8 word "Stephen King" based game

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Car has a Man's Name. Chris!!! Howabout that?!?

Scarab Sages

Meanwhile, the vampire Barlow was bummed out because

That pesky priest Callahan had eaten garlic before

running around Castle Rock, gathering the townsfolk for

Liberty's Edge

the Fire Sale at Needful Things. Gaunt laughed

till Charlie blasted the building with a fireball

Liberty's Edge

; Callahan asked him, 'Do you feel lucky, punk?'

Bonnie Bedelia, totally under Gaunt's spell, raised a

Scarab Sages

finger, displaying a well known gesture which some

would call the booger-pickin' finger, but others

Scarab Sages

refer to as the "press the button" finger.

Meanwhile the Breakers were busy having virtual sex.

Scarab Sages

The servers blew a fuse, euphemistically speaking, causing

sparks to dance across the floor. Next to

Oy squatted another billy bumbler, nicknamed Halo 3.

"I do not aim with my hand; he

stopped, then continued, "I DO aim with my

Scarab Sages

hand, but only in a physical sense, otherwise

I flip on the laser sight. Unless they

Scarab Sages

have mirrors. Then I just close my eyes

and pull the trigger. It saves time. The

thread necromancy is strong. Insert anti happy ending.

Stephan King walking into the thread smoking a

cigar that looked like a knife with a

black handle. Freud would have blushed after seeing

Nietzsche in the shower. A dog began barking.

Walter sitting in a chair said, "You are

Scarab Sages

a dull boy, alright. Let's put a smile

on the magician's face again." Snapping his fingers

Scarab Sages

in half like a KGB torturer, Walter's shadow

extended across the floor. King noticed he hadn't

Scarab Sages

been able to remember his dreams recently - neither

did anyone else he knew. Walter's nightmare was

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