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Why was nothing done with the crappy job on king irroveti? Was soo disappointed to get a figure from kingmaker , my favorite adventure path,only to get a figure with a melted looking face and crappy paint job. And that was ordered as a single so someone had to look at that and think it ok to ship to a customer. From what I have heard most of the irroveti minis were subpar, so why send them out?

What book has stats for the regular uncorrupted version of the herald of iomedae?

I recently purchased several minis, of which king irovetti and queen ileosa were the two main ones I was looking forward to. I am very disappointed in both of them. Ileosa has a crappy paint job and irovetti`s face looks melted and he has no mouth. Ileosa I can pretty much deal with but irovetti is terrible, and I would be embarrassed to put him out on the table. How can I go about getting a replacement for him(or them)?

Liz Courts wrote:
Zenlike wrote:

Gracias, sir.

I will wait (im)patiently for the lever to be pulled...

Check back on October 30th. :)

/nudge /nudge

Its past the 30th

Is this available for individual purchase yet?

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I would prefer for the AP Map Folios to be revamped into battle maps of key locations instead of regional maps that are not that much use to me. For me Battle maps will always be more useful ...

How they make them or how they may or may not be included in the books, or separate products is not important to me ... I just want them made so I do not have to spend the time to make them myself ... and I am not good at it.

James Todd wrote:
But this may be 95% based in my current aggravation about map issues.

100 % agree here. My main(almost only) aggravation with paizo(and others) products is map issues. More battle maps of locations featured in the adventures would go a long way toward making me a much happier customer. And all the reasons(or excuses) that have been presented as to why they cant(or wont) have not convinced me.

Now I do love a lot about Paizo, and sometimes that does not come through in my rants, so I would just like to state here, that Paizo is wonderful at answering questions and responding to their customers wants ... just does not seem like it on the map issue ... although there is a promising new development in Dragons Demand ...

I guess that just does not fit my play style. I would normally never show my players a map of the dungeon anyway. Normally one of the players maps it out as they go.

Seems redundant to me to have a map at the same scale as I would already have ... and what is VTT?

I dont understand this product ... Why would someone need the maps at the same scale as in the AP? Why would you not release them in a printer friendly battle map size?

A Golem builder's set would be nice.

Also, while Lini appears to be set in the Legends set, i would like more female gnome minis. My wife plays a female gnome, and i have had some difficulty finding a mini that she is happy with.

I would also like to add a vote for a Treant mini, that would be awesome for my collection. And another vote as well for the summon monster set.

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Outvoted? From what i can tell most of the responses here agree that the release speed is too much ... Not that I am complaining, i just mainly cant wait for Legends to come out, but seems to me if there was a vote then it would prolly tip the scales over to the people that dont like the speeding up of releases.

This works out pretty good for me. Was already pretty much set on skipping over skull & shackles minis, just not too interested in the set and did not like the AP at all.

But these will be a must for me to buy, especially if there are more Kingmaker minis in this set! Cant wait to start seeing previews on this set.

I detest PVP for several reasons, but just to touch on a couple of reasons :

1)On the MMO I previously played the PVP jerks would go out of their way to ruin other people's gaming experience: i.e. killing quest givers or merchants when I(or someone, not just me) would go to turn in a quest or deal with the merchants. They received no XP for this, and no in game reward, they just did it to be jerks and ruin other peoples gaming experience.

2) I am not really a competitive person, and I have nothing to prove to anyone else, so it annoys me to see or hear someone lording over someone else they think they are better than, just because they can beat them in PVP. I play games to have fun, and PVP sucks the fun out of any game for me.

As I said before I know I am in the minority here, but I do hope that eventually there will be some form of Pathfinder Video Game(Online or otherwise) that does not incorporate PVP.

I have been looking forward to seeing how PFO would work, but more and more i see how heavy it sounds into PVP. I stopped playing a certain other MMO because of the focus it had on PVP. I absolutely detest PVP.

So, my question to those in charge of making this game ... Is there any possibility that you could create at least one server with no PVP aspect? I realize I am in the minority on this issue, but I would really like to play PFO, but will not if it is as PVP heavy as it sounds.

