself only.

Or don't worry about every little detail.

JRR Tolkien wrote:
Nesod: Still trying to be the ladies man Huh

That's Sezzy

Sooooo. your saying your half a fiend

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Thought I would try out my new alias here

runs nekkid through the thread

Lamontius wrote:

woooooooooo we're going streeeeaking

bring your green hat

Cause and they call himm the streak

He's the fastest thing on two feet

Nesod the Monkchinegun wrote:

I prepare to hit it with I healed by positive or negative energy now?

Note: If negative, I can essentially heal by touching myself.


AM HEALER wrote:

Help Me My Daughter