Pathfinder Adventure Path #141: Last Watch (Tyrant's Grasp 3 of 6)

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Pathfinder Adventure Path #141: Last Watch (Tyrant's Grasp 3 of 6)

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Disaster Looms Over Vigil

The heroes race to the crusaders in Vigil to warn them of the Whispering Tyrant's devastating new weapon. Amid a city-wide celebration, Vigil's leaders are disinclined to believe incredible tales from the frontier, so the heroes must uncover the conspirators who seek to engineer the city’s destruction. At the center of these schemes is a gang of thieves whose long-ago heist has finally brought old enemies to light. Will the heroes assemble the clues in time to warn others of the doom that hangs over Vigil?

This volume of Pathfinder Adventure Path continues the Tyrant's Grasp Adventure Path and includes:

  • "Last Watch," a Pathfinder RPG adventure for 8th-level characters, by Larry Wilhelm.
  • An examination of the life-hating threats that dwell in the void of the Negative Energy Plane, by Patchen Mortimer.
  • The secrets of the Seal-Breakers, a sect that strives to set the Whispering Tyrant free and break other seals that preserve reality, by Greg A. Vaughan.
  • A collection of relics—magic items that grow in power the more they are used in pursuit of a cause—from the glorious days of the Shining Crusade, by Alexander Augunas.
  • A bestiary of fearsome monsters, including a bestial humanoid tainted by undeath, an ersatz angel, swarms of noxious dragons, a flying beast from the Negative Energy plane, a reclusive plant-shepherd, and hordes of undead, by Mike Headley, Isabelle Lee, Meagan Maricle, Kendra Lee Speedling, and Larry Wilhelm.

ISBN-13: 978-1-64078-126-9

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5.00/5 (based on 1 rating)

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I'm actually rating this for articles...


Sooo thing with me is that I try to avoid rating adventures or modules until I have played or run them(or both), but in this case I felt real need to rate this just because I love articles in it.

Adventure itself seems fine and has great art(one thing I love about this ap is quality and details of maps), but I haven't played or run it so I don't know how it feels in practice. I do agree with one poster from forum threads about how certain LN character's motivations would make more sense if their family was priding themselves on how Tyrant is sealed for good rather than "We should have destroyed tyrant when we had chance!" since you'd think they would take PC's message as "Hah, I told you so" rather than "You are trying to steal my spotlight!"

So why I love the articles? First article details adventuring in the "Void"(which seems to be what in universe characters call negative energy plane :D I always thought negative energy plane was kind of mouthful) threats there and such. Thats cool because even with planar adventures I had no real idea on how characters might even go about on trying that. And article makes the Void seem as horrifying as it should be.

Second article turns Seal-Breaker archetype into its own organization seperate from Whispering Way and it does so in real cool manner :D I'm looking forward to seeing more from the organization in 2e

Third article(well the middle one iirc) is more relics, this time Shining Crusade themed. Bit pity it seems they don't appear in adventure themselves, but I love relics and it good to have more of them.

And finally, bestiary monsters are great :D I mean Clacking Skull Swarm? Who wouldn't love that! I want to see all of these in 2e as well

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*Patiently waits for Subscription to be mailed so I can look at pdfs*

Liberty's Edge

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doc the grey wrote:
Feros wrote:
Thomas Seitz wrote:

Any chance we can get a bestiary listing JUST because I like more stuff.

Also can said bestiary listing have CR, type, and alignment?

** spoiler omitted **
What is the Pallid Angel like anyways?

Looks like an angel, but draws on the power of slaughter to help empower itself, and can heal from positive or negative energy. They are pretty nasty and are quite resiliant to good spells. They are hedonistic and bloodthirsty, and look very similar to normal angels without checking the alignment first. As for who they were made by...

they are evil and use and unholy scythe like their creator

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Mimski wrote:
CorvusMask wrote:
So does the negative energy and seal breakers articles have cool tidbits? And what is ersatz angel anyway?(ersatz means imitation, so is it angel that imitates thing or a fake angel?)

I have only skimmed the seal breakers article, but it already seems very interesting.