Well now I see the colored arrows and numbers in use in the module Broken Chains, so maybe the use has just not made it to the AP's yet. Either way, I think it is really useful, and wish it to stay and be used more.

Not sure if this is the proper place for this question, but ...

While reading the ROTR anniversary edition I really enjoyed the new(to me at least) use of the colors and numbers indicating if the stairs went up or down, and where they connected on other levels. Now I am seeing the same thing in the PFO Thornkeep book.

SO, my question is, why is this not being utilized in the AP adventures? It seems to me at least to be really useful and I for one would like to see it used across the spectrum of Paizo products.

Deathstalker Rebellion by Simon R Green.

This is perhaps the fifth time I have read this series and I never get tired of re-reading it. Recommend it to all that have never read it.

LoreKeeper wrote:
James Jacobs wrote:

UPDATE: One side of the poster map will indeed have a battle map of a key encounter location.

I suspect the poster map will be attached with gum glue.

YES!!! Excellent result.

I'd be happy to take both sides of the poster map as a key encounter location. The reasoning is as follows: a nice picture of the town or region that is in the module itself I can easily show and have the players appreciate it suitably - I don't need that in a larger format on a poster. If the town/region features so prominently that we want to use it and flag it - then a poster-size version is nice, but a once-off use only; so the likely course would be to print out just that town/region and work of that.

But key encounters in battlemap posters are just... great! They see definite intended use, increase atmosphere, and accelerate story-to-action time.

I freely admit that I am subscribed to the Pathfinder Comics line purely on the grounds that it has a little battle map included.

Completely agree here. Regional maps are mostly useless to me, hence the reason i stopped buying the AP folios. Battle maps of the locations in the adventures however are way more useful. Have said it other places and will say it again, please make more battle maps, and less regional maps.

Erik Mona wrote:
Alephtau wrote:
this might be the first PF minis set that I pass on.
I doubt it. ;)

Well then, I look forward to you proving me wrong :). Mostly depends on how many of the minis would be useful outside of a pirate campaign, since I am just not interested in nautical campaigns at all, piratical or otherwise.

Was personally hoping this set would be Kingmaker, a lot of the beasties from there would make neat minis. Really personally did not like Skull & Shackles at all, but the skeletal dragon looks nice. Might change my mind after I see more minis from this set, but this might be the first PF minis set that I pass on.

You might not be able to cover every map in an AP, but you could put some of the main ones in the map folios for the AP instead of regional maps that are not that useful IMO.

As I have been extremely frustrated lately with the lack of AP specific battle maps I would definitely vote for better maps over the AP fiction. The fiction with Eando Kline has really been the only AP fiction stories I have cared for.

Since there are currently no AP specific battle maps to speak of, I bought CC3 and DD3 and have had so much trouble getting it to work it has kind of soured me on running anything. Please, Please Paizo, put out better maps that correlate with the AP's!

I do not understand how to print these as battle maps. When i downloaded them they just show up as regular size pics, and they print that way as well. How do I print them as battle maps?

I bought 2 bricks to start and then some singles, as I was unable to afford a full case this go around, and I had quite a few broken figures. My Vrock figure is missing a finger, one of my Xulgaths is missing an arm ... they were not broken off in shipping, the finger and arm are just not there. So, they had to have been packaged that way, and not sure how that could be missed. I got two hounds of tindalos and one of them had its tongue snapped off. There were other breakages but those are the main ones.

The biggest disappointment to me was my Clockwork Reliquary. Awesome figure, but there are scratches across the "glass" covering the skeleton, one of the legs is not secured to the base. When I tried to push it into the base, the leg broke completely on me.

So, I am overall happy with the figures that I got that are not broken, but the breakages are too much. I had no breakages with the previous sets that I bought full cases of, and these seem to have slipped in durability.

My apologies for the above post. I figured out the problem. Even though it does not say it anywhere that i can see on the package I needed a download from Profantasy's website to run this. So no fault to Paizo other than the broken packaging, which is not enough of a problem to me.

Again sorry for the post, was not aware where the problem was.

