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Coarthios wrote:
Vonklinen, since you posted your real world stats, you must post your level and feats as well. I can't wait to see what build you're using. I started out with one level in actor but changed classes to now a level three asset management analyst. I have the ignore wife feat. Very handy during football season.

Level 1 Artist

Level 2 Art instructor


Procrastination- able to make something decent out of a pile of crap at the last possible moment.

Alternative usage- able to use whatever is lying around to create makeshift needed item of low quality.

Persuasive- able to get others to believe that I am actually clever and smart.

I have also probably lost two points in both dexterity and strength from being away from the gym so long.

I wish that there was some way to tell how active a player will be during pbp.

Thank you all. Great advice. I will use it in the future.

I am working on a futuristic rpg with similar mechanics to Pathfinder. I would like to see the game have longevity on the boards. I am wondering what would be some helpful tips to make that happen?

Is there a way to boost will without using feats or traits?

awp832 wrote:
whats wrong with holy gun out of curiosity? I had a player play one in one of my games and he did just fine.

Divine hunter gives you precise shot with no pre-req, but I think holy gun would work fine. I agree with awp.

TheSideKick wrote:


it is better, for what you are trying to do, to play a lore warden or a vanilla fighter. pole-arm master is worthless as an archetype because polefighting and sweeping fiend are worthless.

you can make a much better tripper/bull rusher with a lorewarden + spiked armor. and it would be pretty much the same character with better skills.

I agree with this because of the free feat alone.

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Does moms mean Monk?

Weirdo wrote:

Knowledge skills are definitely your friend, since knowing more about the world helps you appear more intelligent.

If you want to portray "cleverness" or "inventiveness" rather than a good memory and education, try to plan ahead. This is expanding Jester's "compress time" suggestion off-table. If you can use the week between games to figure out a few possible plot points or puzzles and solve them ahead of time, it will look like quick thinking from your character when one of your hypotheticals comes up at the table. An easy way to do this is use tactics off this forum - there are a lot of good ideas here for dealing with common situations, like using a Ghost Touch net to pin down incorporeals.

I hope that you picked up Dodge to go along with your ignore wife feat. Lol

Thanks for the feedback!

In real life, I'm probably DEX> STR> CHA> WIS with DEX being 16, STR 14 and everything being 12 or less. My point is that I am playing a high INT character while my intellect is not so high. Does anyone have tips on how to RP this better? My RL INT is probably 10.

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What are the best magic items for a sorcerer?

Death = anti-paladin

What races are allowed? Also, what are some good multiclasses. Alchemst and wizard seem really obvious, but what about lore warden and archaeologist? Good choices?

Can we make custom races if we stick to 15 RP or less?

I am very interested in character creation guidelines, personally. I'm ready to create.

I would love to develop a player for this campaign. I need to research it more.

Cool. Thanks.

DM? Am I good to create?

I'd prefer to play the alchemist, but I also like the flavor of a monk with problems.

I am also thinking of a drunkenmaster monk who has chemical dependancy issues, but it makes him fight better.

Dr. Grimm is a beastmorph. Can I go ahead and create an alias? Do you need more fluff?

Dr. Hugo Grimm was a reknown chemist who worked for the U.S. Government Defense Department and taught at Rutger's University, trying to enhance the physical prowess of soldiers through chemicals. His New Jersey home housed a secret lab in the basement despite his location in a beach front community. The explosion killed his family and he was also thought to have perished in the accident, when in fact luck found him pushed into an experimental crate coated with an anti-blast emulsion, being tested for use against IEDs.He fled the accident in shame heading south to Florida where he had hoped to start life over looking for work under an assumed identity as a lab assistant. His well-forged documentation landed him a position at Pandora's Box. The apocalypse arrived about the time he began to fall under scrutiny for some sketchy paperwork that appeared with a questionable social security number that was not as "clean" as the "salesman" assured it would be. It was a horrendous affair, but immediately shifted focus away from him and onto something bigger. He would grieve his wife and son daily, but survival was at his core. Armed with science, he was ready for whatever came next.

Do You have room for an Alchemist?

I would like to follow this thread. Is Constructs of Castovel a homebrew or an AP?

This looks amazing! I wish I hadn't just stumbled upon this. Maybe next time. I love the setting.