The Negative Energy Plane article is very good and has some mysteries of multiversal importance teased.

An ersatz angel looks like an angel, but certainly is not one. It's a fake angel. The bestiary itself uses the adjective "pallid" for them, giving you a hint how they're aligned.

Thanks for the kind words, Mimski!

Pathfinder Starfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
DJ Patch wrote:
Thanks for the kind words, Mimski!

You're welcome, they're very deserved! It immediately wanted me to start GMing a Negative Energy Plane adventure, probably one the PCs would regret going on.

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It looks like my session zero will be the day before this becomes available to non-subscribers. Any info that you could give me to help guide my players during character creation? How social is this one? Will sneakiness and enchantments/illusions be useful? Any good NPCs to have a pre-existing relationship with? etc.

Thanks in advance.

Scarab Sages

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There are a number of NPC's that could be added to a character's background if they're from Vigil area.

There is a mid-level paladin that gets disappeared at one point.

There are a number of named NPCs in part 3 of the book where the PC's basically play The Night's Watch at Hardhome. Familiar faces, maybe with some that won't make it into Book 4, would give some attachment.

There is a blacksmith that plays into PT 1's macguffin.

Dark Archive

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So uh, turns out that Seal Breakers are much much more messed up ._.

Releasing Whispering Tyrant is just step 1 of their master plan and they aren't actually loyal to Tyrant or part of Whispering Way, they are really ancient conspiracy

Dark Archive

I have read the first two parts of this AP volume and leaved through the rest.
This seems like a solid adventure, much more survival horror than the first AP installment.

It is heavy on combat and dungeon crwawling, though.

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One of the NPCs bugs me so much in this.

Players shouldn't look inside:

Ceto does not seem believable as a character to me. If her family wasn't so firmly convinced that they were superior to the rest of Vigil because they thought the threat of the Whispering Way was real, I could see it. Flip the story, make it so her family line had been the ones to advocate for the Tyrant being sealed away and staked their honor on him being sealed away so well no one ever needed to worry about him again, and her unwillingness to investigate and her abrupt decision to flee instead of fight would make a lot more sense. Or even if she had just recently rooted out a local cell of Whispering Way fanatics, and personally certified that the threat had now passed, that would also make sense.

But as presented, she should have jumped on that PC's story on the offchance that she in particular and her family in general was right about the Whispering Way being a serious threat. Far from detracting from her accolades, evidence that the Tyrant was active once again would have elevated her to an even higher status. After all, she would be right when the entire rest of Vigil was wrong, and who better to take command of the entire city in response to the Tyrant than someone who has been planning against him since she was literally a toddler.

I get that she's arrogant, and is mostly unwilling to back off from her initial incorrect assumption (is she perhaps considered a kook, albeit a very well respected one, among the Ozem for her vigilance against Tar-Baphon? does she think the PCs are making fun of her?), but it still seems a bit off.

I'm probably just overthinking it, but the backstory didn't seem to match the NPC's actions in the adventure. It's not enough to ruin the book for me, in fact overall I loved it, but I'm very uncertain in how I'll run that particular character.

Dark Archive

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I have to say, maps in this AP are really pretty, even prettier than maps in return of the runelords. If this module gets roll20 adaption, they are gonna look awesome while playing there :D

Liberty's Edge

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Kellen Shaylee pic on page 43. That is quite a large sword. Even Amri is looking at it with "Girl, I think you might have gone a bit too far here."

Dark Archive

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I really liked this module; in my opinion it's the best AP volume since It came from Hollow Mountain. It restored my faith in this Adventure Path, which has so far been (IMO) the weakest Paizo has ever published. There have just been too much railroading and "cosmic coincidences" and nonsense stuff about Obols and tooth fairies and whatnot; it was nice to see a well-written mystery plot with classic dungeon-crawling and good maps!

Excellent work, Larry! :)

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Pathfinder RPG - The Tyrant's Grasp AP 3: Last Watch
Publisher: Paizo Inc.
System: Pathfinder RPG and D&D 3.5/ OGL
Type: Adventure
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