I just received my copy of Campaign Cartographer 3 on Friday, and I have been trying to get it to work all weekend. To start with it was not packaged very well. Inside the box i was sent the product was opened and one of the tabs that holds the instruction booklet was broken off. That would not be much of an issue to me, if it was not for the fact that I cannot get CC3 to install on my computer. I keep getting an error message saying "The installer has encountered an unexpected error installing this package. This may indicate a problem with this package. The error code is 2349".

I would like to know if there is anything that can be done about this. I am very not happy with my purchase.

I just purchased this from here on paizo, and i have some complaints. Not sure where i should voice these so shall start here ...

I got my package with this in the mail, and when i opened the package the product was inside, not sealed, open. Then when i opened it to look inside one of the tabs that hold the instruction booklet inside was broken off. Did not care much about that at the time, but now i cannot get the campaign cartographer to install on my computer. I keep getting an error message that says 2349. Why would paizo ship me a product in this fashion? everything else i have ordered from paizo was nicely packaged but this was pretty sloppy.

I was somewhat interested in buying this, but after seeing the video, I think I will pass. I am not really interested in the art pictures that are pretty much useless in game, and really a collector's edition should IMO offer what the regular edition does not, such as battle maps for the locations in the AP and/or a print version of the player's guide.

Still it is a very nice looking product, i would purchase it still if it was not so expensive, but the lack of extra usable material( the player handouts are neat yes, but nowhere near as useful to me as battle maps would be), i must say no.

I am looking for any print ready versions of the main battle maps from Rise of the Runelords. I have seen a few that are awesome, but they are not to playable scale. Any help would be appreciated, and please know that i am braindead with computers, so if there are any ready to print battle maps for glassworks etc.. I would really appreciate it!

Paizo does a great job of providing us all with the tools we need to run their AP's. The main area they have always lacked IMO is the maps. Mostly the Map Folios contain regional maps that i dont need and most of the flip-maps and map packs dont sync up with the maps from the AP's. If the maps were taken directly from the adventures i would buy them all, and would not care about price. As it is I dont buy many of them.

Any chance that this will ever be put into novel form, maybe along with his continued journeys?

Is there no print version of this? Or is it just PDF? Would like to have the adventure, but not if I have to get it on PDF. As I have said elsewhere (and not looking to start an argument, just stating my preference) I am very anti-PDF and will not buy them, but would like to get a print copy of this if it is ever available.

And I will also admit that this has somewhat to do with my hatred of computers. Posting on here, and minimal computer work at my job are pretty much the extent of my capacity to interact with computers. And the last time i took a PDF i bought here to get copied at FedEx Kinkos, they would not print it for me since it did not say anywhere on the PDF that Paizo gave permission to print it ... at least nowhere that i could see, and the Kinkos employee looked as well and did not see the permission anywhere either.

Examples would be the caravan rules from Jade Regent, and the Shipboard Rules from Skull & Shackles. Now the caravan rules could be somewhat easily ignored and run without it, but from what i see so far(and i have only read the first 3 of skull and shackles) its pretty much necessary to use the shipboard rules to really run it as printed.

And as for printing the PDF's, i simply dislike have loose papers, and I dont think it should be necessary for me to go to the trouble of printing something that could have just been sold in print form or included in the AP itself. That essentially is my main argument, that if it is that intrinsic to running the AP it should be included in the AP.

Just wondering if anyone else is finding this annoying. It annoys me when I am reading a PF AP and it states something along the lines of "refer to the Players Guide for info". Some of these are really necessary in order to run the AP. If it is that important to the AP, PLEASE include it in the AP, and dont force me to get a PDF that i dont want in order to get the full enjoyment out of the AP.

I have stated elsewhere that i am very anti-PDF and this is really starting to bother me. I cringe every time i see a reference to a Players Guide PDF.

If i could just purchase a copy of the Players Guide like they used to be in print form I would not have any problem with important info being solely in the Players Guide. The fact that the PDF is free is meaningless to me. Likewise if the info was in the Guide AND in the AP itself I would not have this problem.

Well, just curious if anyone else feels this way.