Thank you for your responses. This helps me gain some perspective on what I might be dealing with. he was initially diagnosed with a speech delay and was doing well overcoming that. Then we noticed the 'stimming' at around age three. He would hold a pencil in his hand near is eye and fling it back and forth while making noises. I was told to look into it as it is considered an autistic behavior. I will be taking him to a specialist, but since insurance doesn't cover it, I literally have to save up to do it. He is 7. He is mostly a very sweet boy with some emotional meltdowns when something doesn't happen how he wants it to. His psychiatrist has diagnosed him ADHD and prescribed adderall which does help him get through school, but he returns to the behaviors once he gets home. I don't worry about his academic development, but I do worry about his social development and his self-confidence. He wants to play basketball, but has not had much success with soccer. I wonder if he will just get frustrated with it. We are going to see a behavioral therapist next. All of the responses are really helpful with the various suggestions. I haven't heard much about adults with autism or aspberger's so I wonder what his future will be like. Thank you for all of the responses. I love him so much and can't help but feel responsible for his struggles.

I think that my son is on the spectrum, albeit it at the higher functioning end, but I am wondering if there are any less expensive but accurate ways to confirm.

And if anyone has a kiddo like this, what are some successful strategies?

The multi-million dollar question: Does anyone know if there is any valid research that indicates what might cause this?

Thank you for responding. It looks fun. I'll try it.

I guess no one plays these?

NeonParrot wrote:

My first character was a Sherlock Holmes type character. After level 1 rogue, I took a level of Ranger because we were mainly in the wilderness. Healing skill became critical. Never finished the game, the game was a 2 hr drive each way and the ref was a min/max munchkin type.

I think what you do and how you do it depends upon the campaign. I STRONGLY urge that you discuss the direction of the campaign; whether its table top version of WoW, Tolkein, Steampunk, or Housewifes of Cheliax; and what makes sense for what you want to RP in the campaign.

Scott, wake up and make a saving throw.
I rolled a 5.
You're dead! OK, go back to sleep!

Housewives of Cheliax; more dangerous than Rappan Athuk.

Playing Dwarven Stonelord Paladin and would like some feat suggestions.

Why do DMs frequently ban Synthesist Summoners in their campaigns?

I'd be up for Pathfinder. I own the original and I can't remember exactly how it went thirty years ago.

Ravingdork wrote:
Did you find him then, or should I point it out?

Can you point him out? The "thanks" was in advance.

I read somewhere that you made a good poisoner, but couldn't find the link.thanks

vonklinen wrote:
Can the ability bonus be added to the 8, or must it stand at 8?

Nevermind. I read the post again for clarity.

Can the ability bonus be added to the 8, or must it stand at 8?

working on character/alias

1d10 + 7 ⇒ (10) + 7 = 17
1d10 + 7 ⇒ (10) + 7 = 17
1d10 + 7 ⇒ (8) + 7 = 15
1d10 + 7 ⇒ (7) + 7 = 14

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I don't know why I lose sleep over this, but I think I am addicted to creating PCs.

Excellent concept! Would take me too long to develop a character, I'll be following thread though.

I think that from now on I am going to just pick traits based upon flavor. Although it is hard to give up going first when I play a buff/debuffer.

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Before I pose this question for contemplation I want to be the first to admit my own guilty indulgence of this trait. How can the majority of PC's spend their childhood being bullied just to gain a +4 to initiative? Call me LG, but it just doesn't seem feasible.

Stiehl9s wrote:

We got my stepson, age 7; the game for xmas and he would play it all day if we let him. It is fun enough that I co-opped with him for about 4 hours last weekend. THere's always something rewarding about playing a game where your guys level up and you can buy upgrades for.


Azaelas Fayth wrote:

Combat/Attack Based: STR>DEX>CON>WIS/CHA>INT

Exploration/Defence Based: DEX>CON>INT>STR>CHA/WIS

NOTE: I haven't played a Dwarf Stonelord before I only played a Human(Adoptive Parentage: Dwarf) Stonelord.

The exploration aspect has some interesting flavor. What does the higher INT serve? More skills only?

What source material can the Stonelord be found in. The d20pfsrd didn't seem very thorough. I want to read a more detailed description.

Ssalarn wrote:
vonklinen wrote:

Which attributes would you want to boost, STR and CON? Maybe STR, CON, WIS or DEX?

Depends on what you want to do. You don't have Divine Grace and your Defensive Stance is CON based, I believe, so STR and CON should probably be your primary. Dex might be worth considering since REF is going to be your weak save. It'll also help if you want to boost your damage by doing something fun like Two-Weapon Fighting with a greataxe and boulder helmet or something similar.


Which attributes would you want to boost, STR and CON? Maybe STR, CON, WIS or DEX?

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I suppose that I didn't adequately investigate this.

I was trying to build a Stonelord last night because I liked the flavor of it, but penalty to CHA is difficult to ignore. Any suggestions?

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