Did not much care for Legacy of Fire myself. I would say Kingmaker, but only if you are very familiar with the game ahead of time. Second Darkness was awesome, and I dont think it would take much rewriting to run in post 3.5. Those are the only 2 I would say are great from start to finish, as all the others had boring parts(IMO). Would honestly suggest starting with some low level modules strung together before running an ap though.

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I only buy printed books. I dont like computers much to begin with(my time on this website is pretty much the only computer time i enjoy), and the printer i use sucks on ink. I dont like to read much at all from a computer screen, and overall just prefer to have an actual book in my hand. Even if I had a nice fancy printer, there is just something about holding a book and reading it.

On this note, I will also say that I was not happy when Paizo started putting the player's guides for the APs in PDF form only. I am perfectly willing to buy them, and the fact that they are free does not sway me at all. I want print copies, not PDF's. Please Paizo go back to printed form players guides!

Steve Geddes wrote:

It's not strictly on-topic, but since you're reading...

I won't buy a PDF only product. I was really keen to see the evil themed AP but, despite being a niche not filled anywhere else, the fact it was only available in digital format eventually ruled it out for me. I appreciate it's not an insignificant thing (and may well be impossible) - perhaps kickstarter/preorders/subscriptions/print-on-demand or some other clever model might work but, for me at least, if it's not in book form I'm not going to look, no matter how cool the idea is.

I only mention it as information for you, not because I expect it to be fulfilled (and I have no idea how common this PDF-aversion is).

Totally agree, if its PDF only i dont bother looking.

I think it would be neat to play 2 AP's at once. For a level or 2 you play the good guys, then for a level or 2 you play the bad guys, alternating between the 2 until it culminates in an epic battle between both sets of characters played by the same players ... in a sense the final battle could be played without the GM doing much at all.

Awesome, thanks for the info. Was starting to think there was a book i did not own. Will be posting a list of these soon then!

Wolf Munroe wrote:
Sorry, I looked at the card but I didn't recognize the woman on it.

Thanks for looking, but it appears i might not get an answer to this one. No one seems to know.

Not sure if this has been asked yet, but as I am a fan of your Revisited line of books, I was wondering if their was any plans to do a Golems Revisited book?

Ernest Mueller wrote:
But the point of a map is to find things on it, not just be pretty art of an archipelago. Like I say, I can understand that on the islands, but the mainland is a big lump of green, the other coastal cities couldn't go on there?

I have to agree here, the poor map really kills this book for me. I am only about 20 pages into it, but it is really annoying to me not to be able to see a place marker for some of the areas discussed. To me the bestiary section could probably have been eliminated or reduced to make way for better maps. I am sure the beasts will eventually make their way into a Bestiary at some point, which makes it even more redundant.

Condensing these onto one post to make it easier to print

AP 1 : Sandpoint , History of Thassilon
AP 2 : Magnimar , Desna
AP 3 : Keep Upkeep , Varisia
AP 4 : History of the Stone Giants , Dragons
AP 5 : Magic of Thassilon , Lamashtu
AP 6 : Karzoug, Runelord of Greed , High Altitude Adventures
AP 7 : Harrow , Varisian Culture
AP 8 : Plagues , Abadar
AP 9 : Red Mantis , Rakshasa
AP 10: Cinderlands , Shaonti
AP 11: Zon-Kuthon , Hold of Belkzen
AP 12: Kazavon Relics , Harrow Deck of Many Things
AP 13: Riddleport , Gold Goblin Gambling Hall
AP 14: Planets , Cayden Cailean
AP 15: Drow , Celwynvian
AP 16: Zirnakaynin , Fleshwarping
AP 17: Kyonin , Calistria
AP 18: Land of Black Blood , Demon Lords
AP 19: Gnolls of Brazen Peaks
AP 20: Pale Mountain Region , Sarenrae
AP 21: Katapesh , Genies
AP 22: Maelstrom/Proteans , Sulesh the Great Genie Binder
AP 23: City of Brass , Rovagug
AP 24: Spawn of Rovagug , Genies and Wishes
AP 25: Westcrown , Tieflings
AP 26: Trial , Iomedae
AP 27: Hellknights , Pathfinder Treasures
AP 28: Study of Hellknights , Possessions
AP 29: Asmodeus , Thieves' Guilds
AP 30: Catastrophes , Mammon
AP 31: Brevoy , Exploration
AP 32: City and Nation Builder , Erastil
AP 33: Iobaria , Six New Sites
AP 34: Boggards , Stolen Land Treasures
AP 35: Pitax , Gorum
AP 36: Beyond Kingmaker , First World
AP 37: Castaways , Serpentfolk
AP 38: Eleder , Gozreh
AP 39: Five Factions , Juju
AP 40: Deadly Traps , Charau-ka
AP 41: Illmurea , Nethys
AP 42: After Serpent's Skull , Ydersius
AP 43: Ravengro , Horrific Haunts
AP 44: Pharasma , Palatine Eye
AP 45: Whispering Way , Lycanthropes
AP 46: Cults of the Dark Tapestry
AP 47: Caliphas , Urgathoa
AP 48: Continuing CC campaign , Liches of Golarion
AP 49: Sandpoint Hinterlands , Ecology of the Oni
AP 50: Kalsgard , Shelyn
AP 51: Crown of the World
AP 52: Ecology of the Kami , Way of the Ninja
AP 53: Minkai , Irori
AP 54: Continuing the JR Campaign , Kasai
AP 55: Life of a Pirate , Besmara

Update to AP List:

AP 55: Life of a Pirate , Besmara

Does anyone know what character is depicted on this card? I went through all the face cards and labeled them with name and source, and i cannot find this character anywhere. I looked through all my books(and i think i own every PF book Paizo has released) and i am not seeing this character. Any help would be appreciated.

Second Darkness Spoiler:
In Children of the Void the PC's have a chance to collect the skymetal called Noqual. It says they at times can collect 5 pounds of the ore, or 15 pounds of the ore. My question is, how many pounds of the Noqual does it take to make items such as weapons and armor? I dont see anywhere that it states that. I also cannot find anywhere that states how many pounds of other material it takes, such as normal metal or adamantine to make items. Does it take the same amount of weight no matter the item? I mean does one pound of Noqual make a weapon and 3 pounds good enough for armor? And would the same hold true for cold iron? one pound of cold iron ore for weapons and 3 for armor? Or would it be 2 pounds for a weapon and 5 for armor? Ok, so thats alot of questions, but i hope it makes sense, as i have been wondering this for awhile.

Next question is related to the above one. In the description of special materials, it usually states something along the lines of "40 hp per inch of thickness". How is that information useful if most items do not state how thick they are? Normally only doors and walls are stated the thickness that i have seen. I dont hardly ever see the thickness of weapons and armor for instance.

Joana wrote:
Alephtau wrote:
James Jacobs wrote:
Alephtau wrote:
Can you please tell me who is the person depicted on the Face Cards: Enemies # 45? I have gone through all my books, and put names to all the cards from Enemies, and Urban NPC's, and the only one i have left is Enemies # 45.
Dunno off the top of my head; could be from Darkmoon Vale or an early module.
Ok, will go back through all my books, hopefully i overlooked this one, but if anyone else knows the character pictured in Face Cards: Enemies # 45, i would very much appreciate the help.
Did you check all the avatars available on the messageboards? If it's included, the "Choose an Avatar" page tells you who it is and what book it's from now.

Awesome, did not know we could do that, thanks. Sadly i do not see this character there though. So, evidently this character was good enough for a face card, but not good enough for an avatar i guess. Ah, well, must sleep, and hopefully will find this elusive character tomorrow.

James Jacobs wrote:
Alephtau wrote:
Can you please tell me who is the person depicted on the Face Cards: Enemies # 45? I have gone through all my books, and put names to all the cards from Enemies, and Urban NPC's, and the only one i have left is Enemies # 45.
Dunno off the top of my head; could be from Darkmoon Vale or an early module.

Ok, will go back through all my books, hopefully i overlooked this one, but if anyone else knows the character pictured in Face Cards: Enemies # 45, i would very much appreciate the help.

Can you please tell me who is the person depicted on the Face Cards: Enemies # 45? I have gone through all my books, and put names to all the cards from Enemies, and Urban NPC's, and the only one i have left is Enemies # 45.

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